Look within and live your life on the edge of two worlds. A reality where you find true understanding of who you are through new age thinking, new age living and new age practices. Take the step into the unknown with Alexander McCaig and Jason Rigby as they explore the thinly veiled world of spiritual awakening, consciousness, spirit, and the human condition. Join them in embodying the oneness of all. Walk the cliffs edge between the seen and the unseen realities with spiritual awakening experiences and enlightenment. Get yourself prepared for a spiritual evolution and a whole new world to discover. More strength and power to you.

This Podcast episode lurches us towards the lesser known theoretical concepts on “Hollow Earth Theory”, often popularized by the recent Hollywood mythology of Legendary’s Godzilla franchise, this podcast episode tackles a more sober account. Mankind marveled the idea of alien life unknown to the familiar civilizations above the surface, but below, Earth holds unseen invincible primacy of Earth under mythological and verdant omnipotence of Creation in fathoms of uncharted lands of untold power. The world below inhabits sophisticated beings and advanced civilizations. Often untouched, frowned upon, and anti pathetically dismissed by the academic-scientific community, Alex-Jason delivers brief yet substantial dialogue to introduce Hollow Earth Theory to wider audiences. Let’s join them in this wonderful and intricate Alien discussion on Higher Density Living.

Show Notes:

1:20 – On Artistic Appreciation
3:40 – Primordial Epicenters
5:53 – Unorthodox Theories of Natural Science
7:12 – Agartha and the Center of the Earth
8:41 – On Hindu Colors and Bhagavad Gita
10:06 – The Undocumented Details of Jesus
11:50 – Taming the Mystery of Blue-Skin People
13:27 – On Elongated Skulls and Racial Diaspora of Human Head
15:38 – The Cultural Significance of Shambhala in Hindus
16:27 – The Universal Passion of Racism
18:05 – Terrestrial and Extra-Terrestrial Projection
18:44 – South American Paradises
19:10 – The European Boulders and Highlands
19:36 – Sacred Monasteries and the Guardians of Himalayas
20:29 – Transcontinental Intersections
21:08 – On the Center of the Earth
23:49 – Sons of the Sun
25:50 – Subterranean Geographical Structures
27:08 – Thermonuclear Burgeoning
28:00 – Relics of Former Civilizations through Nuclear War
29:46 – On Synarchism and Hindu Ethics
31:26 – The European Perils
32:47 – The Distant Inhabitants of ‘Other’ Civilizations
34:23 – The Elder Races and their Civilization
34:31 – On the Shaver Mystery Series
36:20 – The Religious and Historical Correlations
37:20 – Anthropological Origins of Alien Myth
37:47 – The Benefit of Hindsight
38:49 – The Uncharted World Below
40:33 – Living under Peaceful Co-Existence
41:23 – Understanding the World in Different Terms
42:20 – Share and Learn to Understand Other People

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