How exactly can we control? We have dealt with self-discipline, the concept of control, and kundalini energy in earlier episodes. These aspects of electing power in our own Free Will and responsibility have been rooted inside the elements of the unseen self. We dive into the more up front value of knowing the self through the analysis of energy conversion.

For this episode, We take inspiration and learn about the Austrian physicist and philosopher Ludwig Eduard Boltzmann, his noble concept of transferring energy in the less idealist perspective of conversion. We discuss the application of thermodynamics on how to live daily human life. There is a life struggle. That life struggle is inextricably interlinked with the amount of available energy we have on the planet. And without those catalysts there is no evolution. So energy, as a de facto force, is linked through evolution itself. The struggle, as elaborate in the imperfect conversion of energy, will depend on how much energy we put in life or into certain things. How much focus will determine the level of evolution that can be added. If we have a limited amount of energy then we need to make sure that we put back our focus, intention, in the right area for the most purposeful evolution.

Alex and Jason encourage us to take a step back, stop for a moment and breathe. Think, meditate as you rationalize your thoughts into a provoking process of change. You must know yourself in order to direct the energies as a catalyst for change and evolution.

You make choices and you always, as always, gotta be responsible for it. Take pride and affirmation. Fear is the greatest enemy of enlightenment. We are reminded that fear is the biggest causal factor of ignorance, the absence of learning and eventual drive for better evolution. Don’t divide yourself, the elect and holder of power, be broken into nonsense. You must go into the things that unifies you and then focus on that. Realize that within that Oneness you find your truth.

Let us join Alex and Jason as they tackle energy and self-responsibility.

Show Notes :

0:51- Alex announces some good news for the podcast and its community.
1:24- We don’t have a lot of time left in this worldly existence.
1:41- How can we make better choices in our time?
1:59- Alex introduces Ludwig Eduard Boltzmann. He was a philosopher-physicist, a mix of natural science (second law of thermodynamics) and ontological inquiry of internalized human energy.
3:02- Alex discusses the second law of thermodynamics. The second law is all about heat transfer, its conversion to combustible energy, and the chemical transformation of heat as a state of matter.
3:19- Energy is always lost during the transfer. There is no perfect transfer of energy.
3:25- Alex and Jason analyze the direct quotes of Ludwig Boltzman. His philosophical and logical elaboration of thermodynamics apply to the principles of human control and stress management.
3:57- We connect the dots between stress management and heat conversion.
4:06- There is a life struggle and the struggle always depends on the finite resources of energy here.
4:30- Everything is linked through evolution itself, through the catalyst of evolution.
4:44- Handling your own catalyst for evolution requires FULL RESPONSIBILITY in your own account. You must strive for a better outcome even if it is hard to pass through. The struggle needs the hassle in order to survive.
5:23- Jason shares his anecdote of his trip to Rome.
6:19- We are making the choices that fragment energy.
7:14- A laser, just like the attention of the mind and energy of a spirit, has a focus.
7:43- Greatness starts first with great focus. A vision. A goal to achieve.
8:27- Spreading energy thin will cause structural weakness to focus.
8:42- Energy begets energy with the same frequency.
9:07- Take a step back, stop for a moment and breathe. Think, meditate as you rationalize your thoughts into a provoking process of change. You must know yourself in order to direct the energies as a catalyst for change and evolution.
9:21- You need to take responsibility and stop making excuses for anything.
10:03- Victims do not learn. People should grow up and be better for themselves. The victim mentality does not exert energy but rather siphon energies from other people.
10:29- Alex and Jason on toxic positivity and illusive exceptionalism. Parenting and raising children should be encouraged to pursue their own passion and not by any dogmatic standards.
11:03- Stop asking too much to kids, or people really. It should not be imposing against one’s Free Will the passion and love of catalyst for their own evolution.
11:39- The process of learning and maturity does not END AFTER teenage puberty! You can still grow more and be more even if you are old and gray. The pursuit of knowledge, wisdom, and love does not end at all.
11:58- You make choices and you always, as always, gotta be responsible for it. Take pride and affirmation.
13:01- Meditation is a process of actions akin to wrangling cats. You must surrender your comfort zone and confront your challenges.
13:41- If you don’t feel good you gotta do things to make you do so.
14:32- We all see things differently. Perspective is always relative.
15:56- We put our energy in masking the power of consciousness.
16:37- We create a victim mentality in our own internal powers. We constantly oppress ourselves in a mental prison. An ouroborosian abuse of hate and unwanted responsibility to own actions.
17:46- You have ALL THE POWER you’ll ever need. You are part and parcel of Creation. Don’t block your powers with nonsense and untruths.
18:18- Fear is the greatest enemy of enlightenment.
19:25- Jason reminds us to take control and responsibility to ourselves. You must act in prudence before irrationality takes over you.
19:51- Realize that the truth is within you and your perception of it.
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