Welcome back to Higher Density Living! For this episode, we illuminate the stark, and often polarizing behaviors of Nicholas Notovitch’s critics. This ancient social phenomenon is as old as time but still manifests itself in reincarnating biases and dogma in contemporary belief systems or ideology.

This episode offers a digestive study on “Social interactionism”, a mainstream social theory and philosophy in the social sciences. Originally conceived by Albert Bandura. But this complex phenomena is streamlined by the intuitive discourse of Alex and Jason discusses the evolutionary biases, a natural perspective of man to defend his own objective belief therefore, preventing him to open up the endless possibilities and opportunities of learning experiences. This episode also features the dark sides of cancel culture. Behind the mask of contemporary idealism, we interact in an even battle among our dogmas to define the idea of progress.

It is not for us to tell how they should grow. They are on THEIR OWN evolutionary journey of knowing the self. It is for them to realize for themselves. We should be thankful for the fact that ALL people think differently from each other. Because this diversity of thought and understanding affords us the catalyst to grow independently of each other. If you cancel the catalyst, you cancel your own evolution. At the end of the day, we are all people in one race. Human race is within our DNA. And being human means having the power to love and understand.

Higher Density Living has no dogma, only the truth prevails in the universe. Let us join Alex and Jason as they discuss the biases of belief and perspectives.

Show Notes:

0:48- Welcome back to Higher Density Living. A channel to learn about Creational Laws of the Universe and the human condition.
1:24- Taking off from the previous episode. We will scrutinize a discussion of Bias and Dogma inside the human belief system.
1:38- Jason discusses the ancient utility of gossip in public security.
1:41- Gossips could actually save your life. It once served as a protective measure against any outside threats.
2:34- We love random, spontaneous moments of bliss. This is how humans appreciate the value of ordinary everyday life.
3:01- Alex makes an in-depth discussion on the consequences of living under personal biases.
3:35- Things made out of biases can either make good or bad catalysts in life. However despite the positive or negative binaries, biases can inherently affect your objective worldviews.
4:00- Teachers and the education institutions succeed in the fundamental dogmas of a family. They inject the same recipes of objective statements, often reflecting its institutional values than the real world. Teachers are often considered as the next Gurus after their parents.
4:33- You’re in the world by yourself. At the end of the day you are inundated by different evolutionary perspectives.
4:40- People look out for self help books to bestow them guidance around the world. We are left alone in our own devices on how to manage and live our lives to the fullest.
4:51- People have selected ideologies that fit their convenient wisdom.
6:00- There are objective, natural barriers against evolutionary biases. Say for example, you were color blind your whole life would that completely dissolve your sense of evolutionary biases?
6:09- People become more perceptive to the realities of understanding and love. This is an objective fact in life.
6:18- People become too defensive of their ego, and pride, it has become a point of compromise to see the wider, more greater perspectives.
6:54- Nobody is living on an abstract tangent. Hence, we put a disclaimer here that nobody in the part of your life is part.
7:08- Cancel culture needs no boundaries of life and death. At this point everything can be cancelled.
7:30- Jason criticizes the historicist account of cancel culture. The fact of today is people cannot accept the norms of the past. There is a generational gap among cultures. To cancel John Wayne, an American Western icon, having gone through a lot of social and historical transformation during his lifetime is such a shameful ribbon of disrespect to American culture.
8:00- It just can’t get enough of itself. Alex and Jason on the retrospective backlash of cancel culture in Hollywood.
9:40- Every idea of enlightenment is relative in time. A thousand years from now the things that we cherish will be inferior to the new customs and norms of an evolved, higher density civilization.
10:22- Alex on the negation of biases. The process of dismantling a belief system OFTEN breeds a new wave of judgements that will construct another belief system.
10:37- Evolution is a very slow process.
10:56- Do not assume someone is gonna think like you. Do not assume that you have all the facts, because you absolutely do not have them.
11:29- It is not for us to tell how they should grow. They are on THEIR OWN evolutionary journey of knowing the self. It is for them to realize for themselves.
11:59- Cancel culture is basically false enlightenment. A pretentious path to progress paved in hate, division, and conflict among ideals of prosperity.
13:05- At the end of the day, we are all people in one race. Human race is within our DNA. And being human means having the power to love and understand.
14:11- If somebody actually knew better, they wouldn’t do it. Simply because mistakes have been eliminated during the thought process.
15:00- Whenever you begin to understand. Everything in creation is for you.
15:52- Everyone is in the game of life to evolve our consciousness.
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