We continue the discussion of Stupid Spirituality from the last episode to conclude this topic.  By exploring the signs and dangers of falling into this trap, we aim to empower individuals to embrace authentic and transformative spiritual practices. We can avoid prioritizing external validation over inner transformation.

Have you ever fallen into the trap of ‘Stupid Spirituality’? In this episode of Higher Density Living, we examine the pretentious and overtly misunderstood views on the practice of occultism, disguised under the image of spirituality. This practical ‘mindset’ can be magnified through plain ignorance, mindless bashing, and criticism among pseudo-intellectuals in the spiritual community. By exploring and understanding these incongruities, we can prevent the dangers of falling into Stupid Spirituality.

To continue the discussion on stupid spirituality. Alexander and Jason give us an example to paint a dire picture of occultist rage mirroring a bad reputation to the spiritual community. In a recent news article, a Kenyan ‘occultist’ leader was arrested named Paul Mackenzie, for inciting murder among its members and followers. Local law enforcement officials claim that no fewer than 109 men, women, and children are known to have died after a charismatic church pastor, Mackenzie, encouraged his followers to fast to death to meet “Jesus” in the afterlife. This heightened paranoia and blatant exaggeration of the “afterlife” or the “doomsday” brought absolute mayhem. 

Falling into ‘Stupid Spirituality’ can entrap you in a slippery slope of believing in occult systems or established religious dogma. Whether they are part of a large religious institution or a small occult following in Hollywood, people can become victims of group thinking. 

Sugarcoated under the promise of salvation in the afterlife, many occultist trends fall under stupid spirituality, which is a major regression and productivity towards the target of higher awareness and positive conscious evolution. Imposing the classic hierarchical power structure is what makes an occult alive and keeps you from evolving, reduces your power, and removes away the Free Will. Destroying these hierarchies will dismantle stupid spirituality. 

The whole point of these blind venerations leading you in a false belief system is to discourage critical thinking. It is not limited to fringe followings but is present in ALL major religions and belief systems. This kind of system does not enforce a natural state of evolution. It ultimately reduces you of your evolution and becomes hijacked by a deterministic, untruthful, and negative orientation of growth and evolution.

Breaking free from the dogma, from centralized systems, is the only way for you to evolve more freely and enlightenment to the right path of spirituality. You need to think critically and stand for what you think is right. If people start to think critically and freely, it is the beginning of the end to any cult leaders out there. At Higher Density Living, we want you to take the responsibility and think for yourself. Do not take anything for granted. We provide a platform to empower you and the thoughts for yourself and others. 

It’s crucial to avoid falling into the abyss of the occult disguise in the cloak of [stupid] spirituality. By recognizing its pitfalls, differentiating authentic spirituality, embracing mindfulness, and seeking genuine guidance, individuals can embark on a transformative and fulfilling spiritual journey. Let us embrace the power of self-awareness, discernment, and genuine growth as we navigate the spiritual landscape and uncover the true essence of spirituality within ourselves.

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