Welcome back to Higher Density Living! For this episode, we delve into more Billy Meier content as a source material from Alexander McCaig, HDL co-host, from a recent radio show hosted by Mark Snider.

Alexander and Mark will dive deeper into the individuals deeply affected by the Meier material and experience profound transformations, withdrawing from conventional societal involvement. Alexander McCaig is prolific for his accounts in the Billy Meier Material, despite its inherent controversies. The material has consistent adherence to the truth, showing no logical inconsistencies, and has stood the test of time, regardless of the backlash and criticism it had received. Every single piece of Creational teaching is highly respective to the entities of Free Will. 

The episode’s discussion is about beliefs that are consistently true and expand our understanding of the world. These beliefs prioritize respecting individual free will, called “Wesson” or “Wessonheit” in German. They encourage personal choices without imposing ideas on others. The conversation also explores the correct pronunciation of “Wessonheit” and its significance in describing abstract concepts.

It highlights the relationship between human existence, creation, and spiritual energy. “Wesen” refers to an entity, while “Wesenheit” represents a higher spiritual essence connected to creation. The discussion emphasizes that “Wesenheit” lacks a personal identity, similar to a light switch transmitting energy. Humans evolve spiritually without needing a specific personality, drawing from past experiences in each incarnation. The accumulation of wisdom, knowledge, and love fosters growth, and when someone deeply engages with this knowledge, its credibility becomes unquestionable. The teachings discussed, like those on the creational spirit, differ from institutional doctrines but don’t diminish other teachings’ value.

Teachings evolve over time, but the truth about the creational spirit remains unchanged. It doesn’t need alterations or preferences attributed to it. Understanding enduring principles can come from various sources, motivating engagement within communities or reevaluating foundational beliefs for personal growth.

Exploring teachings from the Billy Meier texts alongside other sources offers insight. There’s mention of encountering a group under the Great Pyramid (the Giza intelligences) wielding significant influence over civilizations, using tele-nautic impulses for control. The concept of Giza intelligences stands out as a significant revelation, indicating substantial occurrences in our history.

Regarding the Bhagavad Gita and the potential involvement of extraterrestrial entities among its characters, there’s speculation. According to discussions with Billy and Samyasi, in the Himalayas, subterranean extraterrestrial beings with blue skin are said to reside. Encountering such beings, distinct from the local populace, might evoke a sense of evolution and unfamiliar principles distinct from established teachings by Brahmin priests.

Over time, tales of these evolved beings residing in Northern India likely shaped the narrative of the Bhagavad Gita, which eventually spread across different regions. In various ancient texts, there are mentions of entities and beings that are described with distinct characteristics. They portray diverse traits such as blue-colored deities or individuals with elongated skulls, often associated with different civilizations. Despite these differences, these references generally pertain to various human forms, each with their own evolutionary stages and unique attributes. Over time, interactions between these beings and other human societies, which were considered less advanced or of terrestrial origin, led to the deification and storytelling about them.

The concept of wielding thoughts as a force, termed telemotic impulses, refers to using technology or mental manipulation to control or influence others unknowingly. It’s suggested that individuals can use this power either negatively, for personal gain at the expense of others, or positively, to shape their destiny and contribute positively to the collective whole. This notion underlines the importance of self-awareness and internal influence to shape one’s path and shield against negative external forces.

The metaphor of being the “Smith of your own destiny” emphasizes the agency individuals have in shaping their lives. It compares the process to a blacksmith crafting metal, highlighting the need for effort and intentionality in shaping personal values, protection from negative influences, and forging one’s own path.

In essence, it stresses the idea of taking control of one’s thoughts and actions, consciously building mental resilience against external negativity, and striving to positively impact one’s life and surroundings. You are the forger of my own fortune. You create your own good luck. Do not allow my thoughts to drift on the ocean of life. 

When these actions are allowed to drift, it resembles a decision to float in the water rather than actively choosing to swim. For instance, in the past, floating on thoughts was a common practice. This habit often led to undesirable outcomes. Floating in thoughts seldom results in anything positive.

The Billy Meier Material allows individuals to introspect and self-correct, preventing adverse consequences. However, it’s crucial to acknowledge that he doesn’t offer a life-saving solution. Instead, he emphasizes self-effort. Being in the vast ocean of thoughts is a personal choice, necessitating personal responsibility to swim towards safety without external aid. As evolution and growth demand force and effort. Without initiation or drive, stagnation occurs, impeding progress and evolution. Biological aspects, such as the immune system fighting to preserve life, mirror the internal struggle within consciousness. This parallels the necessity to direct mental strength towards positive goals, like making tough decisions. Teaching spiritual concepts requires significant effort. Communicating such ideas to individuals unfamiliar with certain teachings can be challenging. 

When new data is encountered, it is systematically segregated and recorded separately, then organized into tables. The combined notes are then distilled into coherent thoughts. This systematic approach has facilitated the extraction of fundamental laws governing creation from multiple written sources.  It’s crucial to acknowledge the importance of practical intervention. Merely thinking positive thoughts without taking proactive steps might not yield positive outcomes. Learning from past mistakes, instead of repeating them, contributes to becoming wiser in handling similar situations in the future.

The saying Don’t throw pearls to swine. This suggests that sharing profound knowledge with individuals unequipped to comprehend it renders the truth futile. Instead, embodying these teachings by your actions can impact others more significantly. Striving, a concept highlighted in the teachings, is essential for success. 

However, the focus of striving can be misdirected. Whether it’s pursuing wealth or proving oneself, redirecting efforts towards deeper principles like love and understanding can elevate one’s purpose. There might be a misconception about striving for the wrong goals. Human evolution eventually leads back to creation. The difference lies in the duration and complexity of the journey. The issue doesn’t lie in people striving for the wrong things but rather in the lack of directed efforts. Many pursuits are not fully focused or purposeful. This might lead to half-hearted endeavors and incomplete outcomes. 

Accepting one’s developmental state is not an issue. You become unaffected by it;  communicate emotions and be confident in managing substantial mental demands. While these demands may be overwhelming for most people, they can handle them without much difficulty. I wake up feeling rejuvenated every morning, regardless of the difficulties experienced the day before. There’s a realization that one day, this particular persona will no longer exist.

You don’t need to force these ideas; You can simply be the best version of myself, promoting positivity and growth without instilling fear. We encourage people to embrace what it means to be human and live authentically, facilitating genuine change for human development.

As always, Higher Density Living reserves no dogma because only the truth prevails in the universe. History is judged by enlightened communities, and the Higher Density Living podcast is committed to the same cause. You are the center of the universe. Thank you for joining us on this cosmic journey, and we look forward to sharing more fascinating topics with you in the future. Stay tuned for more episodes where we delve into the profound principles that shape our existence. Remember to like, share, and subscribe for more mind-expanding content! 🚀🌠 #HigherDensityLiving #GeniusMinds #CosmicDownloads 

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