Let’s take a break from Alien Hunting. This episode traces back the roots of Higher Density Living as Alex-Jason returns to the Law of One. The process of channeling took a long 4 years for Alex to work out his enlightenment and for his extraterrestrial friends to channel their mutual understanding of knowledge. Oneness of Creation has no beginning and end, it is all one in the basket of Unity. We can trace our pre-historical genesis during the time of ancient alien arrival. Motifs from all across man-made constructs of religion, mythology, and culture point out a common denominator of a higher life-form harvesting human flaws and returning wisdom to speed up our evolutionary process. Higher Density Living podcast connects all the dots.

Alex-Jason re-examines the existing status quo of the social and spiritual evolution of mankind. Where we are now and how this evolution leads us towards Higher Density Living? Our local solar sector, the system in which Earth belongs, has become closer to the inner ridges of our galaxy. These phenomenal events lead to many catalytic agents in harboring civilizations and organic societies within, or in other words, a roadmap towards higher density living. This brief podcast series will deal with a nuanced understanding of cosmic energy and vibratory signals happening outside and inside actual phenomena. We intend to deliver this experience to anyone, not only as service to others but as natural a process as Creation itself. A revisit to the Channeling part of Ra Material Series. There is great appreciation for seeking a higher life-form. Make mutual understanding for a healthy spiritual regiment.

The second episode deals with the universal understanding. We need to have a nuanced understanding that Aliens and Extraterrestrial foreigners visiting earth are not necessarily invaders. There is an inevitability of Creation manifesting upon the celestial formations in our local solar system. The harvest, the topic of discussion in this series, will transform collective evolution by coming together in unity of Creation. Open up your mind to see the inter-galactic community of societies, harvest your thoughts and help others to cultivate that creational serum into life. You must have love and understanding, a gentle reminder of Creation and Free Will. Let’s join Alex-Jason as they discuss Higher Density Living.

Show Notes :
0:41 – The confederation of planetary states.
1:00 – Beyond complete Self-Awareness
2:18 – Disallowance for Hasty and Irrational Visits. Alex-Jason discusses the projection of power and hierarchy going against the natural free will of Creation.
2:47 – The Diplomatic Aliens. Peaceful channelers to the Confederation
3:30 – Preventing Militarization of Alien Technology; The risk is just too high for the maligned interest of power.
4:00 – The Harvest for a better life in the future. Alex explains the cosmic phenomena of “re-incarnating” life from different perspectives.
4:13 – Preparing Love and Understanding for Immaculate Awareness beyond the self.
5:08 – As always you must achieve self-awareness and cognitive understanding before making service to others.
5:49 – Being fully aware at the moment is understanding.
6:29 – The Coming Higher Density Harvest of Earth
7:29 – Destiny can only be defined as the probability of cause and effect. Alex and Jason contextualize the Ra Material for better communicative understanding.
7:43 – A Natural Occurrence of Cause and Effect.
8:00 – Creational Enlightenment will clear the path from this elusive, material world.
9:12 – Negating the Fear of Death through decompressing material sense and activating Positive Consciousness. A complete stoic and self-responsible wanderer.
9:47 – Do not wander too far from the Light. Stay close within the luminescence of Light.
10:12 – We are all one in the glorious ascension of Creation. When the time comes, all will be one.
10:34 – Rejoice, for the dead are reborn another life.
10:39 – There will always be infinite chances of living and learning. It is never too late to be alive! You will be reborn in a higher state of illusion.
11:27 – It’s an illusion because it’s not the perfect truth.
11:39 – Perfect sense of Truth means living with Creation. Alex-Jason on Eight Density Living.
12:18 – Such a shame for Planet Earth. A world inhabited by conflict and war.
12:59 – Think about the expanse of higher density civilizations outside our solar system. We are a tiny illusion, a less developed planet.
13:35 – Jason discusses the diversification of cultural, moral, social, and political relativities. We have a multi-faceted illusion.
14:11 – Nothing matters in the end. All ideas, thoughts, and energies will come into Oneness. At some point, you or anyone else will be welcome with Creation!
15:23 – The Ra timeline for 3rd to 4th Density harvest. Jason explains the non-dependency of time in material maturity. It doesn’t matter how much time passes, have patience because it will happen.
16:49 – A possibility in the future. Get ready for the end cycle of Third Density Living.
17:11 – Alex explains the relative utopia in the age of Anthropocene. Think about your ancestors and the way of life before 20th Century.
17:45 – Think about how much we’ve changed over the past 10 years.
18:29 – Alex-Jason discusses the Law of Double.
18:50 – “Doubling the power knowledge” by mutual understanding. A spreading geometric proliferation of wisdom.
19:37 – Higher Density Living podcast as a doubling agent of geometric proliferation.
19:47 – Manifesting “critical mass” in time-space alignment.
20:33 – Harvest takes time and learning. The process of learning itself is analogous to space-time.
20:45 – It’s going to take two or more re-incarnating processes to achieve realization.
22:00 – Ra speaks about the ancient forces working with Creational harvest.
22:26 – Every word has a purpose.
22:44 – Alex speaks out about the traditional conception of God. A stark contrast to the Oneness of Creation.
22:58 – God as the King or Queen of wisdom.
23:19 – Free Will is difficult to predict because of infinite choices.
23:52 – Ancient wisdom is bestowed by higher density Aliens.
24:14 – The biological trap of human genetics. Creation is within us. We are still on the process of working towards higher evolution.
24:50 – Stewards of evolution and Creation. Ancient aliens coming down to pre-historic man and help him mold into a higher form of an organism.
25:13 – Small delays, small errors but evolution shall move forward.
25:25 – Coming back for part 3. The nefarious service to self beings.

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