The study of intelligence operations has always been within the limited confines of military domains. Human intelligence, the traditional methodology of calibrating to obtain information through human to human engagement, is no longer limited to mankind himself. We learn that there are other “intelligent” life forms with familiar interests to pursue influence, wealth, knowledge, and/or power made a pact with humans in order to understand our culture and know more about the nature of the universe. What would it mean if extraterrestrials existed? What would it take to mankind just accept the facts?

In this episode, we learn about the Israel space security chief, Haim Eshed, who claims that the “Galactic Federation” has supposedly been in contact with Israel and the US for years, but are keeping themselves a secret to prevent hysteria until humanity is ready. The 87-year-old former head of Defense Ministry’s Space Division gave further descriptions about specific agreements made between the aliens and the US, which ostensibly have been made because they wish to research and understand “the fabric of the universe.” This story broke out in an exclusive interview via the Jerusalem Post.

The former Space Division chief reigned the administration for almost thirty years before retiring. What he has to say are mind blowing revelations. So, why now? The reason for whistleblowing and exposing confidentiality is because Haim believes that the times are changing to the perception of Unidentified Aerial Phenomena. Higher Density Living has been following and expanding content regarding the discussions, topics, and controversies of UAP and life outside planet earth. But more so than ever, we have seen the enduring propensity of people opening up to the ideas Extraterrestrials as we democratize information technology and give universal access to education.

Let us join Alex and Jason as they discuss interspecies cooperation.

Show Notes :

0:55- Welcome to Higher Density Living! For today’s content, we will talk about the intelligence operations galactic federation of extraterrestrials.
1:28- A brief background check for Haim Eshed. He was a prolific military figure is Israeli military until he became a civil servant fighting for freedom of information.
2:45- An exclusive interview broke stories and brewed controversies as the former intel chief dispelled many speculations of US involvement with extraterrestrials.
3:00- Israel and the United States have been involved in a sort of “devil’s advocate” game as both national governments coordinate military operations with Orion galactic federations.
3:25- The trilateral relationship among the group comes down to a concession agreement for intelligence gathering cooperation.
3:47- There is a classified space defense, joint military base underneath mars.
4:08- People are already on mars. Elon Musk is late to the party. Jason also shares news updates regarding the “doors to Mars”, a newly leaked NASA image showing an uncanny resemblance to a hillside looking doorway.
5:28- Why in this universe would they agree to make a contract with the United States? You figure that the advanced wisdom of extraterrestrials would be aware of the hegemonic behavior of America. Let’s find out.
6:14- NASA has been underfunded since forever. Compared to the national budget allocation in contrast to the Department of Defense, NASA has nowhere near the Research and Development capabilities to enhance their programs forward.
6:48- Why now? The reason for whistleblowing and exposing confidentiality is because Haim believes that the times are changing to the perception of Unidentified Aerial Phenomena. The world is more receptive to open their minds into accepting the fact of alien life.
7:04- Evolution will always take place. In a mathematical sense the probabilities of alien life are next to possible. Millions, or even billions of star systems exist in this current universe… or multiverse?
7:35- Jason talks about the infinite possibilities of advanced species to utilize information. Imagine a highly developed life-form able to harness the power of light to process information.
8:11- Why is everyone silent about the issues of extraterrestrial life? Probably because you can trigger a lot of angry people.
9:15- We have become too synthesized by popular media, movies, or imagination that people come to believe that aliens exist without actually knowing its existence.
9:28- Considering the consequences. What would actually happen if people fully grasp the idea of alien life? What would it mean if extraterrestrials existed?
9:50 – Alex talks about the transformational changes in the global society when aliens show up on Earth. Every human institution would fundamentally change. Government and politics will be out of control, financial markets will implode, and religious hysteria will wreck all the dogmatic and fundamental belief systems of mankind.
10:37- People would have the opportunity to phase out the untruth they have been living inside for so long.
11:03- A lot, as in a lot, of people will need good adjustments in the reality of multiple co-existence with other lifeforms. People need to change internally first before they are forced to change the outside.
12:15- People will tick off once all gatekeepers of secrets crumble before our eyes. People would feel liberated, emancipated from the old natural social order.
12:42- We should let science lead the way for human progress.
13:19- One thing is certain. All the powerful people in this world would have prior knowledge to extraterrestrials. The public knowledge is just barely scratching the surface. The elites and those positions of power have had access to true knowledge.
13:35- The power of Machine Learning technology can produce infinite versions of a scenario.
14:00- Regardless, we should start opening up public awareness to the existence of Alien life. Time is running out because of hubris and ignorance.
14:53- It’s almost, or always, comical to think that humans would stand a chance against Aliens or any other evolutionary superior life-form. We do not. Stop the illusion.
15:24 – We can’t rule out anything, no matter how outlandish, unless it is proven true or not. Acceptance of an open mind is always a reflection of oneself.
16:00 – Let’s pick ourselves up and align our thoughts, feelings, intelligence, and emotions to a greater, open-perspective.
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