Higher Density Living jumps to the next Alien Incident, the Lonnie Zamora Incident, in Socorro, New Mexico, 12 years past the White Sands Incident. This dry sub-urban utopia was home to the campus of New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology, where of course, the place was renowned for its popular support for local mining industries and infrastructure and relevant NASA satellite instruments in the National Radio Astronomical Observatory Station. In 1964 the police officer Lonnie Zamora was in high pursuit of a reckless speeding driver when he passed by a dynamite storage shack exploding, he abandoned the chase and turned up toward a perlite mine. Unbeknownst, this hot chase turned into another remarkable extraterrestrial phenomenon. He saw an Egg-shaped spacecraft.

A similar encounter with Dr. Fry’s in New Mexico’s barren desert landscape brings us fresh insights for a deeper understanding of Alien civilizations. Moving forward from White Sand’s 20 episode saga, Alex- Jason instills to investigate new clusters of Unidentified Aerial Phenomena further as they connect the puzzles to understand the bigger picture concerning USAF’s Project Bluebook. The pilot episode left us poise for the opening stages of this Extraterrestrial Incident.

This second episode picks up the pace of establishing momentum and preliminary background checks around various vital personalities, settings, and investigative catalogs of this Alien incident. Unlike Daniel Fry’s Sci-Fi voyage, this incident hosted many investigative fact-checking and truth-finding in HDL’s county and State. New Mexico holds many keys to unlocking the mysteries of frequent Extraterrestrial activity, partly due to its natural radio activities and the proliferation of early radar technology. A vast area covering a deserted expanse and open winds are always a treat for an Extraterrestrial landing.

The Air Force investigated the case, who believed that a military aircraft is what Lonnie saw. UFO expert and researcher Jerome Clark does not accept the Air Force’s explanation and believes that what Lonnie saw was a UFO. The Air Force officials brought Dr. J. Allen Hynek, a respected astronomer, and consultant on project Bluebook. Hynek found that the physical evidence was convincing, along with the witness, Lonnie Zamora, himself. Lonnie believes what he had seen was not from this Earth, and the UFO sighting has never been explained.

Let us join Alex and Jason as they discuss Unidentified Aerial Phenomena, Space Time Travel, and Radar Systems in this episode.

Show Notes:
0:48 – The disembodied voices of Alex and Jason; On their self-reflections in Higher Density Living.
0:55 – Disclaimer Notice; Podcasts are for both entertainment and opinion-based sources of information, not legitimate professionals. Alex-Jason on Upholding the 1st Amendment.
1:22 – The convoluted Cryptocurrency Market. On bitcoin, DOGEcoins, and Etherium competition.
1:44 – Promoting the new contender; TARTLEcoin, Sign up to tartle.co and sell/share your data to help others and yourself. Invest in TARTLE to make this world a better place.
3:04 – The exorbitant tuition cost in America. EDUCATION IS A RIGHT and should be a free social system not out of commodity.
3:21 – Community College used to be Free, but now no one seems to take care anymore. Alex and Jason on the regression of social welfare.
3:36 – BASIC. HUMAN. WELFARE. Should always be a priority to grow as a community.
3:54 – The 1964 Lonnie Zamora Incident
4:10 – Determining the accurate environmental setting of Socorro; the temperature, the climate, the time, and the area concerning this Alien Incident.
4:36 – Frequent Speeding and highway violations in New Mexico.
4:59 – A unusual traffic violation; Lonnie Zamora’s contact on the Crash Site.
5:00 – A glimpse of the spacecraft? Camouflage of an Overturned human vehicle.
6:25 – The distinct sounds of Alien frequency.
6:31 – Unknown sounds bother people. The general perception of FEAR.
7:00 – The Egg-Shaped spacecraft… or is it a drone? Alex and Jason tinkering out the pod/teardrop spaceship designs.
7:23 – The aerodynamic science of Teardrop designs.
7:26 – The old egg-shaped automobile chassis of ’60s.
7:53 – Alex on the philosophical and creational design language of Egg-shapes as representative of CREATION itself. Efficiency and Elegancy inside and out.
8:14 – There is also ERGONOMICS in function and form. We deal with environmental mobility and how spacecraft design interacts with the nature of the atmosphere.
8:37 – Technological Relativity depends on the state of Evolution.
9:10 – Enhance Industrial Utility of Egg-shape designs across special military operations and aero defense
9:50 – The unearthing humanoid aliens! This is the Lonnie Zamora alien contact.
10:12 – A very human-ish Alien, from aesthetic to technological design language, to body concealment using coveralls.
10:44 – The ergonomics of Yoga Pants and Baggy clothing. THEY NEVER SEEMED OUT OF FASHION, plus they fit everywhere.
11:19 – Pressurized suits make for a comfortable and protective fashion of clothing. Alex and Jason’s analysis on the Alien spacesuits system.
11:33 – White is the ultimate color to rule out bacterias and germs. Purity in Fashion, purity in health.
12:00 – Alex on the excellent material application and versatility of BoPET; Make clothing based on this material to achieve ultimate comfort.
12:48 – Identification attachments on flight suit coveralls are effective methods to announce your association. Jason on the application of BoPETs in NASA’s EVA (Extravehicular Activity)
13:02 – Utilitarianism over Aesthetics; On the pragmatic side of clothing.
14:24 – White Coveralls and Bodysuits are the epitome of uniform design; no other military or political organization identifies with. The purity of white color.
14:53 – The instantaneous adaption of these white-covered, humanoid-aliens in Earth’s biosphere.
15:15 – The overpowered civilian radio; Lonnie Zamora’s failed attempt to report back this Alien Incident.
15:46 – Release your Frequency… In a good and healthy way.
16:26 – Basic laws of magnetism and metallurgy do not apply to the Egg-Shape spacecraft gears.
16:42 – Between Plejaren and Humans, the middle-specie evolution of these humanoid-aliens.
17:14 – Alex on the history of mining folklore mythological culture
18:00 – Alex’s metaphor on propulsion system development
18:49 – Technological Trivia from Plejaren propulsion system; On the usage of anti-gravity thruster as a general mechanism to boost flight on different gravitational and planetary environments.
20:51 – Typologies of Gas combustion according to its color codes
22:15 -The pyrotechnic effigy of the space-thrusters.
22:47 – Close proximity of civilian contact in a high-powered thermal thruster system poses a sphere of gravitation field.
23:06 – Low-altitude “hovering” of Spacecraft. New orbital capabilities of spaceflight beyond conventional human propulsion technology
24:43 – Prepping the big case for New Mexico federal-state police forces.
25:26 – The interception of US Army missile officers (from white sands missile range) in the landing site; A LINK TO WHITE SANDS AND LONNIE ZAMORA.
25:41 – Military Bureaucracy is EVERYWHERE. Every aspect of our political societies has defense-oriented people to collect intelligence data and report information for the State.
26:02 – WHAT IS THE VESTED INTEREST OF THE US ARMY? Alex-Jason found out how fast army deployment was in response to the incident.
26:21 – The convergence of Socorro and White Sands; a 19 minute breakthrough in the Egg-Shaped Crash site.
26:53 – A race to obtain higher technological power. Great Power, all for the glory of the State.
27:14 – The proliferation of different arms races technology. Alex and Jason on the Weaponization of Everything
27:50 – Richard T. Holger, the US Army point person in this Alien Incident.
28:00 – A Spontaneous contact, a big upcoming spectacle. Come back for part 3.

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