Let’s take a break from Alien Hunting. This episode traces back the roots of Higher Density Living as Alex and Jason return to the Law of One. The process of channeling took a long 4 years for Alex to work out his enlightenment and for his extraterrestrial friends to channel their mutual understanding of knowledge. Oneness of Creation has no beginning and end, it is all one in the basket of Unity.

They re-examine the existing status quo of the social and spiritual evolution of mankind. Where we are now and how this evolution leads us towards Higher Density Living? Our local solar sector, the system in which Earth belongs, has become closer to the inner ridges of our galaxy. These phenomenal events lead to many catalytic agents in harboring civilizations and organic societies within, or in other words, a roadmap towards higher density living. This brief podcast series will deal with a nuanced understanding of cosmic energy and vibratory signals happening outside and inside actual phenomena. We intend to deliver this experience to anyone, not only as service to others but as natural a process as Creation itself. A revisit to the Channeling part of Ra Material Series. There is great appreciation for seeking.

The current 3rd Density of Human Evolution has insofar involved regression of incremental material obsession in the current state of Evolution. Million years of the evolutionary process have led to us in this existence of the universe, a reality of both the material and non-material merge as one in an infinite creation. It takes great value for understanding and courage to open up oneself with awe and wonder, to humble the self, before the astonishing power and infiniteness of CREATION. You must have a full conscious understanding for learning and service to others to be possible for Creation to push up with higher density. Let’s join Alex and Jason as they discuss the evolution towards Higher Density Living.

Show Notes :
0:33- The One and Only Higher Density Living
0:43- Oneness with Unity
1:00- 100% Service to Others. We are not for Profit!
1:40- The precursor of Higher Density Living; Alex and Jason confess the origins of the Podcast Channel.
2:00- A Four Year collection of enlightenment and channeling.
2:28- The goal of Higher Density Living.
2:36- The premise for channeling higher density energies.
3:06- Two Questions to ponder; On the social and spiritual realizations happen simultaneously.
3:43- The luminescent aura of Earth; Alex explains dramatic light injection with electromagnetic occurrences evolving within our inner solar system.
4:15- The correlating progress of Human Evolution through Higher Density Harvest from distant extraterrestrial beings.
4:25- Transmittal of experience through actual experience itself. Afterlife continues with the spiritual self.
4:47- The Evolution of Spirit is liberation from the physical shell of material reality.
4:50- The Transition of Understanding will always accumulate the spirit.
5:10- How will the manifestation of 4th Density happen despite limitations of understanding and free will? Alex-Jason on the transcendence of everyday life.
5:42- The collapse of Zeitgeist and the End of Another Super-cycle; On the Contemporary transition for fertile opportunities of Great Learning.
6:12- Technology will be the catalyst for change.
6:15- For well-rounded discussions regarding big tech topics plug in at TARTLE.co podcast.
6:50- Channeling the Vibratory frequencies of Jim McCarthy. The sole survivor of the three Ra channelers.
7:53- The value and purpose of seeking higher densities; The Evolution of One affects the other, by seeking mutual understanding re-affirms respect and love for Free Will.
8:51- Light is Truth, Light is Love, Light is Knowledge!
9:03- Adding Densities [substance] to your experience. Everything is about experience. Creation is the EXPERIENCE OF CONTINUOUS EVOLUTION.
10:16- You do not directly experience the “experience” of other people. Do not impose your Free Will against them.
10:45- People are the bearer of their own Truths
10:57- Jason discusses the Relativism of Phenomenology; On the equality of different experiences.
11:27- Jason’s Personal Mantra.
11:57- It’s all about love and awareness of understanding Creation.
11:58- The Experience of Life is a Great Equalizer of any Negativity.
13:00- A Forward-Looking Free Will are Green Flags of Positive Creation.
13:14– Spirituality and Metaphysics has no authoritative boundaries for gatekeeping.
13:49- Prevent narcissistic attitude in enlightenment. Alex-Jason discusses the dangers of self-serving narratives.
14:14- The context of “We as you”; Benevolent beings stepping down for service to others. There is no hierarchy of power in love, light, and learning.
14:46- We should be glad at the journey of our lives. Savor every moment as evolution pass and comes by with time and spaces we travel. Creation is with us.
15:40- The density of conscious making is the density of love and understanding. Be aware of free will as service to self and service to others.
16:41- Positive Harvest; Serving others and serving the self.
17:00- You have an obligation, as a human, to serve others whenever possible, but equally important also, you have FULL-RESPONSIBILITY to serve yourself as well.
17:21- Acknowledge service to self.
17:30- Understanding is key to love and serving other people. People just need understanding.
18:17 – Tolerance is the key to UNDERSTANDING. Do not let irritation and anger get over the best of you. Relax, take the time, and take the opportunity to learn from others.
19:51- You have to make the choice for service to others.
20:10- Strike a balance between actual practice and intellectual enlightenment. Creation requires Brains and Brawn for evolution to move forward. Go out and see the world. Interact with other people.
20:20- Paradigm shift between service to self and service to others is when learning does not benefit everything.
21:00- The first little steps for Fourth Density Evolution.
21:42- Whether you like it or not Creation is inevitable as time. The solar radiance will pour down on us regardless.
22:23- We are one under the law of one. One family, one love, a unified singularity.
23:18- Check-in for Part-Two.

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