When it comes to relationships, whether romantic, friendships, or family, we all want to have a strong bond that withstands the test of time. However, one of the biggest obstacles to achieving this is our own ego.

Our egos cause us to put ourselves first and prioritize our own needs and desires over the needs and desires of our partners or loved ones. This can lead to a breakdown in communication, misunderstandings, and ultimately, a damaged relationship.

Perhaps the most damaging effect of our egos on relationships is the way it impacts our ability to listen to others. When we are focused on ourselves and our own desires, we often fail to truly listen to what the other person is saying. As a result, we miss important cues and signals and ultimately miss out on building a deeper connection with that person.

Another way that our egos hurt our relationships is by causing us to become defensive or angry. When we feel like our beliefs or opinions are being challenged, we often respond with anger or defensiveness. This can quickly turn a calm and rational conversation into a heated argument, and can even lead to hurtful and damaging words being exchanged.

So, what can we do to overcome our egos and build healthier relationships? One key is to practice humility. This means being willing to admit when we are wrong, and being open to different ideas and perspectives. It also means being willing to compromise and work together to find a solution that works for everyone.

Another important step is to practice active listening. This means really focusing on what the other person is saying, and avoiding distractions or interruptions. By doing so, we can better understand the other person’s perspective, and build a stronger connection with them.

In conclusion, our egos can be a major obstacle in building strong and healthy relationships. By practicing humility and active listening, we can overcome our egos and build deeper connections with those we love.

We continue on the episode with Jason Rigby taking us along to the discussions of self-love and self-abandonment through the aid of Dr. Margaret Paul, the acclaimed author of “Inner Bonding: Becoming A Loving Adult To Your Inner Child”, teaches us a run down basics about spiritual relationship, as in romance, but not the usual type we commonly perceive as physical affection or sensation. Jason Rigby breaks down some of Dr. Margaret’s famous context and he mixes up in conjunction with Creational Laws. There are many intricate but connecting lessons from this episode. He then streamlines the entire episode into four takeaways. But as Higher Density Living leaves the lessons to the viewer, you take the responsibility to find the answers within yourselves. Remind yourself that you are in love.

You have the Free Will to reverse and move on from it. Go and let your journey be a path of recovery. This is expanded through the idea of love and care. Jason Rigby also shares his anecdotal discourse to actualize the discussion for the audiences. You, the vested entity of Creation, is part and parcel of Creation in itself. As living entities we literally have the power to create worlds of our own. Each second we have an infinite number of thoughts that can be materialized into reality. But such a rapid, bombarding concept may seem overwhelming, but it is within us the power of the universe to make our lives better. We have the power of love and reason.

There is always a chance to learn and grow everyday. The path of your life is always the standard operating procedure of Creation and Evolution. Achieve greatness in small beginnings.

Let us join Jason as he discusses self-love in this episode.

Show Notes:

0:47- Welcome back to Higher Density Living! This is a solo host for now as we join Jason Rigby for the second entry of “The Key to Falling In Love” podcast.
1:28- We pick up the pace from the previous episode cliffhanger.
2:10- Higher Density Living delivers practical content for learners, viewers, or wanderers of the show. We help you make sense of your evolution, your path towards Creation through understanding and awareness of love.
2:29- Jason discusses coping mechanisms from the vulnerabilities of being needy.
2:47- Building off your life through a fragile foundation (i.e. a person or material objects) will surely crumble your chance to live a “life”.
3:40- What is “Self-Regard” and “Self-Love” ? Both fall under when there is no control of the self and love which Dr. Margaret Paul describes it as “Self-Abandonment”.
4:12- Oftentimes we allow others to dramatically influence our lives. Hence, this results in not taking responsibility. We allow the influence to take over our Free Will.
4:26- Jason on the prescription of “Self-Love” as the ultimate coping mechanism you’ll need for value and worth.
4:44- Self-love is the greatest equalizer towards a happy life. Anyone can abandon you, even your most loved ones, but never abandon yourself.
4:54- Above all, love can only love you. Imagine love like a plane it cannot land without you, serving as the runaway, to land safely.
5:36- We thirst for the ultimate Truth. Mankind is obsessed with his conquest of knowing the infinite power of wisdom.
5:58- In essence we are an “eternal” being having the possession to create things, understand love, and the ability to learn and evolve.
6:43- What are the three things you can do right now to take care of yourself? Jason encourages us to take down notes and start nailing down tasks.
7:38- All you need is something to keep you accountable to your actions and also keeps you motivated to do better. A good example would be professional trainers or coaches. But there are other ways to harness discipline to better yourself.
8:00- You can self-meditate as a detoxification from the material, physical lifestyles.
8:23- There are thousands of thoughts in your mind right now. It is overwhelming for such an individual without nascent focus and sharp attention in life. The trick is narrowing down objectives and trying to start with small things.
8:30- How do I love myself? To answer this question is hard. But love, really in all its meanings and purposes, is inside of you.
9:10- You are one with the Universe. We are part and parcel of Creation. The universe is full of love. It’ll never run short of love.
9:37- Jason reiterates the context of self-regard. It’s all about having the idea of restraint, self-control from the mundane addictions of everyday life.
11:16-Instill a pact to yourself. A compact or agreement that shall serve as an unbreakable bond. Have respect for yourself and do better.
12:00 – What does happiness look like to YOU?
12:47- Everybody has their own definition of happiness.
13:09- How are you abandoning yourself?
14:05- Ego is always a project of fear based insecurities or external anxieties.
14:21- Each person is an expression of their own understanding and subjectivities. You and I are technically social constructs.
14:35- Human instinct, be it a form of emotion or instantaneous thoughts, is not reality.
15:20- Start with the little things. Do it slowly but surely and always remember to be humble.
15:39- Feel the abundance of the bigger universe around you.
16:03- As Dr. Margaret would put it “Sustainable happiness lies within yourself”. The more happy you are, the more you become self-aware.
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