Welcome back to Higher Density Living! Does the dogmatic morality of traditional belief systems weigh more than the average person meeting ends in a financially difficult world we live in nowadays? Let’s find out as Alexander and Jason help us find out if being an Onlyfans model is spiritually or morally wrong.

WARNING: This podcast episode has explicit and controversial topics. We warn viewers who may find this episode sensitive or offensive. We advise our viewers to keep an open mind to the topic and discussions. Viewers discretion is advised

For this episode, Alexander and Jason will tackle the moral and spiritual dimensions of OnlyFans. This critical insight caters a long line of general criticism against the institutional dogmas of religion and conventional morality. There is nothing wrong using a platform that transforms your expression in an accessible avenue, because you are responsible for your free will. People generate a gathering on these platforms because they express beauty in the form of art or expression. The reaction to appreciate aesthetics is a natural chain reaction from your bodily chemicals triggering a response.

Then begs the question, Is it still “your body, your choice” when it comes to these types of illicit activities? Or is it just a taboo that lacks public, normative acceptance? To answer this, Alexander and Jason go back to square one. The definition of beauty can be found in the concept of “symmetry”, which is a fancy term for perfectly aligned lines, chiseled contours, and balanced features all around. People will pay and place big value to avail these commodities as it is a psychological demand primordial in nature.

As always, Higher Density Living reserves no dogma because only the truth prevails in the universe. History is judged by enlightened communities, and the Higher Density Living podcast is committed to the same cause. You are the center of the universe.


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1:55- Is it Spiritually and Morally wrong to be an Onlyfans model?
2:52- For the record, Jason is on the professional side of things.
3:32- We were born naked in this world. There should be no shaming to our natural naked bodies.
4:05- Alexander and Jason discuss the duality of sexism in the abstract and the materialized reality.
4:20- Most of the cases it is a bad representation of malicious sexism, not mere libido.
5:03- The body is a commodity in itself. People pay to learn or exhilarate the idea of discovering others.
5:39- People have a spectrum of fetishes. Neuroscience suggests that extreme forms of fetishes are cognitive/ mental diseases.
7:00- There is sexual confusion in the thought process of sex.
7:28- VR Technology joins the fray.
9:06- If somebody has a fetish, that’s their fetish.
10:05- You are never responsible for someone’s thoughts.
10:34- There are particularities in every controversial matter.
11:29- Disabilities can be profitable.
11:45- Not all desires are “sexually” arousing in any sense. There is a multiplicity of pleasures, needs, and desire in the modern world aside from flesh and bones.
12:52- Jason talks about the evolutionary perspective of Beauty. It’s all about the concept of scarcity.
14:39- From a spiritual perspective, without the dogma of religion and morals, you can look into the perspective of Creational Laws.
15:45- Recognition of Cause and Effect can help solve problems for you.
16:12- You need to look at yourself for being who you are.
16:31- At its core, the concept of Sex is Art.
17:14- Human desires are pure chemical reactions.
19:05- There are always positive and negative sides to everything.
19:46- Be confident in the choices you are making.
20:10- The ego loves to focus on your narcissistic tendencies.
20:29- Alexander and Jason share their insatiable work ethic. Work hard and relentlessly work for yourself because nobody can save you.
21:55- Always embrace what the Creation has given to you. You may never know what you’ll be in your next life.
23:04- Remember this, regardless of your platform you can make a better message to the world.
23:37- You must uplift your message to serve others.
24:03- The epilogue for today’s episode
25:42- The consequence of time won’t matter in a higher state of enlightenment.
26:10-Stay tuned for more fun and engaging episodes.
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