Higher Density Living takes an anthropological approach to a variety of topics. We discuss ancient Egypt, animal consciousness, and the never-ending social controversies that surround it all as it relates to the creation of the Epstein special podcast series.

The first segment talks about valuable resources and materials available in the Earth’s crust and other ingenious marvels of our natural world. This world holds many connecting fibers across the physical wonders of mother nature, primarily driven by natural evolution, a perpetual bauble of Creation. If only man could devise a technology capable of harvesting higher forms of energy source, then can effectively solve the myriad of modern problems we face today.

The second segment talks about the evolutionary psychology of mankind, as it achieves a reasonable place as the apex animal of reason and thought. Darwinian theory of natural evolution is inherently flawed due to its geological progression. We are once again reminded of several intriguing and challenging arguments against the case for scientific accuracy for this unstable theory. Empirical evidence in current wildlife can tell many things about it.

Third segment is human genetics and its related covert operation in Epstein Island. There had been many rumors surrounding an ambitious project to perfect the construction of a perfect human genome by billionaires. As a single strand of DNA holds infinite codes of life, so does the amount of passion held by naughty, greedy individuals to find meaning in their hedonistic reality. There is enough controversy to handle regarding the Epsteins alone, but consider the amount of attention being neglected by these scientific operations far more consequential.

It only shows the perks of being a representative of the top one percenters, look how Epstein gets away with money and law to upside their family’s pursuit for avarice. Moreover, this last segment talks about the perversion of power against life, and how this material reality makes an inescapable case for inequality among men.

Show Notes:
1:20 – Genetically modifying vegetables. Jason speaks about how the natural production of corn changed in the advent of commercial food industries.
1:46 – Alex and Jason talk about the nutritional science of their favorite vegetables.
2:15 – The parable of the mustard seed.
3:26 – The legacy of ancient science endowed to living artifacts; Alex and Jason discuss the Egyptian pyramids.
4:29 – The rich Earth. There is unlimited wealth on planet earth, provided we as a civilization can generate a sustainable system to maintain the natural wealth of earth.
5:10 – Alex discusses the discrepancies of carbon dating and the inaccuracies of the geological timeline.
5:43 – The mummification process of frogs underneath the ground.
6:30 – There are records of seashells laying around Mt. Everest.
7:51 – Valid skepticism on the accuracies of carbon dating and geologic time scaling.
9:35 – It’s amazing how the human body is so sensitive to the environment.
9:52 – Mankind is not the apex species of this universe. We are only the apex of reason and consciousness on planet earth.
10:00 – Alex and Jason discuss animal consciousness and evolutionary psychology.
11:10 – Alex once again revisits the valid criticism against darwinian theory of natural evolution.
11:20 – In search of logical return and iron out details of darwinian natural theory. Alex and Jason discuss the short-comings and flaws of mainstream scientific theory of evolution.
12:06 – A probable inverse of natural selection. Man before apes.
14:35 – The covert scientific operation in Epstein Island.
15:38 – Expose for future controversies! Alex and Jason talk about covert mass media surveillance on Epstein Island.
16:38 – There is an Epstein private ranch estate in New Mexico.
17:49 – What would private contractors think and feel about any guilt of doing business with the Epsteins?
18:17 – Twisted world of rich people. There is no shortage of drama, controversy, and extraordinary toxicity.
19:27 – Another Clinton connection. Jason exposes Bill Clinton’s (Clinton Dress) membership in the Epstein club.
21:10 – Redefining power in the context of socio-economic influence of an individual.
21:48 – The shellback initiation of the US Navy. A long standing tradition for servicemen regarded as ritual passage for proper sea-work. Jason shares an insightful look inside the constructive fraternal culture of the old United States Navy.
22:50 – The various hazing protocols during the informal and unprofessional years of the US Navy.
25:10 – Despotism of the ruling top one percent runs the entire world.
25:54 – Understanding Persian and Roman warfighting culture teaches better collective organization.
27:30 – Alex and Jason on the perversions of power and coercion. Violence as an end to itself.
28:32 – Comeback for more episodes.

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