Higher Density Living pivots an anthropological spin of various topics. We engage in discussion from several points of ancient Egypt, animal consciousness, to the never-ending social controversies surrounding it as it all bridges out to the making of the Epstein special podcast series.

Although we focus much of the discussion regarding Jeffrey Epstein shenanigans, this episode centers around a closer look at the social elites and rich class social system existing in neoliberal America . There is too much exceptionalism in rich people. It begs a need for a practical explanation to the concepts of equality under law, wealth, and material way of life. Having illusive thoughts of power and false sense of order under hierarchy has collapsed the “richness” of understanding between people. The luxurious aura of wealth has blinded people to perceive insecurity and started playing like gods themselves. An existence of God like complexes among the elite society. The messiah syndrome of which the neoliberal economic order owes everything from rich people’s saving grace.

There is an obvious great debate and divide on the subject of equal men. This podcast episode will focus on contemporary struggles between rich and poor across different fabrics and dimensions of material living. Despite overwhelming temptations we should remain humble and remind ourselves to use free will for our evolution. Look around as life changes its face, go and be free where love and wisdom launch new opportunities for positive growth.

This features Alexander McCaig’s riveting account of his past life. The struggles of living in between while balancing his school work. It coalesce to the greater narrative of self-determination, far from the illusive god complex of power and hierarchy, which would bring us closer to the power of the self. Ultimately he chose the path of higher living, one with consciousness and not of material wealth.

Show Notes:
0:41 – The current estate of Jeffrey Epstein’s multi-million dollar, eighteen thousand acre, “Zoro” ranch.
1:20 – Jason opens up discussion for various conspiracy theories against Jeffrey Epstein’s Zoro ranch.
2:10 – New Mexico is a safe haven for elite escapism. If you had money, power, and wealth this is the place to go.
3:03 – Despotism infects any exclusive group mentality. There are occultist belief systems within collective identity and determining its standards for membership.
3:58 – Alex and Jason discuss Skull and Bones; the elite and secret fraternity existing in Yale University.
4:31 – The realities of American dirty politics. It’s all about narcissism and money.
5:23 – The adopted Rothschild family philosophy applied in American domestic politics.
6:08 – Bankers fund both sides.
6:24 – The sickening practice of late stage capitalism undermines the free will to pursue growth and material wealth for other people. There is never a risk and never a loss.
7:25 – Jason on the invisible false market and industry of jewelry.
7:56 – When the demand is high, jack the price up!
8:58 – The idea of god complex among wealthy socio-economic societies.
9:20 – Jason on the delusional material hierarchy of power and elevated social image.
9:50 – Alex and Jason discuss the manifest destinies of these delusional rich people. The image making in part and parcel of illusive hierarchy and false perception of power.
10:40 – The “yes-sir” behavioral governance of New Mexico local politics.
11:19 – Lack of total respect to indigenous Indian culture by desecrating their rights and ownership of land. There is no preservation and protection of legal autonomy , no promising dialogues when it comes to territorial politics.
12:00 – God complexes manifest into a “messiah syndrome” of White culture supremacy towards other “lesser” non-western cultures. Alex and Jason explain implicit racism against local indigenous identity.
12:39 – Alex eloquent discussion on the influence of power. Human relations are built from materialistic perception and interaction.
13:10 – Power can corrupt integrity and free will to push truth out of balance. Pursuing relative gains through power and coercion means having no respect for the free will of others.
13:52 – Analyzing concepts of power in the Game of Thrones from a realist perspective.
14:22 – Alex shares anecdotes of his past. The unstable and ever fluctuating economic conditions can instantly change polarities in a short amount of time. A pursuit to wealth coming from poverty.
15:37 – The land of opportunity for those who seek wealth. Alex talks about the cultural economy of the USA.
16:20 – Alex on the heredity of ego. Ego is embedded within the social learning and cycle of established norms, institutions, and systems of society. It is passed on from families, learned from the framework of education systems, and perfected in professional culture.
17:19 – In retrospect of past life; Alex shares his leap of faith in past life.
20:55 – Take a chance at life. Alex makes the decision to evolve doing the things he loves. Working and learning business by having a healthy network of colleagues and friends.
21:28 – Alex on reflecting futility. There is no need for power to function.
21:33 – There is something very deep that I do not understand. A function of myself that I don’t understand, a function of outside and the universe that is missed.
22:10 – Things don’t show up by mistake. Everything happens for a reason as a result and consequence of actions and thoughts.
22:46 – Alex finding his way to creation. You need to carry yourself how to understand others, and remember, it’s okay not to know everything in this universe. You have every opportunity to create and learn no need to rush into a frenzy.
23:35 – It is okay not to know. The unknown is always available to be known; you just have to have recognition, not fear of not knowing.
24:54 – There is great power in the self not power over others.
26:03 – Jason talks about reciprocal experiences.
26:35 – The virtual insanity of material life.
27:14 – Suicide generation of depressed youths. Alex and Jason on death rate of suicidal individuals.
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