A humanitarian and a murderer both share a seat underneath a tree on a hot summer day. The tree, stoic in its presence Stands tall and firm. Regardless of the human being that sits underneath it it equally shares a shadow with them to cool them from the hot summer Sun. A truly evolutionary being is one that recognises the equality amongst all living things and all non living things. This equality is shared by some of the most evolved beings across the entire universe. It’s the recognition that equality is shared in the way the Sun shines on all. Recognition that the creation gives life and choice to everyone regardless of how they are perceived from the human aspect of being good or bad.

This stems far beyond just the material world and also moves into the world of thought, where your thoughts are ones that belong in this world of equality where we can alter our perspective to view each other as human beings and not as a person that is a murderer or a person who does humanitarian things. It is to recognise that we are all equal in this journey and we regard that equal opportunity of thought to create our world around us and our own perspective of our internal world.

Look within and live your life on the edge of two worlds. A reality where you find true understanding of who you are. The learning is done. Become the teacher in embodying the oneness of all. Become a Higher Density Being.

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