Higher Density Living jumps to the next Alien Incident, the Lonnie Zamora Incident, in Socorro, New Mexico, 12 years past the White Sands Incident. This dry sub-urban utopia was home to the campus of New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology, where of course, the place was renowned for its popular support for local mining industries and infrastructure and relevant NASA satellite instruments in the National Radio Astronomical Observatory Station. In 1964 the police officer Lonnie Zamora was in high pursuit of a reckless speeding driver when he passed by a dynamite storage shack exploding, he abandoned the chase and turned up toward a perlite mine. Unbeknownst, this hot chase turned into another remarkable extraterrestrial phenomenon. He saw an Egg-shaped spacecraft.

The Air Force investigated the case, who believed that a military aircraft is what Lonnie saw. UFO expert and researcher Jerome Clark does not accept the Air Force’s explanation and believes that what Lonnie saw was a UFO. The Air Force officials brought Dr. J. Allen Hynek, a respected astronomer, and consultant on project Bluebook. Hynek found that the physical evidence was convincing, along with the witness, Lonnie Zamora, himself. Lonnie believes what he had seen was not from this Earth, and the UFO sighting has never been explained.

A similar encounter with Dr. Fry’s in New Mexico’s barren desert landscape brings us fresh insights for a deeper understanding of Alien civilizations. Moving forward from White Sand’s 20 episode saga, Alex- Jason instills to investigate new clusters of Unidentified Aerial Phenomena further as they connect the puzzles to understand the bigger picture concerning USAF’s Project Bluebook. The pilot episode left us poise for the opening stages of this Extraterrestrial Incident.

This third episode spans the discussion of the US Army’s strategic interest in Alien Technology. The frontliners were deployed from White Sands Missile Range, hinting at some connection with Dr. Daniel Fry’s contact. This is a clandestine intelligence operation created to achieve military superiority and objective policy machinery for outer-space relations. The Lonnie Zamora Extraterrestrial landing has just got bigger.

Let us join Alex-Jason to discuss Unidentified Aerial Phenomena, Space Time Travel, and Radar Systems.

Show Notes:
0:35- The Army Quarantine Installation around the Alien Crash Site.
0:45- Determining initial impression on the Humanoid-Aliens and Egg Shaped spacecraft.
1:18- Verified US-Military Database on various Alien specimen. Filtering out legitimate government information to intercept UAP
1:52- No denial of falsehood against the alleged Alien Incident in Socorro, New Mexico.
2:09- Alex- Jason on brief background checks and profiling of US Army Captain Richard T. Holder of White Sands Missile Range.
2:56- Code-Switching military designations to hide objective goals and intelligence activity.
3:53- Strict military discipline requires stone-cold virtue and prudence; Jason’s anecdotes on US Army bureaucratic professionalism.
5:43- Three-pronged telescopic legs as thrusters.
6:38- The Breakout Headlines of Lonnie Zamora. A Viral Mass Media campaign to expose the UFO incident in Socorro New Mexico
7:09-Exploiting Opportunities for Fame; Alex- Jason on politicizing local phenomena to boost capital fame. To maintain high profile status, this incident SHOULD operate in covert conditions.
7:37- The initial investigation; A coordinated censorship among federal agents to suppress the further spread of Lonnie Zamora Incident info.
8:50- Suppressive cover-up features of US Government to CONCEAL any horrendous scandals against its reputation.
9:36-Why not use your EXISTENCE as a legal basis for identification? Alex-Jason on the logic of Creation as primary holders.
9:51- How hard was it to keep a secret during the 1960s? Alex-Jason reflects on today’s technological advancements and HOW HARD it is to keep something hidden under the Information Age.
10:46- Sneak Peeks for Future “Nazi” Episodes.
11:07- Sprawling controversy of “Landing Footings” made by the space thrusters. Alex-Jason on Sam Chavez’s stubborn denial against the Lonnie Zamora Incident.
12:07 – Next exhibition: On the ground scene around the mini-crater. A seared sub-desert landscape.
13:23- Two Thrusters and four other appendages; Triangulating the origins of the entire Lonnie Zamora Ground Zero footprints.
13:57- Unorthodox Physics of Propulsion; Pushing inward RATHER than outward thrust. Not putting force AGAINST SPACE and GRAVITY.
14:38- Imposing military authority against local police. On Lonnie Zamora vs Richard Holder. Just total submission to the Army Authority.
15:53- The Insignia Description. A red inverted B with two lines crossing diagonally.
16:54- We The Arcturians; Alex-Jason introduces a local channeler from New Mexico.
17:56- Declassified Symbols; Alex and Jason on Dr. J. Allen Hynek of Project BLUEBOOK
19:06- We take a quick break. Come back for part 4!

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