Look within and live your life on the edge of two worlds. A reality where you find true understanding of who you are through new age thinking, new age living and new age practices. Take the step into the unknown with Alexander McCaig and Jason Rigby as they explore the thinly veiled world of spiritual awakening, consciousness, spirit, and the human condition. Join them in embodying the oneness of all. Walk the cliffs edge between the seen and the unseen realities with spiritual awakening experiences and enlightenment. Get yourself prepared for a spiritual evolution and a whole new world to discover. More strength and power to you.

Revisiting the Alien and UFO Tropes takes us into clandestine government programs, back channeling NASA, and the wider secrecy of the United States government to conceal the existence of sophisticated, state-of-the art space complexes for Space Explorations and beyond, from Nazi Moon Bases to the future of Space Travel. There have been numerous accounts that verify the grand scheme to uncover Alien life and extraterrestrial contact rich in historical and strategic context. Blood and Treasure was put into effort to construct hegemony during the Cold War into Full-Spectrum Strategic Dominance then out to the far reaches of space where man desires to build social hierarchies far and wide. Today let’s join Alex and Jason as they tour us into various cases of Alien Phenomena on Earth. Let’s join Alex-Jason in this wonderful episode of Higher Density Living.

Show Notes:
0:56 – Interlude
2:10 – Alex on defining Phenomena
2:59 – Various Astronaut Defections
3:46 – On Aliens and Artemis
4:31 – The cost to revisit the Moon
5:50 – On Rocket Science and Gas Efficiency of Delivery Rocket Systems
7:05 – The Feasibility Cost-Analysis of a Moon Base
7:26 – Colonial Entitlement or Scientific Harboring?
8:19 – The Phenomenon of the Moon
9:17 – Alex On Anti-Gravity and Planetary Poles
11:15 – The Cold War Space Race and Bipolar Superpower World
12:10 – Project Horizon (1959)
13:27 – Inter-Agency Military and Space PROGRAM
14:45 – Nuclear Brinkmanship and Attempt to Strategic Over Match on the Moon
16:22 – The Abolishment of Military Space Agency
16:42 – Asset Requirements of Project Horizon
17:30 – The Influence of German Civilian Scientist
19:00 – Landing Process on the Moon
19:37 – The Apollo Moon Mission
20:42 – Strategic Defense Systems on the Moon
21:20 – Structure and Architecture of the Moon Complex
23:48 – The Galactic Interest of Other Great Powers
24:28 – The Russian Cyber-Warfare Capabilities
25:40 – The US Military Industrial Complex
28:43 – On Security Clearances and Black Badges
29:13 – Clandestine Projects
30:41 – The Dual Use Of Technology; Good or Evil
32:13 – Reviving the Future of Moon Bases
34:22 – On Chad Underwood and aerial encounters with UFOs
37:40 – Reverse Engineering and Exploiting Alien Technologies
39:05 – Submarines as Alternative Mode of Delivery
39:14 – Alex On the “Philadelphia Experiment” and Time Travel
40:07 – Good Artist pay Great Artist
40:39 – Institutionalize Alien Hunting Agencies
41:15 – Galactic Imperial Ambitions
43:00 – Existing Artifacts in Space
46:00 – Unknown Footprints and Land markings
47:09 – NASA’s grand scheme to search Life Beyond EARTH
48:46 – The Dark Side of the Moon
50:17 – Electron Laser Search in Space and Dark Matter
51:39 – The channeling between different Social Memory Complexes
52:09 – Opening up for Learning Opportunities
53:36 – Keeping an OPEN MIND
53:47 – Share Love and Light to all creatures of Creation

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