Higher Density Living first tackled European IdealismI in the Episode French Enlightenment Fail (you can watch it first if you haven’t) in which Alex-Jason discussed the future consequences of liberalism and idealist philosophy now permeating in the modern cancel culture movement . The Enlightenment period started off as a renaissance of classical aesthetics in the form of Architecture Painting and Sculpting, and Music throughout Anglo-Saxon Civilization. History tells a story of massive development and great innovation in the human mind, but the future shows otherwise.

In this podcast episode get ready to get soaked with Continental European Jargons as Alex-Jason together expands the deconstruction of liberal universalities of democratic systems, individual rights, autonomy, and freedom are not absolute things. Liberalism and Idealism are NOT positive truths nor absolute desire. For all the grandiose clamor among academic pundits and intellectual celebration, the Enlightenment only represents a small detail of Creational Laws that govern the whole Universe. The Law of One manifests its teachings across every aspect of human knowledge, no matter how sober, the retrenchment of humanities and social sciences moves along with the weaving tailors of Creational Laws, albeit showing a speck of Creation in its entirety. Take note to synthesize every character and element of thought in Creation. As the saying goes “calm comes after the storm”. Every Negative experience and pain reciprocates profound learning experience and discovery towards growth.

The second part expands more on the ideas of micro-triggers and how they stack up to everyday life and affect common decisions in every action you make. Alex and Jason connect the command of “programme” to human free will inlined with the logic of Creational Laws. Free Will enables you to harness triggers as it provides you the freedom to pursue your own enlightenment in this material life.

Show Notes:

1:00 – Alexs’ Anecdotal Trigger
1:34 – Misfired Triggers over Petty Expectations
2:36 – Looking ourselves as Individual Computers
3:09 – Jason on Personal Computers; One Device and Multiple Operating Systems
3:43 – An Allegory of Encoding Software into your personal life. Many people can influence your thoughts and actions outside yourself
4:27 – The Reason for constant Updates is Constant Change and Refinement
4:51 – You’ve Believed in Something that You’ve Self Created by taking Other People Bad Programming and Adopted it into your Life – Alexander McCaig
5:10 – It is the Law of Free Will; The relation of Programming to CREATIONAL LAW
5:44 – The easy and dumb logic of Retaliation
6:10 – Programming YOURSELF on how society thinks
6:43 – There is Always a Choice to do Whatever You want. Don’t be restricted with LIMITATIONS
6:59- Running up the Program in Connection to Self-Responsibility
7:08 – Reactive Victims of Bad Programming into the Conscious Self
7:35 – You are gonna Kill Yourself quicker because of your [toxic] and bad Thought – Alexander McCaig
7:51 – Life always goes back to Full Responsibility. Because we are Sentient Beings that are reincarnated that has an internal code within us- Jason Rigby
8:29 – Our code is to Evolve. Everything in our Universe Wants to Evolve – Alexander McCaig
8:54 – Jason On his term; Creational “Self” Enlightenment
9:10 – It is Self Enlightenment detached to all Concepts of New Age Dogmas and Spiritual Methods
9:18 – It is the only way to Enlightenment, to be SELF- ENLIGHTENED
9:36 – Integrate with the Negative in order to REFINE all bad programming into POSITIVE LEARNING!
9:44 – “Enlightenment is not Detachment…. It is the opposite” – Jason Rigby
10:34 – Doubling down with your own Triggers Ultimately makes you Delusional inside a False sense of Reality
11:29 – “Integrate with the Human Experience and your THOUGHT… All you have to do is observe all around you, observe your thoughts and how you react to those thoughts” – Alexander
11:56 – You are uniquely Enlightened to your own Self-Awareness
12:31 – What is the Main Issue of Bad Programming? Alex and Jason on pin-pointing out why program crashes and catalyst for software failure in YOUR FUNDAMENTAL LIFE
14:10 – Misunderstanding and NO Understanding At All leads to Delusional False.
14:24 – Conquering to Win and beating Champions; Alex on Beating the Dead Horse
14:30 – The Training of Self Awareness is in Internal Dialogue with your Thoughts
15:31 – Addressing the Toxic Deluge of “Echo Chambers” Existing in Modern Theories and Concept of “Enlightenment”
16:00 – The Stage as Fear Multiplier and Echo Chamber Emission; An Analysis of Mixed Martial Arts Fighting and how it reflects your daily actions and thought
16:42 – “You Have to Learn and Listen to this Eternal Dialogue” – Jason Rigby
16:56 – Feeding Echo Chambers can Create Destruction of Relationships and Decay of Growth, STOP BEING AFFECTED BY OTHER OUTSIDE INFLUENCE, be self-aware.
17:29 – Always ask the Question, IS THAT TRUTH?
17:55 – The Diseases Comes From Allowing Echo Chambers
18:54 – For Who??? STOP IMPRESSING OTHER PEOPLE, You don’t need their constant Validation. All the time.
19:00 – Focus on Building Yourself. There are so Many People Working Hard. Enough is never Enough because you define it!!!!
19:45 – WHAT IS ENOUGH? Where is the Enough?
20:15 – Your own Self- Awareness is Enough – Alexander McCaig
20:41 – Social Hierarchies Don’t MATTER in any profound and Meaningful way in the essence of living your own LIFE
21:14 – What is your target? I’m I Enough? Build yourself to know and achieve it
21:52 – “The Question Mark is your Spotlight to the Stage.” – Alexander McCaig
22:59 – The Voice in Your Head is not Entirely you
23:33 – There is no Basis of Truth. The Foundation is not Real. You have to have Foundation for you to have a Stable House, Stable Life – Jason Rigby
24:18 – Creation IS FOUNDATION
24:09 – “Life in the material sense does not exist without proper foundations or rules that define the fields interconnect one another” – Alexander McCaig
24:38 – You can’t have your thoughts without any fundamental base
25:33 – Epilogue of part two for the next and final part

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