Higher Density Living first tackled European IdealismI in the Episode French Enlightenment Fail (you can watch it first if you haven’t) in which Alex-Jason discussed the future consequences of liberalism and idealist philosophy now permeating in the modern cancel culture movement . The Enlightenment period started off as a renaissance of classical aesthetics in the form of Architecture Painting and Sculpting, and Music throughout Anglo-Saxon Civilization. History tells a story of massive development and great innovation in the human mind, but the future shows otherwise.
In this podcast episode get ready to get soaked with Continental European Jargons as Alex-Jason together expands the deconstruction of liberal universalities of democratic systems, individual rights, autonomy, and freedom are not absolute things.

Liberalism and Idealism are NOT positive truths nor absolute desire. For all the grandiose clamor among academic pundits and intellectual celebration, the Enlightenment only represents a small detail of Creational Laws that govern the whole Universe. The Law of One manifests its teachings across every aspect of human knowledge, no matter how sober, the retrenchment of humanities and social sciences moves along with the weaving tailors of Creational Laws, albeit showing a speck of Creation in its entirety. Take note to synthesize every character and element of thought in Creation. As the saying goes “calm comes after the storm”. Every Negative experience and pain reciprocates profound learning experience and discovery towards growth.

This final part of the Enlightenment series follows a more pragmatic approach to enlightenment as Alex and Jason conclude their ideas of micro-triggers. As with the previous episode, they present us a connection of command under the guise of a metaphorical “programme” to human Free Will inlined with the logic of Creational Laws. Free Will enables you to harness triggers as it provides you a freedom to pursue your own enlightenment in this material life. But these programs may act as Self-Righteous Nurses. Stop deflecting all your burdens and challenges on other People, stop looking to God for answers, stop begging for others to save you.

Do not be trapped in a psych ward where everything in your life is dictated and orchestrated because you need to follow the rules on HOW YOU SHOULD LIVE YOUR LIFE. Never be afraid to stand up for your Free Will, because the truth is, a truly enlightened individual will use his/her Free Will for CREATION, never for the expense of values for untrue beliefs of others.

Show Notes:

0:54 – Alex and Jason on the Definition of Nurse
1:42 – The Desecration of Emboldened Beliefs leads to False and Disastrous Monstrosities
2:32 – The Dangerous and Disrespectful Self-Reverence, Self-Indulgence, and Self-Suicide of FALSE STATEMENTS THAT IS UNTRUE TO CREATION
2:47 – How Is There Nothing Right?; Jason on the issues of Morale in the Context of Postmodernism
3:18 – Statement of Beliefs Over Facts; the untrue and fallible existence of assertive belief and pseudo reality
4:04 – Alex and Jason on the Full Denial and Self- Manifestation of the Self
5:01 – The Undignified Nurse to Insert Care Among other People
5:33 – Deflecting your mistakes, your Disease as Other Peoples’ BUSINESS. DON’T DO THAT. Stop Being Dependent on Other People. YOU HAVE FREE WILL.
6:14 – The Symbolism of a “Self-Righteous Nurse”
7:27 – Listening to Self Righteous Beliefs and Dogmas are like looking into a Cheap Pair of Binoculars
7:33 – Knock- Off Giving You Knock-Off Binoculars
7:56 – Jason on Defining Inadequacy
8:38 – Do not just Change because of other people or reference to other “Self-Righteous” Ideals of People. CHANGE FOR THE BETTERMENT OF YOURSELF!
9:05 – Let NOBODY DICTATE HOW YOU CHANGE YOUR LIFE. Nobody in the legitimate Authority gives license to follow their models. Be you and always in your Free Will.
9:10 – You concede your Free Will to them if you don’t think and act on your own.
9:22 – “It’s not the Politicians, Facebook, or Anything… Who can I Blame?” – Jason Rigby
10:11 – Reviewing the Free Speech Dilemma in Politics
10:32 – Do not Demonize People in Politics. Everybody has FREE WILL
11:10 – Turning yourself into a Self-Righteous Nurse. The Great Cleaner SPREADING A DISTORTED REALITY LIKE A DISEASE!
11:46 – Do not Impose your Distorted Reality like a Disease
12:07 – Filtering lenses makes you look the world untrue to your perspective
12:43 – Nothing is Good or Bad but Thinking makes it so- Jason Rigby on Shakespeare
13:00 – Alexander McCaig on Social Constructivism. The Bad Programming of Human Norms and Institutions
13:09 – The Moral Compass of how the Frame Things
13:26 – Alex and Jason on Moral Relativism
13:49 – The Nurse Will Always Dig up Your Past Grave. They will never let you move on.
14:11 – DO NOT FIGHT THE PAST. The Reality isn’t in there anymore
14:39 – The Self-Righteous Nurse has no right to Gate-keep you from the Past OR control your life in the present.
14:55 – You Cannot Move forward if you are stuck in the past
15:26 – Reanimating the Past does not remake your PRESENT REALITY.
16:14 – Reconcile your Past and Live in Peace
16:30 – Learn Vocabulary as words are key. Alex and Jason on the Definition of Reconcile
18:25 – Who Would you be in the Absence of Your Triggers -Jason Rigby
19:11 – Alexander McCaig Personal Anecdotes in Past Relationships
19:31 – Family Life can be an Actual Messed Up System
20:08 – The Material Triggers of Modern Family Life
20:39 – Always ask yourself “In the Absence of Scarcity What would You Look Like?”
21:19 – The Toxic Emotions of Material Impulse
21:35 – What is the Truth? Jason Rigby on Alex’s Anecdotes in his Matrimonial Life
22:15 – If you Eliminated Scarcity in your life, what would it look like?
22:42 – Filling Inner Peace to Fulfill your Life.
23:48 – The Unfaithful Self under the Program and Care of a Self-Righteous Nurse
24:12 – I’ve live in a world of scarcity, my thoughts became scarce, my scarcity became scarce, my relationship become scarce – Alexander McCaig on the Hollowness of Personal Freedom
24:44 – Impregnating your Mind with False Data
25:22 – Confusion triggers Anger. You cannot Find your True Self in a State of Delusion
26:19 – Money Defines Stability and Family in the Material Reality
27:00 – Alex’s Anecdotes During his life under Private Equity
28:00 – The Discover Phase helps you make it to Tomorrow
29:01 – There is Natural Stability Within yourself
30:00 – The Road and Path to Success of Alex and Jason; On the Origins of TARTLE and HDL through Creation
30:28 – Money is not gonna Define What I Want to do in Life. My Money did not define my Life. – Alexander McCaig
31:07 – Define who you really are, and continue to Evolve Every Single Day.
31:27 – The End

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