In this episode, Alexander and Jason briefly discuss the new Netflix docuseries titled “The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch”, a show about investigative works of Dr. Travis Taylor and his gang of Alien hunters trying to catch on camera footage of UFO or advanced alien portals. Together with Travis’s buddies and the joint initiative by former Utah Gov. Gary Herbert and the wealthy estate broker Brandon Fugal, owner of the Ranch, this docu series has a trending spike on conspiracies, instead of receiving a good image, now backfires into misunderstood perceptions of the general UFO researching community.

Originally, the Skinwalker ranch has a rich mythology of its true native inhabitants. Historical record shows the old Navajo shamanism are common themes of folklore. The entire Ballard community was built upon its distinct identity to superstitious awareness and a rich folklore passed through generations of Americans. However, a group of “extraterrestrial hunters’ ‘, together with its business and political partners, tried to milk out the ranch by linking its native folklore to the contemporary parallels of alleged extraterrestrials living in the 512 acre land.

There are questionable research efforts of modern documentaries. Alex and Jason mention the cheesy sensationalism of the Skinwalker Ranch where obvious portrayals of white people. The choppy, and rapid transitions and video editing strongly suggest what Alex and Jason makes out of it; a sloppy, stitched out UAP documentary frenzy. While the docuseries has well-received reviews, we, at higher density Living, taste a disservice to the entire UFO researching community, at large, for such representation of cliché and stereotypical tin-foil addicts rather than professional and intellectual members of the society. The series also omits native origins which is a sign of disrespect. If we do not have a correct sense of history, or balance thereof, we don’t have anything to prove for a better future. Bottom line is we need to make things clear and make sure it is right on the topic.

As always, Higher Density Living reserves no dogma because only the truth prevails in the universe.

Show Notes:

0:47- Welcome back to Higher Density Living. A channel to learn about Creational Laws of the Universe and the human condition.
1:03- Alex is trying out a new meditation.
1:15- There are great benefits in Naked Meditation. A sneak peek for a future episode.
1:34- Alex and Jason reviews Netflix’s new UFO documentary series, “The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch ”.
1:58- There is a convoluted mess in the series documentary.
2:25- Do Mormons believe in the existence of Extraterrestrials? They may or may not. Though many esoteric studies suggest its historical relations to each other.
3:19- Jason expresses his disappointment at the racial stereotypes and cultural debauchery portrayal of Americans in the online documentary. There is lack of representation to the native Navajo.
4:15- Why did the filmmakers omit the significant roles of indigenous communities in Ballard, Utah? There is so much cultural value to the Navajo legend that presents a clear narrative to explain extraterrestrial contact.
5:49- It is wise to bring in indigenous people in the discussion of UFOs.
6:30- If it has no contextual nuance it probably has a sloppy sense of reality. Legitimacy and due diligence is always a must in the conduct of organized study, regardless of discipline among the branches of human knowledge.
7:12- Alex and Jason strongly dislike sensationalism. Conspiracy is fiction, unless scientifically proven. We can make things less cheesy without sacrificing the quality content.
7:48- Low-key flex and petty blings are some of the features in the docuseries. Especially during the executive scenes with Fugal and Governor Herbert.
8:08- Unidentified Aerial Phenomena is a deep topic. There is more than meets the eye than spotting spherical lights in the night sky.
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