In this episode, Higher Density Living will discuss the misguided notion of self sacrifice, a noble pursuit to satisfy “personal pride”, apart from being a process of mutual creation and growth by helping other people in their needs. Alex and Jason taught us the essence of service to others with an aim to deconstruct its context for today’s episode. Service to others is a fundamental aspect of learning in evolution because all parties benefit from it.

We define self sacrifice as a process of learning how to express love consistent with truth. Authenticity is a hard find these days. This is not any ulterior motive to impose your interest against good intended actions. Love and understanding is ESSENTIAL to unlock authentic appreciation. Giving yourself also means considering their understanding of love, not just for arbitrary and selfish understanding of love. Providing authentic expression of the self and others centered around mutually of trust, love, and understanding will create abundance and wealth.

The more you sacrifice does not translate to love. We need to free ourselves from this toxic positive trait. The notion of giving up value, destroying important things in the name of compromise does not generate net positives to all PARTIES. And this should include YOU. Higher Density Living acknowledges your ascribe “values” and “principles” as equally important to everyone else.

Alex and Jason also criticized established social welfare programs by the US government. Having this kind of insistence that tolerates lazy rehabilitation of poor people, not ACTUALLY giving them the benefit to help them stand up on their own feet are signs and indications of a “self-serving” political system. Hierarchy is the order, not social justice or equality to all people. The systemic influence of “self-sacrifice” as a symbol of ultimate action and postulating your own as a self proclaimed martyr are signs of acute narcissism. You have an effect in this universe.

Let’s join Alex and Jason as they show us the true meaning of self-sacrifice.

Show Notes:

0:32 – Setting the tone straight; Alex and Jason bring the topic on set. The selfless exaltation of service to others.
0:58 –
1:00 – Understanding how to serve people is fundamentally one of the more important things.
1:24 – Alex and Jason discuss the rich people’s culture in corporate America. Hedonistic meaningless usually masked philanthropy as good intentioned missions.
1:34 – Rich people have many things at their disposal.
1:40 – People, regardless of socio-economic hierarchy, have more or less ill-defined advocacies that serve their selfish pride, and personal interest.
2:28 – Alex and Jason cite unique anecdotes in venture capitalist philanthropy.
2:45 – Alex explains the inconsistency of spoon feeding philanthropy .
3:10 – Alex re-defines service to others. Breaking down the conventional paradigm of help is a key aspect to know “selfless” service, not selfish service.
3:25 – Understanding others is a reciprocal learning process. Understanding is not a linear, one-sided approach. Alex warns us how cultural relativities ignite conflict across societies.
3:48 – We have been in an endless cycle for most of human history.
4:20 – Jason elucidates western privilege in the narrative of mankind.
4:53 – America was once the peace-making leader of the free world.
5:05 – Alex and Jason succinctly discuss how the American international rules based system is a symbol of US hegemony.
5:34 – Free Will is not dictated by any institutionalized dogma or moral ascendancy. Always remember to not go against anyone’s Free Will.
5:42 – Self sacrifice should be considerate of other people. Do not try to push your version of best interest by going against other people’s Free Will and open agency to determine their own lives.
6:09 – Jason explains the “yes man” attitude. Extending help to others does not require reaffirmation to know what you think is the best for them. Try to establish congruent understanding.
6:27 – Alex and Jason adjust the frame of reference in the business environment. It is important to invert the profile, that being of “service” to others requires coming together of understanding, resources, and full power of cooperative relationship to solve challenges ahead.
7:53 – Start through the basic question: How could I be of help?
8:00 – Opening up yourself to others is a humbling starting point to move towards creative learning experience with other people.
8:20 – Take note of TARTLE.CO marvelous example in philanthropic leadership. A free and open-access domain to all people. We value your success to help others while also improving your own progress. You choose what cause you want to support. Donate to TARTLE .CO
8:39 – Everybody has a different concept of success.
8:55 – Jason tells us the hard truths. Who gets the vote to choose how to solve problems? Who makes the decision at the expense of other Free Will? These are questions to ponder.
9:21 – Having a utilitarian compromise as a solution to all does not really address a “solution to all problems”.
9:49 – Issues on corporatist governance. People can no longer bother themselves to rely on government programs to do the work.
10:05 – The government monopolizes the meaning of value and work in society.
10:55 – Look how the “food stamp” subsistence system is a debacle of a public program for lower economic classes. Most people take abuse of “food stamps” as commodities of illicit drug trade and smuggling local black market ideas in various communities.
11:30 – Giving people stuff does not empower them to progress. It makes more people reliant on power.
11:46 – Striking a balance of social welfare programs and self-productivity among members of society, regardless of situation in life, can collectively influence the system itself and each person’s Free Will to do better.
12:02 – Getting back on their own feet means restoration of individual autonomy and self responsibility to do the work. We cannot keep people hanging on to local subsidies forever.
12:35 – Alex warns about the inflating problems of poverty reliance on government subsidy programs.
13:12 – Internalized understanding of problems is key for actual helping. You cannot go in your own way and interfere with growth and evolution, you must consider the problems inside, not mere outside appearance.
14:02 – Sacrificing yourself to others is a multifaceted challenge. Nobility is a good cause but it is not everything.
14:30 – Jason illustrates a metaphor. How getting the notion of “sacrifice” equates to giving.
15:46 – Giving up value or sacrificing does not create value in itself. Loss of value is always a loss of value.
16:00 – Exaggeration compensates ignorance and arrogance in the absence of helpful compromises between two parties. The more you sacrifice does not translate to love.
16:18 – Deluded self-sacrifices are syndromes of acute narcissism.
16:25 – Jason explains the ill-defined narcissism in self-sacrifices. The helping becomes about you! Not both parties helping each other grow and learn through positive experience.
17:27 – Being in-love is a mutual relationship. This requires understanding from both sides.
18:01- Loving properly, giving properly always creates gratitude and abundance.
18:18 – As mentioned earlier, love and understanding is ESSENTIAL to unlock authentic appreciation. Giving yourself also means considering their understanding of love, not just for arbitrary and selfish understanding of love.
18:47 – Observe the ones who will truly sacrifice for you in the name of love, truth, evolution, and wisdom. Never for self-righteous narcissism.
19:08 – Attraction begs attraction of compatible energies.
19:16 – More episodes, more learnings to come. Please stay tuned in Higher Density Living.
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