Let’s take a break from Alien Hunting. This episode traces back the roots of Higher Density Living as Alex-Jason returns to the Law of One. The process of channeling took a long 4 years for Alex to work out his enlightenment and for his extraterrestrial friends to channel their mutual understanding of knowledge. Oneness of Creation has no beginning and end, it is all one in the basket of Unity. We can trace our pre-historical genesis during the time of ancient alien arrival. Motifs from all across man-made constructs of religion, mythology, and culture point out a common denominator of a higher life-form harvesting human flaws and returning wisdom to speed up our evolutionary process. Higher Density Living podcast connects all the dots.

Alex and Jason re-examine the existing status quo of the social and spiritual evolution of mankind. Where we are now and how this evolution leads us towards Higher Density living? Our local solar sector, the system in which Earth belongs, has become closer to the inner ridges of our galaxy. These phenomenal events lead to many catalytic agents in harboring civilizations and organic societies within, or in other words, a roadmap towards higher density living. This brief podcast series will deal with a nuanced understanding of cosmic energy and vibratory signals happening outside and inside actual phenomena. We intend to deliver this experience to anyone, not only as service to others but as natural a process as Creation itself. A revisit to the Channeling part of Ra Material Series. There is great appreciation for seeking a higher life-form. Make mutual understanding for a healthy spiritual regiment.

This fourth episode wraps up the discussion on the earlier content of Ra channelers. Alex and Jason narrate Steve and Don Elkins’ historic addendum to their channeling mission. These remaining channelers have provided us with useful post-analysis data to render Ra’s initial harvest as profound and useful for many wanderers and learners. We can actually learn a thing or two about the unique progression of evolution. Everything happening in this current sage of Anthropocene is all but a part of an evolutionary cycle to finish third-density living.

Show Notes :
0:21 – Ending manifestation of Ra channelers
1:44 – Bodies as a mere “meatsuit” or instrument to use as a means for a solution.
2:11 – The meaning of the harvest for higher density living.
2:48 – You are the focus of the harvest. Don’t think of any crappy alien invasion scenario.
3:02 – The epistemology of your spiritual identity. Who are you?
3:20 – The law of one is philosophical and spiritual. A balanced virtue.
3:56 – What is your knowledge? Alex and Jason discuss the truth of knowing.
4:12 – Knowledge is always a collective process. It is not deductive outside the individual.
4:29 – The mind, body, and spirit trifecta as faculty of thoughts in the mind. The three are interconnected.
4:55 – A spiritual hierarchy of needs.
5:03 – Unity requires a physical complex to work around.
5:25 – A two-stage identity; the individual and the collective. Everyone has a mind, body, spirit complex
6:22 – Regardless of origin we are all one in seeking.
6:38 – Fourth density removes the individuality clause. No more the reclusive individual but all collectiveness are one.
7:17 – Thoughts come together to form a unity.
8:34 – The signatures are a product of the unique evolution of mind, body, and spirit complexes
8:54 – Fourth density is the unity of everyone coming together
9:49 – Evolution takes a very, very, very, long time to appreciate its effect.
10:44 -Each evolution of third density to fourth density is seven times the amount of time we had from first rock formations to earliest human beings.
11:00 – Nothing is ever complete in evolution.
11:34 – Everything we do creates changes. Every choice we make and the actions we act are products of cause and effect.
12:10 – As we continue to evolve we will always be part and parcel of Creation.
12:27 – Learning has to happen for evolution to be possible.
12:39 – As we transition to fourth-density truth has to occur. It is on the station towards Creation.
13:08 – Each person should be creative in their own environment.
13:41 – Creation has aesthetics. Creation is beautiful
14:47 – You are beautifully molded by Creation. There is no separation or distinction of beauty. There is beauty in all things, even if it’s negatively oriented.
15:49 – Every stimulus of art has its root tracing back to Creation. The primacy of beauty in its very form.
16:00 – Every creation of beauty helps to find the meaning of Creation through expressive ways.
16:48 – Faith calls it redemption as if we owe our existence to an entity. Evolution calls it completion, where Creation is hope for a better life no matter what happens.
17:49 – Regardless of me or without me evolution and creation will continue.
18:09 – Evolution comes from us altogether. It is our collective will and works to complete the third-density evolutionary cycle.
18:29 – Nature is creation. Pay attention to it.
19:19 – You are not insignificant. You only have one responsibility and that is to promote unity.
19:33 – Make service to others through love and light. You do not need any religious idols, any sacred passage, or any God. Just go find the unity which is inside you.
20:26 – Go against the grain. Be love and light.
21:03 – You have the responsibility to create unity.
21:33 – It is not about addition. It’s still the same evolution getting bigger and better
21:58 – Love and light are chaotic agents. They can touch anyone and anything they can use to influence evolution and creation.
22:39 – Even though we came from different cultures at the end of the day we all trying to get into the same place.
23:59 – Looking back to the past as a platform for focus and meditation.
25:00 – Challenge yourself to evolve faster in your unique and creative way. Be the Michael Jordan of love and light.
25:58 – Take time to freeze stress and meditate during traffic hours. Don’t be stressed out. Take the time to rest and calm down.
26:49 – Every fear that you feel right now is fake reality.
27:05 – Closing remarks; check out Higher Density Living and TARTLE if you want to support Alex and Jason’s unity for love and light.
27:40 – The future of Higher Density Living. The cost of sharing is free, so please spread love and light. We are grateful for any monetary donations. But the opportunity for learning, it’s always priceless.
28:29 – Own what you learn. Be confident in your knowledge and free will.

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