Higher Density Living jumps to the next Alien Incident, the Lonnie Zamora Incident, in Socorro, New Mexico, 12 years past the White Sands Incident. This dry suburban utopia was home to the campus of New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology, where of course, the place was renowned for its popular support for local mining industries and infrastructure and relevant NASA satellite instruments in the National Radio Astronomical Observatory Station. The police officer Lonnie Zamora was chasing a reckless speeding driver when he heard what he thought might be a dynamite storage shack exploding, so he abandoned the chase and turned up toward a perlite mine. Unbeknownst, this hot chase turned into another remarkable extraterrestrial phenomenon.

A similar encounter with Dr. Fry’s in New Mexico’s barren desert landscape brings us fresh insights for a deeper understanding of Alien civilizations. Moving forward from White Sand’s 20 episode saga, Alex and Jason instill to investigate new clusters of Unidentified Aerial Phenomena further as they connect the puzzles to understand the bigger picture concerning USAF’s Project Bluebook.

This first episode concerns Wildlife and other relevant creatures of mother nature. Alex and Jason aim to establish momentum and background check to personalities, character, and its setting has a sense of identity to this Alien incident. Unlike Daniel Fry’s Sci-Fi voyage, this incident hosted many investigative fact-checking and truth-finding in HDL’s county and State. New Mexico holds many keys to unlocking the mysteries of frequent Extraterrestrial activity, partly due to its natural radio activities and the proliferation of early radar technology. A vast area covering a deserted expanse and open winds are always a treat for an Extraterrestrial landing.

Let us join them as they discuss Unidentified Aerial Phenomena, Space Time Travel, and Radar System.

Show Notes :
0:48 – New Crossroads In New Mexico, Alex- Jason on the Introduction of the Lonnie Zamora Incident.
1:06 – Quick Recap to Distinct Fry’s White Sands Incident and the Lonnie Zamora Incident
1:40 – Jason’s review on the Lonnie Zamora Incident
2:11 – A brief background Socorro, New Mexico. A closer look in the local “ Karl G. Jansky” VLA satellites at the National Radio Astronomical Observatory Station.
3:54 – On the logical explanations of VLA constructions; A probable anticipation for Unidentified Alien Phenomena?
4:10 – New Mexico as testing grounds for Early Radar technology. A natural jamming area.
4:25 – Sneak peeks for Future Podcast Episodes
4:40 – Skimping “Bang for Buck” utility of Early Radar Technology; We end up knocking out objects in the air.
5:29 – Scrapping the Evidence of Alien Technology
5:50 – Distinguishing different technological features of remote-controlled Alien drones and actual spacecraft.
6:17 – On determining the nature of different alien races; Robots or Grey People?
6:53 – Alex and Jason on the anatomy of alien races; conceptualizing facial expression of aliens.
7:00 – Big and Milky eyes tell in-depth signification of understanding.
7:20 – Alex and Jason discuss the majestic fauna of whales. The sea giants of mother nature.
8:20 – Do not disrupt the natural synarchy of wales. Alex and Jason discuss habit conservation to protect the silence and creational purity of our seas.
8:57 – The immoral attraction of Zoos against wildlife. Commercializing Nature as commodities for entertainment.
9:04 – Rehabilitation, not for stagnating entertainment. ANIMALS ARE NOT FOR SHOW BUSINESS!
9:31 – Don’t put a cage on animals; Alex and Jason on Free Will concerning domesticated Wildlife.
9:51 – Getting to know the different Pet preferences of Jason and Alex
10:36 – Cats are unpredictable friends. You’ll never know when they hit you.
11:03 – Cats are also innocuous creatures to death. They always sneak past the grasp of Death.
12:40 – The FEAR-based mentality of killing spree. Doing way more damage and harm than promoting positive growth.
13:55 – The Basic Rationals of Self-Defense. NO EXCEPTIONS when life is at stake. Defend your life as you ought to be responsible to defend yourself.
14:31 – Jason’s personal nightmare; the morbid and rabid bites of Hyena
15:46 – What is up with the Alien Landing to Lonnie Zamora? Alex and Jason on making a premise of the series.
16:00 – Jason’s real-life foresight of William Gibson’s “the Neuromancer”, Will AI technology and Video Game saturation replace our perceptions of reality?
16:55 – The world of Ready Player One is here.
17:21 – Treading the same path with other technologically advanced extraterrestrial life forms ONLY if they create this same false sense of reality.
17:25 – Many Empirical and Tangible Evidence for Alien life exists among famous religious literature. From the Bible, Hindu Scriptures, and Giants.
18:00 – Different pieces of literature, Common narratives; Alex and Jason on connecting the Universe of all Extraterrestrial Incidents in Earth. It all comes back to a full circle, Oneness in CREATION.
18:08 – The Transfixed Quarantine zone on Earth
18:47 – The Prometheus Origins of Alien Life; A possible connection between Human and Alien Species.
19:52 – The Earth as the Garden of Eden and humanity itself as the forbidden apple. “Figure it out”, it is our job to learn from this life and make sense of reality.
20:38 – We do not have the spiritual, moral, and ethical understanding of how to deal with sophisticated technology. Indeed, mankind himself is cursed with the corruption of power and Free Will to abuse freedom. We need to be disciplined and trusted confidently in handling matters in our own hands.
21:09 – ORDER BEFORE JUSTICE; We must strive to construct a structure of social systems enabling moral enlightenment and a higher state of living.
21:45 – We are never too sure about intentions. Alex on the possible plot of Extraterrestrials to manipulate the time-space continuum.
22:37 – Overriding Temporal Drive to zoom past the speed of light; Alex explains time travel in the Quantum Realm of space.
24:15 – The Liberation from Theoretical Abstraction into Practical Application; Alex and Jason on the possibility of doing the process of creation and learning
24:46 – Welcome to the Lonnie Zamora Incident; come back for more complete discussions, comparison to White Sands, and other related stuff to extraterrestrial contraction.

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