Higher Density Living has come full circle for this seven-part podcast series discussing Billy Meier’s creational avatar, his concept of the “Aspiring One”, as a roadmap towards higher density living. Billy is a champion of spiritual teachings, inspiring critical masses of followers through his eloquent prose of enlightenment and proverbial extraterrestrial contact. We will go over some of Billy Meier’s materials helpful for those people aspiring to improve their evolutionary leap towards higher density living and awareness.

After Alex and Jason’s thorough discussion in the first principle, we pick up this next episode after realization and appreciation of materialistic reduction of open awareness in consciousness. We must empty our minds with so many boggling contents and baggage we carry. A clear mind means allowing logic to see through light and love. The second principle deals with stoicism. This is a concept called “positive neutral thinking”, a stoic approach in thought process. Alex and Jason make a discussion in regards to fear-based logic and anxiety. A revisit to connect past episodes with Billy Meier’s principles.

The truth is nature happens all the time, creation happens all the time. Never let anything disturb your consciousness especially in auto automatic or natural phenomena simply out of your control and free will. You should not let yourself be disturbed or distracted by the unreal impulses of your consciousness. Fear is a desecration of thought, it dilutes the purity of cognitive construction by disrupting.

Learn the value of observation. Neutralize the value of thinking by having ethical, scientific, and open neutrality on values. This episode is a reminder to stop identifying with the impulse and start thinking thoughts with the rational power of your intellect and free will. A proper aspirant shall meet these seven principles. Let’s continue the journey towards higher density living with Billy Meier.

Show Notes :
1:08 – Alex discusses death in his brief Green Knight film critique.
2:00 – You should not let yourself be disturbed or distracted by the unreal impulses of your consciousness. The second principle for an aspiring one.
2:50 – On stoicism; Never let anything actually disturb your consciousness. There will always be bad, evil, or negative orientation to balance out the good, kind, and positive orientation of creation.
3:00 – Stay focused! Do not get distracted by the natural occurrences of negative phenomena.
3:31 – The principles are not commanding dogmas. These are arbitrary only to your Free Will.
4:10 – Erratic impulses should not be taken with brevity. Take control of your impulses.
4:26 – Alex and Jason talk about ethical neutrality and knee-jerk emotions.
4:27 – Unbridle confidence. Do not be disturb by thoughts.
4:46 – Your actions, not mere thoughts, will always define your identity as a person.
5:22 – Performative creation weighs more impact than metaphysical abstractions. Thoughts and actions must co-exist
5:50 – Alex and Jason talks about the obscurity thoughts; On anxiety, irregular fears, and pre-meditated murder.
6:14 – The preponderance of self-defense. Alex briefly discusses the equalization of thoughts.
6:33 – The payoffs and the principle of distraction.
6:37 – Attention seeking are phenomenal indicators for lack of focus.
6:42 – Logic requires training.
7:04 – The principle of balance. A prescriptive maintenance of equilibrium by having proper focus for the mind, body, and spirit.
7:14 – De-mystify the illogical illusions of your false sense(s) of realities.
7:36 – Untruthful thought processes are often watered-down by imperfect perceptions of reality.
7:58 – Beauty is a biological thing.
8:22 – Alex and Jason talks about the subconsciousness
8:42 – The upper and lower parts of the mind.
9:48 – Learning through the subconscious can help you in real life.
9:55 – Dreaming training analysis as a way of managing cognitive impulses.
10:23 – Do not hold any restraint to automatic and natural flow of emotions.
11:10 – You are the master of your subconscious. Tame your impulses and emotions.
12:16 – The flow of principles so far: Logic in the process- – -> Finding my training with the impulse- – -> Positive Neutral Thinking.
12:25 – Jason discusses positive neutral thinking. Stop attaching yourself with false identities.
13:14 – You cannot bend, control, or modify other free wills into your own favor and interest.
14:14 – Anger triggers impulses.
15:39 – Concentration is key to achieve productive and healthy thought processing.
16:26 – Hold up a stoic posture. Don’t let anger and hate outburst above the best of you.
17:28 – Victim mentality as a result of thought disturbance.
18:43 – Stop identifying with the impulse.
19:10 – The way you look at the world is not the cause of victimhood! Stop making your sense of perception as the reality itself.
20:40 – Learn the value of observation. Neutralize the value of thinking by having ethical, scientific, and open neutrality on values.

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