Let’s take a break from Alien Hunting. This episode traces back the roots of Higher Density Living as Alex-Jason returns to the Law of One. The process of channeling took a long 4 years for Alex to work out his enlightenment and for his extraterrestrial friends to channel their mutual understanding of knowledge. Oneness of Creation has no beginning and end, it is all one in the basket of Unity. We can trace our pre-historical genesis during the time of ancient alien arrival. Motifs from all across man-made constructs of religion, mythology, and culture point out a common denominator of a higher life-form harvesting human flaws and returning wisdom to speed up our evolutionary process. Higher Density Living podcast connects all the dots.

Alex-Jason re-examines the existing status quo of the social and spiritual evolution of mankind. Where we are now and how this evolution leads us towards Higher Density Living? Our local solar sector, the system in which Earth belongs, has become closer to the inner ridges of our galaxy. These phenomenal events lead to many catalytic agents in harboring civilizations and organic societies within, or in other words, a roadmap towards higher density living. This brief podcast series will deal with a nuanced understanding of cosmic energy and vibratory signals happening outside and inside actual phenomena. We intend to deliver this experience to anyone, not only as service to others but as natural a process as Creation itself. A revisit to the Channeling part of Ra Material Series. There is great appreciation for seeking a higher life-form. Make mutual understanding for a healthy spiritual regiment.

The third episode shall discuss the nefarious harvesters. These are entirely new levels of Orion negativity. These are services to self-entities purposely aimed to win selfish objectives under the guise of good intentions. You can go to fourth-density positive or fourth-density negative. Let’s join Alex and Jason as they discuss Higher Density Living.

Show Notes :
0:21 – The Self-serving negative entities
1:00 – Revisiting the harvest phenomena. Alex-Jason explains universal love, light, and enlightenment to higher density living.
1:41 – Centered self-interest behind the mask of goodwill.
2:47 – Not literally aliens, but actual human beings living in material, greedy, and inhumane lifestyles. Alex-Jason contextualizes the “Sovereign Individual” in the current third-density social reality.
3:17 – Earth is a fourth-density positive planet.
3:39 – A future positive possibility despite well-known historical hostilities and violence.
4:00 – There is still goodness left behind. We have a fighting chance to achieve collective awareness and positive understanding for a higher density of living.
4:30 – The doomsday culture across different social groups. Alex- Jason dismantles the probability of intergalactic warfare. There is no logical legitimacy for those kinds of statements.
5:05 – Evil begets evil. Stop listening to selfish narratives of hate and fear.
5:28 – Use your intellect and free will to make a better understanding.
5:51 – Everybody wants to take free will but doesn’t want responsibility for themselves. People reject responsibilities for their own actions.
6:10 – Jason discusses divisive ideology and how its ideological consequences separate, divide, and sow conflict among humanity.
6:35 – Ostracism does not solve conflicts and hate. It creates exact opposites. It simply does not help.
7:16 – A brief discussion on the anthropology of human politics.
8:00 – The Ra material demolishes all petty human conflict. Learn positive enlightenment and let go of illusions.
8:09 – Be you and just live it. You must know yourself and accept yourself.
8:37 – You must learn to accept yourself. Service to self will not ultimately save you. A self-destructive wokeness will not eliminate polarities.
9:08 – Love and Unity are the highest vibrations.
9:55 – Learn to live that everything can be surmounted.
10:16 – Time creates, destroys, and ultimately re-balances everything in order.
10:38 – This planet can be as bright as a star in a new creation. Better days will always come. A better future for this world ahead than we found it.
11:16 – Don’t listen to any guru or charlatans. I want to emphasize for you to be the guru you want to be. Make service to others. Be the teacher and learner of Creation.
11:32 – The answer is YOU. So take the action and change you want.
11:51 – You have unfathomable wealth inside you. Learn how to unearth and use it for this world.
12:28 – The channelers can show us the unlimited potential for all humans. Open your eyes, ears, and mind because it does not take any free will. Creation is receptive to both parties.
12:51 – Never let anything tell you what to do.

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