Higher Density Living will clear away the untruthful conventions and perception in meditative learning. Many self-help methodologies posit meditation as an activity of “stillness” or “uneventful process of introspection”. Alex and Jason say otherwise, the prevailing dogmatic narrative hinders the intrinsic value of meditation. Meditation is not about the aggregate experiences from your past actions. It is a function of slowing the thoughts hindering creational energy.meditation activities allows unfettered flow of cosmic information.

For this episode Alex and Jason say when you meditate you approach closer to the truth, closer to creation. Moreover, Jason succinctly applies meditation as a concept easier to understand not as a tool, a trick, a way you gotta have things done right to condition the mind of a selfish, egoistic, and prideful path towards “illusive” sense of hierarchy. Just like being “woke” imposing knowledge propositions on other people. Ego, regardless if it’s politically ideological, individualistically prideful, or religiously dogmatic, blinds your vision and thoughts towards higher universal truths.

Frustration comes from not knowing how to build up perseverance. That meditation is just a quick tool to rejuvenate the mind, body, and spirit. Meditation is a process and people who understand the process have taken the time, diligence, experience, and practice to handle these energies.

Indulging the superpower complex.

“Your way is the exact way” understanding the truth within you is through silence. All other things are illusions, all things that distracts you and distorts the mind from Creation itself. These are the things kept us in hiding, kept our self-empowering energies from maximizing its fullest potentials. Knowing the self is always the first step towards greater enlightenment, towards a higher density of living in this universe.

Let’s join Alex and Jason as they show us the true meaning of meditation and self-awareness.


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2:00- Jason lays down the sequence of content for this episode.
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3:25- Topic for today: New innovations in meditative learning. Alex and Jason will guide us through emerging techniques and thinking about non-dogmatic meditation.
3:37- Re-defining meditation. Alex and Jason takes nuance in context. We need to remove the dogmatic fixation of meditation. It is not a singular practice at all but a complex culture of embedded norms with a unique cultural identity.
4:22- Alex re-defines meditation in a less dogmatic point of view. A refreshing meaning amidst the noisy narratives of dogmatic wisdom.
4:54- You must strip down your anxieties. Let go of unreliable sensations.
5:27- “Everything you do in a sense can make meditative practice but the lens in which you view your actions in life, the thoughts you have in your life, defines whether or not you take a meditative stance.”
5:49- Meditation is not about the aggregate experiences from your past actions. It is a function of slowing the thoughts hindering creational energy.
6:10- Alex defines mediation as “a function of slowing the mind down, slowing down thoughts that actually stray away from the original creational idea.”
6:41- You have the freedom to choose your point of reference.
6:54- Escaping the myopic perspective of external performance in meditation.
6:59- Alex on meditation, “The only way to understand it is to get these all very physically illusive material ideas out of the mind in order to focus on thin and one thing only. It is to have no thought at all.”
7:08- If you think about “nothing” it doesn’t necessarily signal a negative connotation. Everything equalizes in a neutral state. The positive and negative polarities are balanced in interaction.
7:24- Meditation is about the centralization of focus on one thing.
7:35- Also, meditation activities allow unfettered flow of cosmic information. You openly accept these energies as positive forces.
7:43- Alex on creational energies; (I) You do not block it, you do not disturb it, you do not use your own Free Will to remove yourself outside of Creation’s original intentions outside of universal natural laws.
8:05- By thinking about not thinking it allows you to think about the many open truths; from the mechanical and physical body, your conscious and subconscious mind, and the spiritual complexities beyond the material shell of existence.
8:29- Meditation is “focusing on the thoughts, just focus on the focus.”
8:44- People must perceive meditation properly. It is not mere transitive limbo, it is about knowing yourself better.
9:01- Meditation does not pick any place you want to conduct your self-enlightening process. YOUR WAY IS THE RIGHT WAY!
9:19- Alex on deconstructing the social spaces in dogmatic proportionality. Again, the environment does not determine your journey, only you can appreciate the full internal and lasting value of your learning.
9:30- You are in a state of Creation during meditative sessions. Letting the material universe go away as you approach nearer to universal truths of Creation that holds the fabrics of light, darkness, and matter. You become an immaterial entity beyond organic immortality.
9:43- When you know better, you do better.
10:29- Jason explains the episodic emergence of Ego in meditation enlightenment. Sometimes people tend to fall on the idea that meditation is about feeding the ego. Everything material achievement is an illusion.
11:13- Reality is perfect oneness with Creation.
11:50- The power within you can constantly create new universes beyond the point of narratives. Becoming a higher density through meditation is an immersive process of co-creating with the universe around and inside you.
13:00- Get into your own path to CREATION. No one and nothing will dictate how to engage with Creation. Your body has the same potentiating energy as the entire universe.
13:42- Alex on the “Ubermensch” mental complex in human pop-culture. Despite the grandiose spectacle “there is nothing more powerful than what currently resides within you”.
14:03- YOU HAVE SUPERPOWERS. Albeit not on the same fantasize scale in movies or fiction, but you do have. Get out in your own way and seek what best methods or style that fits you.You need to remember you are part and parcel of Creation.
14:16- Greatest piece of advice; Meditate more.
14:49- We have to understand the philosophy and logic of meditation. Deep self-awareness through meditation is not a fast-food spiritual activity.
15:27- (i) People aren’t realizing the value of practice because the Ego is saying ‘ this is it, this is reality’. The Ego won’t let you meditate, it’ll further mask it.
15:40- Jason warned us of “self-indulging” meditation. This habitual narcissism of having “feel good” practice is not tapping into deep communications with the self.
16:03- All processes of growth, productiveness, and enlightenment take time to be fruitful.
16:31- Meditation is both a profession and art.
16:40- If there is too much Ego you are not fundamentally prepared for the next level of truth.
17:09- Alex recommends you to build solid foundations in meditation. You’ll need to build solid foundations first in order to resist succeeding blocks from frailties in the material world.
17:54- Do not be blinded by the false sense of realities imposed upon you.
18:19- Separation is not the synchronizing key to unlock the eternal vastness of Creation. Do not separate yourself from Oneness.
18:49- If you are frustrated with meditation, always remember to meditate more.
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