Welcome back to Higher Density Living!  In this episode of Higher Density Living we join our special guest, Cat Howell, and Jason Rigby as they explore the secret of financial success. Cat Howell stands as a the pioneer in the idea of creative financial coaching. Infusing a higher sense of awakening  in discovering your wealth, both the material and non-material, Her philosophy transcends traditional financial paradigms, delving into the mystical art of transforming aspirations into tangible wealth. With a fervent belief in the alchemy of wealth, Howell champions the fusion of practical techniques with visionary thinking, revolutionizing the way individuals perceive and attain success in life.

Howell is the best-selling author of Magic Source Codes (The Alchemy of Being and the Alchemy of Freedom). She is currently working on various projects related to new ways on understanding personal financial growth and spiritual coaching. She also host her own podcast the Flow Protocols which talks about the Alchemy of Wealth and Wellbeing. Cat has solid engagement with her community, bringing waves of new ideas to the greater spiritual community. 

Howell shares her experience during a period when many startups were seeking funding, there was a significant event involving Silicon Valley Bank that led to a major bank collapsing. This coupled with the revolution of techpreneurship and AI related business industries sprung a ripple effect on venture capitalists and caused a shortage of available funding. Consequently, numerous tech companies faced financial difficulties and were forced to shut down within a short span, typically due to their high expenditure each month, known as a “burn rate.”

This financial strain resulted in widespread layoffs across prominent tech companies like Facebook (now Meta) and Google. Meanwhile, during this challenging time, you found yourself in bed, unable to sleep due to immense pain.

In her turbulent experience in venture capitalism and start-up business, Cat shares her journey through a business career has been marked by numerous failures. However, the most significant shift occurred when she began to change and embrace the idea of mindset – understanding how her own thoughts and perspectives influence the outcomes of an achievement. This realization led to rapid growth in her business. There was a point when the focus was on helping agency owners through Facebook ads, and she was fully immersed in it. It is passion, something she lived and breathed every day.

There is a brief decline in her business, as she lost energy. The thrill she once felt for work diminished, and she found myself losing interest in staying updated with Facebook’s algorithm changes. Despite this, Cat Howell teaches about her experience on regaining back energy and passion. She felt hesitant to make changes or walk away because the business was thriving. She felt trapped in a situation where success had become a constraint. Eventually, this internal conflict led to a deep depression that forced her to step away from the company, as it reached a critical point affecting mental health and well-being.

In essence, Cat Howell’s business journey was marked by significant personal growth through understanding the power of mindset. However, the success she achieved also became a source of confinement, leading to a struggle between personal fulfillment and the pressures of maintaining a thriving business. So where does fullfilment and “success” come through the picture?

The answer is within the Alchemy of Wealth. This is not determined by the material attainment of resources such as money and properties, or career decorations or progression, but it is a mindset and a lifestyle.

When things start aligning in your favor, it becomes easier to take bigger steps forward. You take things on your own matter, convert them into your advantage. You’ll find support in those moves. However, if you seek freedom, more flow, time, and money for yourself while feeling overwhelmed, burnt out, frustrated, or stagnant daily, you cannot expect progress. Don’t act surprised if you’re stuck in this cycle and not achieving what you desire. You’re the primary influencer, you have the Free Will to determine your life.

When you consistently align your intentions with clarity and review them daily, you set a powerful process in motion within the Universe. Even if you lack the courage or clarity to adjust your actions accordingly, support will manifest for you. Often, this support emerges amidst chaotic situations, which serve as catalysts for transformation and change.

Having a vision. of care and love towards wealth is like the internalizing the feminine character of your intention your imagination. You get to visualize as things become about what you intend for yourself and you activate that. Because waiting is not an option, the blind and drifting arrogant bliss.

If you wait for money, it’s like waiting on your reflection – it won’t make much sense. Foster a healthy relationship with money as you would in any human relationship, and it will guide the social dynamics and power dimensions that goes along with it. Show gratitude, appreciation, and embrace a playful approach rather than solely focusing on generating monetary wealth or acquiring more clients each day.

Ask yourself: “How can my business and I experience play, flow, or gratitude today?” Apply this mindset not just to your business but also to your relationship with money. Cultivating a positive relationship and approach is key to progress. Small acts, like expressing gratitude while spending money, can pave the way for more significant changes and actions. The relationship between an individual and their finances is compared to nurturing a human relationship, urging people to approach it with appreciation and a sense of play rather than solely focusing on making money.

At the core of Cat Howell’s teachings lies a pivotal shift in mindset. Rather than viewing wealth as an elusive concept, Howell advocates for a transformational change in perspective. The alchemy of wealth, as she describes it, begins with altering one’s beliefs about money and abundance. It’s about embracing the notion that wealth isn’t merely about material possessions but also about creating a life of purpose, impact, and fulfillment.

She advocates for actionable strategies, including leveraging digital platforms and diverse income sources. Howell’s approach is firmly grounded in actionable strategies. Through her guidance, individuals are encouraged to explore diverse avenues of income generation.

External conditions, such as relationships, can create an illusion. You’ll need to decide whether to shift your focus toward things that genuinely excite you, even if it means stepping into the unknown without a clear idea of how it will work out, break free and manifest positive energy for your wealth, be it mentally or spiritually. To change the negative self-talk in your mind, surround yourself with people who have normalized receiving and ease. Our social circles greatly influence us, so being around those who effortlessly receive can reshape your mindset. By acknowledging and focusing on these small instances of ease in your reality, you can gradually shift your mindset. 

Cat Howell’s vision extends far beyond the individual pursuit of wealth. It resonates with the idea of a collective shift—a movement where the alchemy of wealth isn’t confined to a select few but becomes an accessible reality for anyone willing to embrace it. Her mission is to empower and inspire individuals worldwide to tap into their potential, unlocking the alchemical secrets that lead to financial freedom and a more fulfilling life.

In conclusion, the alchemy of wealth, as elucidated by Cat Howell, isn’t merely about accumulating riches. It’s a transformative journey—an amalgamation of mindset, strategy, and purpose that transcends conventional financial wisdom. By embracing this alchemy in the context of higher density living, individuals have the opportunity not only to amass wealth but to lead richer, more purpose-driven lives.

Are you ready to embark on this transformative journey and discover the alchemy of wealth with Cat Howell?

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