Genetic Engineering has seen astronomical advancement since James Watson first identified the Molecular Structural of the DNA back in 1962. The long and similarly controversial scientific process to decode the Mysteries of the Pandora’s Box of Human Biology. What Secret lies ahead? What are the possible potentials to achieve to master the Creational power of the human DNA?

Higher Density Living incorporates a hot take on the human competition to the interwoven conflict between Government funded Scientific Researches and Civilian Academe to unravel the secrets of the Human Genome. The massive human project to simultaneously control scientific progress and civilizational growth has set us back to achieve evolutionary breakthroughs as a collective species in order to unlock a higher path towards creative power in the universe. This podcast segment is part of Dr. Daniel Fry’s phenomenal extraterrestrial account that can help us navigate the limits of known human biology and the infinite length of undiscovered human genetics. We aim to target as close as possible to decode and discuss human genomes in casual fashion inlined with Creational Teachings. No secrets can be harbored forever using Knowledge and Wisdom.

Alex and Jason made intricate synthesis of discussions relating to human genomics across the board. Where the political life of man conjoins the revolution of genetic engineering has profound control over the habitus of evolution happening at the biological level. The spiral of depression in the mind, body, and spirit complex are all connected to the molecular structure of human evolution. Nature adapts in every shape and form. As with the previous discussion, the dangling web of corporate control imposes complete power to exploit purely scientific endeavors for the pursuit of material wealth. The vicious cycle never ends.

Let’s join Alex and Jason as they discuss the transcendence of Human Anatomy, expanded discussions on Human Philosophy, and Political Biology.

Show Notes :

1:14 – A Coffee Lifestyle in Everyday Work
3:41 – Prologue Remarks
4:00 – No self-attachment and self-identification; The Nomadic Life of the Extraterrestrials
6:04 – Therapeutic Remedies for Stress; Check out SANA
6:25 – Alex on Genetic Telemetry
6:39 – The Longer Strands leads to longer life
7:47 -The Body is a System. Let’s take an Engineering Approach and determine what causes the Body [System] to Fail? – Jason Rigby
8:03 – Identifying the Big Seven Problems of the Body
8:24 – Determining the Solutions after Identifying the Problem
8:43 – Replenishing the Human Error In the Body
9:37 – Mitigating Faulty Genetic Codes from Transforming into Viruses
9:58 – Regulatory Restrictions towards Human Health; Jason Rigby on the Intervention of Health Research to Cure Diseases prevents the release of helpful medical help
10:11 – Another Corporate Power; The Pharmaceutical Industrial Complex
10:54 – Determining the Key genetic Protein
11:20 – What Evolutionary Promise Does the Secret Genetic Protein Hold?
11:54 – The Potential Maximum Life Span; A Thousand Year Life
12:17 – The Lost Genetic Trigger That’ve Cut down our Total Mortality Rate
15:26 – The promise for cognitive human telepathy
15:40 – The Positive Effects of Telepathy in HUMAN NATURE
16:40 – On the Definition of Political Anarchist
17:17 – The Crazy Cultures of Political Pluralities in America; Alex- Jason on Libertarianism
18:15 – Alex and Jason On Neo-Anarchism; the ANTIFA movement and contemporary political wings of 21st Century America
19:40 – A Temporal-Spatial Divide of Social Relations in Political Associations; Alex and Jason on a Post-Modernist Approach on Ethics and Politics
19:54 – “Remove yourself from individuals who have a bad train of thought” – Alexander McCaig
20:42 – Institutionalizing pragmatic tolerance and values of Unity, Solidarity, and open mindedness in any social organizations
21:28 – Finding the Fit of Unifying Principles in major stakeholders
21:33 – Alex on the Questions of Unity; Is it Utilitarian or Deontological in Nature?
21:56 – Revisiting Tolerance in Respect and Restrain
22:36 – Recognizing the Moral Necessity of Political Opposition against Emerging Fascist Ideologies in American Politics
23:06 – Jason on the definitive meanings of Fascism through Historical Antecedence of the Former Nazi Germany
25:11 – The Changing Mindset of Capitalism and Decentralization of Profit among people in the Digital Economy
26:24 – The pervading ideology of human nature to dominate others
27:09 – The Historical Market Rivalry of Apple and Windows laptop industry
27:40 – Abrogating the “Seniority” Complex mindset among the Elite pseudo-Expertise
28:22 – Transferral of Wealth through Entrepreneurial Opportunities and Direct Bloodline
28:49 – What is an Expert? Ask yourselves and find meaning

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