Higher Density Living first tackled European Idealism in the Episode French Enlightenment Fail (you can watch it first if you haven’t) in which Alex and Jason discussed the future consequences of liberalism and idealism philosophy now permeating in the modern cancel culture movement. The Enlightenment period started off as a renaissance of classical aesthetics in the form of Architecture Painting and Sculpting, and Music throughout Anglo-Saxon Civilization. History tells a story of massive development and great innovation in the human mind, but the future shows otherwise.

In this podcast episode, get ready to get soaked with Continental European Jargons as Alex-Jason together expands the deconstruction of liberal universalities of democratic systems, individual rights, autonomy, and freedom are not absolute things. Liberalism and Idealism are NOT positive truths nor absolute desire. For all the grandiose clamor among academic pundits and intellectual celebration, the Enlightenment only represents a small detail of Creational Laws that govern the whole Universe.

The Law of One manifests its teachings across every aspect of human knowledge, no matter how sober, the retrenchment of humanities and social sciences moves along with the weaving tailors of Creational Laws, albeit showing a speck of Creation in its entirety. Take note to synthesize every character and element of thought in Creation. As the saying goes, calm comes after the storm. Every Negative experience and pain reciprocates profound learning experience and discovery towards growth.

Let’s join Alex and Jason in this three part series Podcast as we venture once again with Western Philosophy for this Episode of Higher Density Living.

Show Notes:

1:00 – Jason on emotions and Mental Gymnastics
2:18 – Alex on The Object of Observation in Epistemology
3:00 – The power of considering your own thought
4:11 – Alex and Jason on the Topic; The False sense of Enlightenment
4:22 – The myriads of belief system pertaining to claim Enlightenment
5:05 – Enlightenment as the Ultimate Awareness
6:51 – Enlightenment is just a Realization of Truth, Nothing in it of itself is Absolute!
7:00 – Realizing the power of Truth is Enlightenment- Alexander McCaig
7:45 – The Pseudoscientific Claims of NeuroScience; Jason on debunking the 10% Brain Theory
7:55 – We are basing off of Reality to ONLY 10%” – Jason Rigby
8:19 – We enjoy hurting ourselves, almost all the time
8:39 – The Subconscious and the Consciousness of Enlightenment
8:55 – Life is the State of Mind; Alex and Jason on Peter Krone
9:10 – The Iceberg Analogy as the Representation of Subconscious Thoughts and Unseen Realities
10:02 – The Duality of Property
10:43 – We are really used to Sensory Motors and Empirical Knowingness; Alex on the Conscious State
11:58 – A Conscious Affirmation Towards Denial and LIES; Alex discusses the conflicting awareness of the Conscious and Subconscious Dimensions
12:48 – STOP Rubbing MRSA on your wounds
12:55 – The Subconsciousness always holds light and logic
13:36 – STOP! Packing yourselves in such small and crummy spaces. Find yourself a good place to grow!
14:07 – STOP! Imposing your ideas on Suffering on Children. Let the Children Learn their way up and down in this World.
14:27 – Never Limit your Evolution in Dogmas of Everyday Life
15:23 – Majority of Human Actions are Fear-Based Calculations
16:10 – Trapping yourself within Negative and Subconscious Triggers
16:24 – Triggers and Impulse as Superficial Behaviors that are unauthentic in Nature
17:05 – Realizing your sense of “Stupidity” after moments of Bliss
18:10 – These Triggers that you live about are living OUT to the Truth – Alexander McCaig
18:13 – Living IN the Truth brings you Enlightenment
19:06 – Clouding Enlightenment with Irrationality takes you out of Enlightenment into a reality of disorder and chaos
19:53 – Jason on the Consumerism and Marketing of Fear; Fear Sells as the Mantra
20:17 – Indulging Triggers and Superficial Behavior in a Material World
20:46 – Stoking the Furnace of Fear and Lies; Alex and Jason on Dogmatic Systems
22:19 – Triggers Exist as Catalyst of Truth – Alexander McCaig
22:29 – Cause and Effect Always Require Polarities to Exist
23:16 – You Are Doubling Down on the Pain with False Awareness
23:45 – Your Triggers Are Your Enlightenment – Jason Ribgy
24:26- Only YOU can control your FREE WILL
25:01 – Everything that you can do affects Learning, Every-action in your consciousness will give you opposite polarities
25:36 – Negative Experiences Gives you more Catalyst for Growth and Learning
26:12 – Profound Change Comes from Reflection of Truth
27:14 – Anything outside of reflection is Untruth
27:36 – The Conjunction of Natural Laws with Human Enlightenment
28:20 – The Reflection is just as Beautiful as the Reality – Jason Rigby
28:42 – It is not the Outside In, but the Inside Out to appreciate True Beauty
29:03 – When you project truth is given back to you. Your Enlightenment is the reflection of your Truth
29:22 – Once you become aware of coming back with Positive Knowledge, You become Wise
30:32 – Coming back for Part 2

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