Look within and live your life on the edge of two worlds. A reality where you find true understanding of who you are through new age thinking, new age living and new age practices. Take the step into the unknown with Alexander McCaig and Jason Rigby as they explore the thinly veiled world of spiritual awakening, consciousness, spirit, and the human condition. Join them in embodying the oneness of all. Walk the cliffs edge between the seen and the unseen realities with spiritual awakening experiences and enlightenment. Get yourself prepared for a spiritual evolution and a whole new world to discover. More strength and power to you.

The world of Science is a constant process of knowledge, it is a commitment to truth through the process of investigation and the belief in a well-organized set of methods, separate approaches, and scientific doctrine that adhere to material functions, but does this orchestrated methodology tell something for the “truth”?. In this episode, Jason and Alex critique the bleak material reality of Science as they highlight consciousness, perception, bias, and reality based on the assumption of Scientific Laws.

Show Notes

1:21 – On Bentinho Massaro
2:50 – Alex on Perceptive Sense and TRUTH
4:13 – Living Through Assumptions
4:46 – The separation of Consciousness and Fact
5:20 – The Seen and Unseen
5:27 – Bentinho Massaro on Consciousness
6:39 – Self-Realization
7:35 – Alex on scientific empiricism
8:13 – The flaws of scientific totality
8:41- CREATIONAL totality through Experience
9:20 – Jason on logical empiricism (UPS Driver)
9:54 – Alex’s Critique on Mainstream Scientific Culture
10:47 – Self-Investigation
11:16 – Scientific Law or “Truth”?
12:04 – To see is to believe; the ten-mile analogy
13:34 – Man-made Reality; the State of Hypothesis
14:00 – Creational TRUTH over Man-made reality
15:05 – Assumption-Free life
16:52 – God Particle; the scientific relativity of Truth
17:40 – The Dogmatic Bias of Science
18:24 – Only Consciousness can know Consciousness
19: 51- On Bias
20:32 – Alex’s Rational Inquiry on Perception
22:05 – World of Assumptions and endless probabilities
22:41 – The role of Self-Realizations towards positive thoughts
23:13 – Beyond the material reality; the Science of Self-Realization
25:50 – Breaking polarities towards unity ; to Live and Help Live
27:06 – The path towards Self-Realization starts with YOU

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The topic is based on Bentiho Massaro’s blog article published in August 2020. To learn more about the topic please click the direct-link below: https://www.bentinhomassaro.com/read/conventionalsciencedebunked

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