Welcome back to Higher Density Living! This episode introduces a special guest, Isabel Friend, together with co-host Jason Rigby as we gather in an episode on healing and harmony through the fluidity of water. Our bodies, like the liquidity of water itself, have a remarkable similarity to a source of infinite energy in the universe.

Think of our body water as a battery; each molecule has poles like a battery does. When these poles align, we tap into a fundamental energy source from the quantum field. Essentially, we are made like drops from the ocean, with our body water mirroring the Earth’s water systems. For instance, our blood plasma shares mineral ratios with oceanic marine plasma, crucial for our health. Isabel recommends meeting the healthy water intake, as most of us remain dehydrated due to consuming water devoid of vitality. This disruption leads to diseases, premature aging, and other health issues. However, the silver lining lies in awareness—the key to transformation.

Our body’s mineral ratios deviate from this oceanic composition, it can lead to various health issues like tiredness, mood swings, or even chronic illnesses. Hydration plays a vital role here, with the similarity of our body’s water to isotonic marine plasma being a key indicator of proper hydration.

While we can’t drink ocean water as our ancestors did due to changes in mineral ratios making it unsuitable, our bodies still fundamentally reflect our oceanic origins. Remarkably, transfusing oceanic marine plasma into someone can be incredibly healing. There have been studies, like those conducted by Renee King Tom, where replacing a dog’s entire blood volume with marine plasma resulted in healing and thriving, demonstrating the profound healing potential of nature’s primary medicine—the ocean.

Isabel discusses the three main types of water. The first type, unfortunately, is what most people commonly drink – water that can actually dehydrate you. This includes water treated through methods like reverse osmosis or distillation. While these processes make the water technically clean by removing contaminants, they also strip away essential minerals and electrolytes. This purified water, sterilized and devoid of its natural microbiome, is termed an “aggressive solvent” by hydrologists because it’s been depleted of its natural components and is eager to regain them. Consequently, it may even draw minerals from your body because water naturally seeks equilibrium, absorbing qualities from its surroundings.

Water is fascinating in its nature; it’s considered the universe’s sensory organ, incredibly sensitive to its environment. For instance, water originating from a spring and flowing through a watershed carries this stored information, benefiting and sustaining the life forms along its path. It absorbs information like light, sound, mineral composition, magnetic radiation, and even the Schumann resonance. It stores these details in its molecular structure, essentially becoming the perfect medicine for the ecosystems it nourishes. 

 Water, conversely, has cultural motif of being the symbol of the divine. This makes sense as our bodies are primarily composed of water molecules, approximately 99.95%. Water itself is the vitality of life, the material source of our substantiation as living entities. It becomes a tool that enhances the essence of our intentions. It’s not just about drinking water; ancient traditions, including some pagan practices, have rituals around water-based witchcraft. They involve creating what might be termed as holy water, referred to as blessed waters or wished waters (with a ‘t’). These practices entail making elixirs or potions from water, which are then used in various ways.

 One crucial system is the fascia, which consists of 80% water and 20% protein. The fascia acts as an irrigation network, delivering hydration to all our cells. When we’re inactive or stagnant, the fascia doesn’t move effectively, leading to a lack of this renewing flow of water that helps our emotions and energy to move freely. The stagnation of energy in certain areas of the fascia can be compared to the idea that the body keeps a record of experiences. In reality, it’s the body’s water that stores these memories. The fascia, in particular, holds both physical and emotional memories. When there’s emotional trauma, the body tends to hold onto it because the processing of that experience might have been hindered due to insufficient lubrication or flow of emotions at that time. Consequently, this energy often remains stuck in dry, inactive areas of the fascia, creating knots or tension.

This renewed hydration facilitates the release of stored emotions and traumas, allowing for emotional healing and a more fluid flow of energy within the body.  Water holds a profound significance as a conduit between ourselves and the divine, often likened to a bridge connecting us to a higher power. The idea is that the more our body water resonates with sincere prayer or positive intentions, the more effectively it reaches what is considered the heart of God or the divine.

Water is a versatile blessing for healing and growth, necessary to sustain life and drives a catalyst for evolution. Unlock essential insights on proper hydration and crucial information for aiding your body’s detoxification and regeneration processes.  Explore how reclaiming water’s vitality can revitalize your energy, restore vitality, and rekindle joy.  Join us to delve deeper into this hydration revolution and reclaim your health and vigor. 

Discover more about Isabel Friend’s healing and transformative teachings by visiting her website and connecting on social media: Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest.  Find out more on her exclusive online courses on meditation.  

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