Leadership is all about learning how to be a follower and teaching others how to be a leader. Good leadership always has full responsibility and control of one’s own Free Will. It should never be a subject of personal corruption to extend power outside oneself because the corruption of leadership animates fertile grounds for disorder and violence among your follows including yourself. You are given power by CREATION to move mountains and achieve your goals, you are capable of rational approaches to evaluate problems and formulate sound strategies to deal with them, so make use within your power to influence goodness around you and produce thoughts in proper harmony with universal laws of CREATION.

Higher Density Living has brought us a meaningful reconciliation of our spiritual, social, and internal meditation in dealing with the challenges we face in everyday life. Alex and Jason take us to a practical approach for channeling CREATIONAL LAWS in the full spectrum for navigating spiritual resolution. Bringing a beacon of light as the center of discussion in this two-part podcast mixes all transcendental learning of cosmic wisdom through open-mindedness and personality development of actual self-help methods. This episode explores the popular concepts of Leadership across political, social, and ideological characteristics of human relations in Western Civilization.

Alex and Jason provide sober perspectives on how leaders operate under the conditions of FEAR and LOVE by understanding its consequences unto his/her followers and group as a whole and demands you, the listener, to be free from silence or disempowerment to use your FREE WILL. Belief is not true and there are no absolute truths in personal judgment. Natural and Creational Laws take your Free Will to act according to the deterministic workings of Nature.

Alex and Jason propose an idea of Evolutionary Leadership which is a fresh take on leadership where an individual commands his/her Free Will in service to others consistent with Creational Laws and the Law of One. Honesty and Transparency are the main principles of Evolutionary Leadership that bring us all together in the Center of ONENESS. You will learn how to turn on the switch and open the lights rather than just merely following the leading in your darkened vision. You need first to understand yourself before you lead others. Learn to be the light for others to follow too.

Let us join Alex and Jason as they lead us into Creational Leadership.

Show Notes:

0:29 – Sneak peek announcement for TARTLE merchandise
0:40 – Check out tartle.co if you want to solve the Big Seven agenda. Help yourself and help the world. Donate data in service to others
1:06 – YOU are a LEADER everywhere in Life
1:43 – A fear-based mentality of leadership; Jason on bringing up the problems of political polarization through Partisan identity-politic
2:03 – Wise words of Love by Alexander McCaig
3:00 – The Dichotomy of fear-based Leadership and LOVE based Leadership
3:35 – A path of LEAST resistance; Alex on the investigation of Fear-Based Lenses of Leadership and the lack of personal credibility
3:56 – Ignoring Light and Love; Hitting two birds in one stone through Ignorance and Lack of Self-Responsibility
4:36 – They Are not You; Leaders need to overcome feeding out their SELFISH Ego at the of expense individual corruption towards COLLECTIVE GROWTH!
4:59 – Lazy Leadership is leading without actual SHOW OF ACTION
5:45 – Animating Fear as the Condition of LEADERSHIP for Control and Domination of Power
6:29 – Ignorant Bliss disguised as WISDOM!
7:00 – Alex on his descriptive model of Leadership through EVOLUTION. Leading the path and Authority for Collective Growth.
7:20 – A Micro and Macro Perspective of Evolutionary Leadership
7:55 – A Margin of Hate and the Politics of Differences; A Inter-Level Analysis of Regression in Individual, National, and Global
8:29 – The Corruptible Aura of Selfishness and Greed of Power; You cannot lead as an example to others if Power and Material Wealth Triumphs the Free Will of Other People
8:46 – Temporary Climax; Fame, Power, and Wealth Come and Pass
9:21 – Using the Socratic Method as the Tool of Analysis for Interpersonal Communication
9:32 – Discursive Methodology of Transformative Communication in Leadership; Alex and Jason on the discussion of how to deal with lines of communication under your authority.
9:55 – You are leading through their own REALITY and not how they should live in anyone else’s Reality.
10:20 – The Erosion of Honesty and Transparency in Today’s Concept of Leadership
10:48 – Handling Subjective Verdict and Individual Judgement as a form of Moral Relativity, not absolute. Because you LACK an understanding of yourself.
11:28 – Don’t be a Condescending LEADER or INDIVIDUAL and never judge other people for their ideas because knowingness is always relative to different people.
11:47 – Pulling People Forward NOT Pushing them out; Evolutionary Leadership as a way of getting to know people better
12:07 – Do not spoon-feed AUTHORITY upon other people’s Free Will and Freedom of Thoughts and Emotions. Get to know them.
13:07 – The Realm of Possibilities holds many pathways for Decision. But Truth and its processes can lead you to one of them.
13:33 – The Law of Oneness Connects Everything and Everyone
13:35 – A Destiny to Converge in Oneness
14:00 – What was the Fundamental Agent of Erasing Untruths in Your Life? Once determined will find you ways to get out of Delusion
15:35 – The Constrictors of Creation; Fear, Anxiety, Belief Systems, Control, and Hierarchy all these points of references hinder growth in CREATION
16:02 – Your margin of actions, the window of reference you should stay in the most evolutive, stay in the center of natural and creational laws. – Alexander McCaig
16:44 – Stay inclined to the path of Creational Laws, Give more focus to CREATION.
17:10 – Clearing the Value Dichotomy of Love and Light; Knowing when to help others without robbing their moments of enlightenment. It’s for me to cut on the light.
18:00 – You point them to the Switch and let them realize for their own Learning
19:23 – Ask yourselves; Do you feel the direction you’ve to take in your work will directly accrue towards that end goal?
19:55 – People just trade money for work – Jason Rigby
20:29 – The Question to really ask is Does your principles align with the Company that you work with the world?
20:38 – You need to give time and take time to think about the context on how to afford to LIVE YOUR LIFE
21:10 – Shifting the Responsibilities into YOU. Because you have the Free Will on how to decide your life’s work.
22:17 – What needs to be done in your mind is not what has to be done in the company – Alexander McCaig
23:00 – A Two-Way Road on Relationships; Between Material Pleasures and Authentic Engagement
24:10 – What looks good and what looks bad is a function of your belief
25:06 – Sterility Removes Original Understanding of Truth
26:00 – Work to build a Better Life
26:23 – A lot of Corporations get reduced to capitalization of money
26:55 – You will never find the light switch in a FALSE SENSE of Reality
27:45 – If you want to be a leader you have to learn how to lead yourself in action.
28:28 – Don’t Carry your Flaws in Handling the Leadership
29:20 – The greatest thing you could do as a leader is to work with your spiritual, physical, and mental health first.
30:10 – LEAD YOURSELF TO YOUR THOUGHTS! And Truly understand yourself first how to become a leader for yourself in Evolution.
30:28 – Stay tuned for Part 2

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