Welcome back to Higher Density Living! This is the 200th episode of the podcast series and to celebrate this milestone, we will revisit some of the central and essential themes stretching throughout the past.

For today’s episode, Alex and Jason criticize some of the contemporary philosophies challenging the essential meaning of Free Will. We center around the discussion of David Hume’s philosophical concept of “Voluntarist” free will, a stark deviation from the Creational wisdom of Free Will we come to embrace in this channel. We are also expanding enlightening contents for the human consciousness as we jointly explore the philosophies of man. This episode brings focus on drivers of choices, what is the catalyst of change? Change in itself is not exclusively determined by nature as the definition of nature in of itself means catalysts for creation. Change is only possible by the effects of Free Will, that is, taking action and decentralizing agents of Creation working hand in hand to move forward the progress of evolution.

Thus, we will learn that Free Will is inextricably tied to awareness of responsibility. It is not a deterministic agent of nature nor nature in itself an automatic machinery of arbitrary consequences. Let us join Alex and Jason as we revisit some discussion on Free Will and human nature.


0:46- Welcome back to Higher Density Living!
1:09- Alex and Jason revisits the timeless essence of Free Will.
1:30- Jason on Julian Baggini and the influence of David Hume in contemporary human nature philosophy.
1:38- Jason defines the meaning of “Voluntarist Free Will” by David Hume.
2:07- We ask this, is Free Will now a function of nature? Or an agent in the structural foundation of human nature in itself?
2:25- Alex lay down the fundamental elements of modern naturalism. What is David Hume’s philosophy all about?
2:33- Nature is intelligent on its own design.
2:54- We need to understand that sentient consciousness changes as we evolve. Nature evolves and is not fundamentally separated from people.
3:08- Alex on vindicating “nature”. Nature does not drive itself and certainly cannot drive everything else alone
3:15- Alex explains the material and non-material precedence of nature. There is simply no proof to verify the existence of nature in itself. Thought is always the key driver for all aspects of nature.
3:49- Jason shares the non-essential “determinism” of science. The natural environment in itself does not absolutely determine the effect of an outcome. It all comes down to Free Will.
4:11- To will or not to will. You have the choice to decide your life. Alex succinctly defines the concept of “Choice.”
4:27- Choice is always a binary, zero-sum base. You take it or leave it. You take responsibility or none. Its always confirmed for affirmation.
4:36- How much of the subconscious is playing in your decision making?
5:38- You are solely responsible for the action or lack thereof.
5:56 – Even without the help of physical science the moment of any choice has already been set.
6:27- You have a choice. You’ll always have an influence on the chain reaction of causes and effects.
6:43- We go back to the role of the subconscious. How much does the subconscious can actually affect Free Will to take action?
6:47- Alex criticizes the deterministic approach of Free Will. Is it Free Will in essence if you are presented with limited structure of choice.
7:23- Jason shares his subconscious dilemma in his decision-making process.
7:56- There will be continuities of archetypes. It will show up in a limited frame of reference looking like a pattern of behavior.
8:10- There is bias towards choice.
9:02- Making a choice does not explicitly say inevitability of consequence. You have control of your Free Will.
9:19- Randomness and aspects of uncertainty are guaranteed to influence the equation of decision making.
9:23- Creativity will produce creation. It will expand outside the universe.
10:27- Free Will is always a spectrum of commitment.
11:14- Free Will is inextricably tied to awareness of responsibility.
12:00- Free Will is a CONSCIOUS, FULLY RATIONAL awareness of making/ creating a decision.
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