Higher Density Living breaks the usual paradigm where Jason does all reading and researching of interesting articles. This time around Alex will do much of the talking. This episode tackles the history of Celtic civilization with particular notice to Merlin or Myrddin.

The famous legendary folklore of Merlin and King Arthur are Lo and behold, the legend of Merlin and King Arthur are inscribed in the Billy Meier case. We closely examine the character of Merlin, the supreme wizard of celts, he is a well knowledgeable druid with exceptional and impeccable skills to communicate creational laws. The welsh hermit had strong affinity towards creational laws.

Merlin is a visionary like Billy; they both advocate making this world a better place to live. There are many qualitative characteristics comparable to Billy Meier, but what makes this historical connection more significant was the supreme wizard having actual contact with a powerful plejaren, Keridwena, which grew up in the same community of clans as Merlin. Moreover, he was a close acquaintance of Henoch from which he received an original copy of “the Goblet of Truth”. He kept it in his cauldron and preached the teaching of love, oneness, and unity among the druid community. Merlin is a significant historical figure to align the puzzles of plejaren influence, law of one, and co-existence between man and aliens during the medieval times.

Let’s join Alex and Jason as they discuss ancient Celtic philosophy.

Show Notes:
0:39 – Alex and Jason discuss the legend of Merlin, the great wizard from the middle ages.
1:00 – Alex explains the origins of his curiosity for the legend Merlin and King Arthur.
1:33 – The Billy Meier material talks about Merlin, King Arthur, and the Excalibur.
1:45 – In plejaren civilization, Ptaah is the king of supreme wisdom and the commander of the plejaren spaceship fleet.
2:00 – Alex cites an excerpt from the Billy Meier material. Alex discusses the historical context and antagonism of druidic people against the coercive assimilation of the Roman empire.
2:44 – King Arthur is not the typical hero archetype. He was known as the “Boar of Cornwall”, a fierce warrior and leader that kept the Romans at their feet from invading England.
3:55 – There are many inconsistencies in character portrayals between Merlin and King Arthur. They are not good or bad, they’re only just acting in the part of nature and this drama that is unfolding.
4:37 – It is always important to understand that you work in part of creation.
5:25 – King Arthur understands the law of one.
6:00 – Alex narrates King Artus’ biography. We learn that Arthur was a brutal and relentless individual with an insatiable lust for power. He values the mortal lives of his enemy.
6:49 – A brief family background of King Arthur. A controversial and conflictual family history. Pendragon was a horrific father to Artus. King Arthur grew from a battling family drama influencing his behavior and personal growth into manhood.
8:27 – There was an inter-clan war between related families.
8:44 – Alex narrates the diabolical plot of Uther Pendragon to kidnap Ygerna.
10:16 – Artus was born out of an extramarital union between Uther Pendragon and Ygerna.
11:50 – Ygerna’s prince was assassinated by Uther Pendragon.
2:12 – Alex discusses the Caladvwlch sword which was later known as the Cliburn. This was wrongly honored by the latin and english as “the excalibur ”, the famous translation of Caletvwlch sword.
12:45 – An extraterrestrial Plejaren known as “Keridwena” resides in the isle of Avalon which handed the excalibur from Merlin to King Arthur.
13:37 – The excalibur was repossessed by Keridwena. She took the weapon out of the earth.
14:44 – Merlin’s real name was Myrrdin.
14:59 – Billy Meier brings justice against the dogmatic attacks of the Catholic church towards Merlin. He is not an evil sorcerer, he is a very diverse druid with expansive knowledge, wit, and wisdom to help others.
15:30 – Much like Billy Meier we can say the same for Merlin. They both have a very wide breadth of knowledge and noble wisdom to spread creational laws. They are both leaders of light and love.
16:08 – Despite the positive contributions of Merlin to the local druid and celtic communities the dogmatic attacks of the catholic church demonize and antagonize Merlin as an agent of devils.
16:40 – Merlin has a bloodline of visionary celts.
17:32 – Merlin is not only a visionary idealist he also fought against the conquest of catholic church through military respects, contrary to the antics of Keridwen. Fending off roman battalions with his strategic wisdom as he taught to King Arthur, the wizard supreme does not tolerate murderous christian crusaders festering his homeland.
17:50 – The roman empire wants to impose and spread their imperial hegemony by destroying celtic philosophy and using crusader ideology as justification of war.
18:31 – Alex narrates the end life of Merlin; he retired in Caledonia at age 66 and died at 93 in the warm hands of Niniane.
19:19 – The knights of the roundtable are not a pantheon of heroes. They are a murderous cult with bloodthirst for war.
19:28 – Merlin got it right; Alex on the dragon prophecies of Merlin made for Dinas Emrys.
20:05 – Merlin was ordered to convey the teachings of Henoch in order to contain the barbarism of the Celts and reduce getting into clan wars.
20:37 – Despite the celts being bloodthirsty warmongers they have better affinity towards creational laws than the catholic church
21:24 – Merlin’s teaching is in parallel to Henoch’s. The celtic philosophy is all about love, harmony, and freedom for all people.
21:41 – Lo and behold, Merlin was the first to get a copy of “the Goblet of Truth” which he stored in his cauldron. Merlin was literally teaching the law of oneness to the people around him.
21:54 – The goblet is ingested within the gurgling cauldron. Intaking any substance from the cauldron can bring enlightenment and spell positive learning for the mind, spirit, and body. The cauldron stores knowledge and truth.
22:51 – The druids gather around Merlin’s home as a place of sanctuary and place to practice deep meditation. They often refer to it as the “grail”, a commonplace where druids gather to fulfill their obligations.
23:01 – The quest for the “holy grail” is never a physical object.
23:47 – Merlin was linked to the cauldron of abundance.
24:26 – Coming up for part 2: The Goblet of Truth

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