Higher Density Living has come full circle for this seven-part podcast series discussing Billy Meier’s creational avatar, his concept of the “Aspiring One”, as a roadmap towards higher density living. Billy is a champion of spiritual teachings, inspiring critical masses of followers through his eloquent prose of enlightenment and proverbial extraterrestrial contact. We will go over some of Billy Meier’s materials helpful for those people aspiring to improve their evolutionary leap towards higher density living and awareness.

This is part three of the seven principles for the aspiring one. A continuing trend concerning anxiety and fear. The effects of these negative oriented energies have profound influence on how we think rationally, emotionally through feelings, and spiritually because our free will and pathways to evolution are obscured by false sense of reality.

This episode will emphasize the value of individual power to shape action and influence consciousness through Free Will. Insecurity is a major obstruction against evolution because it avoids learning, it prevents the catalyst of change. Anxiety and Insecurity stops EVOLUTION. Insecurity dismantles the confidence in truth. When these false and illogical forces destroy your sense of confidence and it allows fear to dissolve your evolution to move forward. A proper aspirant shall meet these seven principles. Let’s continue the journey towards higher density living with Billy Meier.

Show Notes :
1:27 – Short recap on neutral and positive thinking.
2:33 – You should never allow anxiety, fear, and insecurity in any respect to rise in you.
2:42 – Anxiety and fear are not real things.
3:20 – Pre-ponder positive thinking to craft a healthy future. Stop overriding anxiety as an excuse for your comfort.
3:36 – Alex discusses stress relief. Deal with the information you already have and make sense of it.
4:13 – On distinctions between fear and anxiety.
4:30 – Disallow your impulses, your unreal evocation of fear and anxiety expressed by emotions as the basis of reality.
4:37 – Insecurity dismantles the confidence in truth.
5:07 – Insecurities do not allow learning for yourself.
5:35 – Stop comforting yourself with a false sense of attraction. You can’t live in a world of insecurities. Insecurity creates inaction.
5:49 – Fear disallows your evolution to move forward.
6:16 – You are living within a self-imposed prison made by your creation.
6:24 – Fear prevails positive energy. Like a constricting boa, fear can kill you by removing the contours of free will and intellectual honesty to learn from yourself.
7:00 – The forgotten power of the self. Fear removes individual autonomy.
7:07 – You have the power of sovereignty through invocation of free will and rational consciousness.
7:33 – When you don’t trust yourself, you make mistakes.
7:40 – Anxiety and internalized insecurity stops evolution.
9:10 – Change is the permanent feature of existence. Alex and Jason discuss the emancipation and liberty of action.
9:18 – You cannot be static. Go out and make the best out of life.
9:56 – Creative minds and great people craft their creation and work
10:24 – Conform with your personality. Alex and Jason discusses confidence and trust as building blocks of individuality
11:08 – Don’t pass the buck and give credit to others every time. You have achieved success because of individual uniqueness.
11:19 – Trust in yourself. Trust in your personality.
12:13 – The unique linguistic structure of the German language. On diachronic semantics and deeper meanings.
12:26 – Thought sprouts, feelings create a spiral, and actions sow. You go through the sequences of creation.
13:35 – You have the power within yourself to say no.
14:10 – Knowing yourself is a struggling process but a necessary endeavor to build yourself.
14:48 – Personalities are the foundation of life.
15:10 – Don’t fear who you are.
15:50 – Jason describes the value of thought sharing.
16:00 – Dive into who you are and be confident.

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