The previous episode tackled alien abductions and its overly confident, scientific survey. This episode will discuss another overly confident, precautionary tips to prevent alien abduction of the “Global Invasive Species Program”. As the program suggests they make a case where a different scenario plays out what legitimately qualifies as authentic Alien contact and abduction as opposed to false perceptions. The previous episode also highlighted the need for further discussion about alarmist narratives against Extraterrestrials.

For this episode we tackle the GISP (Global Invasive Species Program) actual and recommended four actionable tips and pathways to avoid alien abductions in the first place, but, Alex and Jason will scrutinize and actually make some improving outputs on these GISP tips to better understand alien abductions. Alex and Jason criticizes some aspects of the GISP, particularly the vaunted survey and its absurd precautionary tales. Aliens are not necessarily negatively oriented and neither are negative oriented beings evil. It must be taken into account the logical, and reasonable framework of There are negative entity species. The negative entity, or service to self, that Ra talks about is still not a form of violence towards humans. It’s a thought process.

Let’s join Alex and Jason as they embark on our journey for better understanding of extraterrestrials and complex interactions beyond human dimension.

Show Notes:

1:00- Welcome back for Part 2 of the GISP risk assessment survey. Now let us talk about how to AVOID alien abduction in the first place!
1:20- First tip: Buy a property that is far away from any major military industrial bases or government owned space facilities/stations.
1:32- Alex and Jason on housing and shelter preference to conceal from alien abduction threats.
2:09- Safe places are impenetrable by natural frontiers.
2:13- Second Tip: Avoid dark, remote areas.
2:27- Chances of abduction increases if you rent a home.
2:35- Alex on rebuffing the second tip. We need to extract nuance from locating total isolation and big target areas. Simply, if Aliens decided to abduct it would be indiscriminate of any location.
3:19- You have very little choice to filter out your options for housing and shelter.
4:10- Jason tells the story of remote abductions in mountain areas.
4:44- Some instances of alien encounters are not necessarily abductions. There are accidental cases where random people stumble upon complicated alien spacecraft.
5:48- Individual restraint helps to uncloud the irrationalities of the mind.
6:20- Mind over matter; Jason highlights the importance of rational, strategic actions rather than sheer brute force.
6:52- Third tip: Show no fear. Aliens attack fear ridden humans. Anxiety increases chances of alien abduction.
7:07- Alex criticizes alarmist claims on UFO anxieties. People who genuinely fear a possibility of extraterrestrial conflict have every right to express their concerns. IT IS NOT, to say anything about their mental health.
7:42- Jason tells the two faces of stress; Stress can either destroy you or boost your strength to push forward and excel in life.
8:34- We go back to the mind, body, and spirit mechanism.
8:43- Your fear is just a your perception of some sort of stress
9:05- Avoiding stress is not running away from responsibilities and work.
9:46- Aliens DOES NOT take pleasure in torture or any barbaric operations to other lifeforms. Higher density beings and advanced sentient races ought to know better to respect life and free will than indulgence in slaughter.
10:30– All based channeling materials advocate positive evolution of consciousness.
10:41- Channeling is about love, the pursuit for better humanity.
11:02- Aliens, or any other lifeforms, do not necessarily breed hostility.
12:34- There are negative entity species. The negative entity, or service to self, that Ra talks about is still not a form of violence towards humans. It’s a thought process. Jason talks about stoicism.
12:45- Do not exacerbate inflated fears about Alien life. They can be agents of catalyst for human evolution.
13:13- Again, as a civilization goes to higher density of evolution they become better.
13:27- Always take good steps of skepticism in over-confident scientific surveys.
13:35- This survey only foments more fear. Take care to investigate data, always.

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