Higher Density Living brought many past discussions regarding advanced humanoid races with “man-like” physiology but achieved a higher state of living, both in natural evolution and cosmic evolution. But the question remains, how many humanoid life forms are out there?

In this episode, we’ll discuss the futuristic possibility for better human life and a comparative analysis based off of the Billy Meier materials. We take a nuanced approach to Plejarens and other celestial humanoids. Well, we found out major species; Humanoids, Amphiboids, Hexapods, and Reptilians will be centered for this episode. In this known universe, the Plejaren federation originally identified fourteen conscious evolutive beings.

There are millions and an infinite amount of beings but only ones having some sort of consciousness evolution; walking, talking, thinking, self-aware, mentally and spiritually evolving humanoids. The escalating progression of positive, conscious evolutions will bring more species into life. We have no idea what the universe holds for life. We are not alone. People need to understand that our civilization, everything about us, is not entirely unique to Creation. There are other like-minded, even physically familiar bodies out there waiting to be known.

In this episode, Alex and Jason discuss the seven other humanoid species. Similar to the first part, Alex and Jason re-imagine these humanoid lifeforms come to life. This episode continues the discussion of advanced genetic engineering. Bringing this clinical innovation for universal applications can revolutionize current technology civilization. Genetics holds the key to unlocking. Cleansing the genetic pool is the closest thing to immortality.

Let us join Alex and Jason as we delve to the major diasporas of humanoid species.

Show Notes

0:30- Continuing through the next category.
0:41- Fifth : Condicoids, a human-like life-form but with the ability to move through levitation.
1:24- The infinite expansion of awareness and conscious evolution man can achieve unparalleled mental ability.
1:52- You know we purposely come up with rules and regulations about gravity and what we are on this planet.
2:29 – Alex and Jason talk about human levitation. In other words Condicoids are humans with the power of levitation and flight.
3:10- Sixth: Terrapoids are big winged creatures similar to the cryptic “cherubim”.
4:49- Jason shares his experience of urban wildlife.
6:17- The unison of “herd mentality” among terrapoids. Having a sense of instinctive coordination brings
7:11- Competition is an important element in evolution. Cleansing the weak in order to purify future generations of lifeforms will lead a path towards higher density living. Catalyst is always thriving in competition.
7:25- Seventh: Hydroids or “Fish humans” a humanoid species of pure marine life. Although unlike amphiboids these species can only surface on land for a brief amount of time.
8:16- Eighth: Thermoids are humanoid like lifeforms with bodies sustaining from several climatic ranges. These species had burning blood and a regulatory organ that controls body temperature.
9:39- Thermoids would most likely have advanced thermo-resistant technologies.
11:47- Ninth: Friggeriods are aliens with very dynamic skin organs that handle extreme cold temperatures.
13:32- Most likely friggeriods must have similar thermal barriers with thermoids.
13:50- Jason talks about self-sustaining food sources.
14:28- Tenth: Aeriods or the atmospheric “humanoids” that thrive on arid, toxic environments.
15:28- It is noteworthy to analyze that earth offers uninhabitable life for aeriods due to its natural atmospheric composition.
16:33- Extraterrestrials of any advanced technological sense would invariably have internal issues with their respective technologies.
17:14-Eleventh: Acroids, also known as “acid skin” people. Their bodies are covered by a fine layer of acid to protect them in different planetary atmospheres.
17:38- Acroids are evident forms that some volatile planets are habitable for intelligent life.
18:42- Twelfth: Flouriods or humanoids like plant life.
19:24- Jason on re-imagining flouriods. Think about human form and they have fungus all over them.
20:30- Alex on chimeric creatures.
22:24- Thirteenth: Funnoids or hoofed alien humanoids. These are part human part large hoofed mammals ah strengthened by a thick horny covering.
23:31- Funnoids must have the hardest bodies in all of humanoid races. It is built like a tank meant to bulldoze any threats or predators.
25:20 – Fourteenth: Therraphoids are humanoids with pure flight. These creatures mostly fly around rather than spending time on land.
25:55- Alex explains peregrine humanoids or animal-like human lifeforms with no sign of sentient mind.
26:38- Alex and Jason connect the thematic analysis of the hero’s journey in contemporary fantasy literature.
27:00- Every story tells a journey.
28:45- The magic of human cinematography truly enraptured people’s imagination into a real life experience.
29:13- Cinema changes your world of view.
29:20- I think that these are all forms of catalysts whether strong or gentle but they drive us to be creative. They drive us to strive. They force that sort of evolution in some way shape or form like if I’m really interested at the mythical world.
30:00- See you on the next episode.
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