Welcome back to Higher Density Living! Alex has returned to do a podcast with Jason Rigby. The hiatus has sprouted a new studio for the channel as well as a new setup. Jason is finally done with his solo episodes as we once again join the complete dynamic duo.

In this episode, Alexander and Jason return to the table for a discussion about Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Can Artificial Intelligence eventually develop some form of digital consciousness? When we think of AI it instantly remembers Elon Musk’s overblown claim about takeover. Artificial Intelligence has always been designed to supplement human lives, not an augmentation of it.

Hence, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a separate subject matter from evolution in a Creational sense. It may resemble elements from the latter but it does not have any “creational” aspects as seen in natural form of the former. Alex and Jason also discuss the fundamental weaknesses of Artificial Intelligence. It is vulnerable on its own design without the use of human intervention to control, direct, and command its program.

Recent developments in machine learning technology is not a “terminator” scenario. ML and AI simply do not have the capacity to have emotions or any rational output of its own. Sentience cannot be directed under the command and control of someone.

As always, Higher Density Living reserves no dogma because only the truth prevails in the universe. Let us join Alex and Jason as we discuss Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in this episode of Higher Density Living.


1:00- Recapping Alex’s hiatus and the new studio’s amazing renovation.
2:10- Alex explains urban flooding in the southern states.
2:49- Climate Change will definitely change Florida.
3:37- Alex and Jason discuss the outrageous tax system in the US. Tax everything and everyone. We learn that the IRS puts taxes on your tax.
4:34- The discussion for today’s episode: Artificial Intelligence.
5:08- People don’t fundamentally understand how the brain works. We got the AI models wrong.
5:59- Jason discusses “sentient” AI. Is there such a thing as a “sentient” AI?
6:29- Alex on the definition of being “sentient”. It’s all about the capacity to learn by itself through free will and intellect. It is also the ability to develop conscience or actions that leads to a creation of something.
7:02- Physical interaction is also a characteristic of a sentient being.
7:22- “Emotions are hormonal triggers”. Alex explains the implausibility of AI having a true sense of emotions.
7:59- There is entropy in human designs. Errors and imperfection are inevitable in any man-made creation.
8:09- Alex and Jason try to find the rationality of giving Artificial Intelligence the capability to be sentient.
8:53- Is it a risk or reward? Jason tackles the dual use dilemma of AI.
9:03- AI has fundamental weaknesses too. It is vulnerable on its own design without the use of human intervention to control, direct, and command its program.
9:43- Artificial Intelligence is a separate subject matter from evolution. It may resemble elements from the latter but it does not have any “creational” aspects as seen in natural form of the former.
10:32- In essence, Artificial Intelligence cannot be sentient simply because of its fundamental composition being “artificial”; devoid of any natural phenomena such as emotions, feelings, and senses.
11:04- AI is like a blackhole. It can literally devour so much knowledge, yet, it cannot feel or make sense of all the knowledge it can acquire and process.
11:11- Knowledge without experience is not a compelling aspect. Remember the old mantra; All people are book smart but not street smart.
11:35- AI won’t go haywire in the foreseeable future.
12:40- AI is for Mass and Efficiency of data production. People make the decision because they have Free Will.
13:49- Stay tuned for more episodes and content!
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