Welcome back to Higher Density Living! This episode re-discuss the previous episode about the Cosmic teachings of Billy Meier, together with HDL co-host, Alexander McCaig and special guest host, Mark Snider from the Ohio Exopolitics podcast

To recap, the Meier material emphasizes the role of intelligence as the main driving catalyst for change. This episode emphasize the impetus of  Artificial Intelligence in relation to the cosmic understanding of knowledge by Billy Meier. Alexander and Mark’s recent collaborations has sprawl a new series of debates, discussion, and discourse regarding the Billy Meier material.

Alexander and Mark embarks their discussion concerning Artificial Intelligence in relation to the conscious evolution attributed to the Contact Report 251 from the Meier teachings. While AI is not inherently a threat, its often conceptualized as a vast bubble around technology, is primarily rooted in deep statistical machine learning. According to creational principles and laws, it is positioned to become the foundational framework for the development of artificial intelligence, like any product of Creation, needs to have the essence of a soul. 

The creational principles and laws form the basis for the development of artificial intelligence and, more broadly, the evolution of life and consciousness.

However, concerns arise as artificial intelligence could potentially be wielded by individuals to cause harm to others. For instance, there is a fear that entities like the deep state might leverage artificial intelligence against the general population, leading to a scenario of tyranny.

The synthetic nature of artificial intelligence is underscored by its training on human principles. It is essentially a reflection of the information generated by humans, with the assumption that the intended outcomes are positive and beneficial.

Yet, a critical gap exists in the integration of spiritual principles into technology. Despite creating advanced technologies, we have failed to incorporate spiritual values as foundation. This absence of a spiritual background in technology poses a significant danger, as we may inadvertently venture into perilous pathways. Therefore, addressing this void is essential to navigate the potential risks associated with the unchecked advancement of technology.

Foundation is key aspect of form, it implies a fundamental set of guidelines or principles that are intended to guide human development and interaction with technology in a way that aligns with higher spiritual and ethical values.

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