Higher Density Living jumps to the next Alien Incident, the Lonnie Zamora Incident, in Socorro, New Mexico, 12 years past the White Sands Incident. New Mexico hosts vast infrastructural shelters for Military stations and Aerospace instrumentalities relevant for power projection and outer space preponderance of America. The Lonnie Zamora Incident closely examines NASA satellite instruments to the National Radio Astronomical Observatory Station, where the VLA satellites are located. As authentic locals of New Mexico, Alex-Jason invites us to their home state and In 1964 the police officer Lonnie Zamora pursued a reckless speeding driver when he passed by a dynamite storage shack exploding. He abandoned the chase and turned up toward a perlite mine. Unbeknownst, this hot chase turned into another remarkable extraterrestrial phenomenon. He saw an Egg-shaped spacecraft.

The Air Force investigated the case, who believed that a military aircraft is what Lonnie saw. UFO expert and researcher Jerome Clark does not accept the Air Force’s explanation and believes that Lonnie saw a UFO. The Air Force officials brought Dr. J. Allen Hynek, a prolific NASA astronomer and agency consultant for USAF’s Project Bluebook. Hynek found that the physical evidence was convincing, along with the witness, Lonnie Zamora, himself. Lonnie believes what he had seen was not from this Earth, and the UFO sighting has never been explained.

A similar encounter with Dr. Fry’s in New Mexico’s barren desert landscape brings us fresh insights for a deeper understanding of Alien civilizations. Moving forward from White Sand’s 20 episode saga, Alex- Jason instills to investigate new clusters of Unidentified Aerial Phenomena further as they connect the puzzles to understand the bigger picture concerning USAF’s Project Bluebook. The pilot episode left us poise for the opening stages of this Extraterrestrial Incident. We traverse the crossroads of evolution in each micro perspective of every individual involved in this incident.

This fourth episode continues the discussion regarding the Department of Defense’s strategic interest in Alien Technology. The frontliners were deployed from White Sands Missile Range, hinting some connection with Dr. Daniel Fry’s contact. Army Cap. Richard Holder and his colleagues are on a hellbent undercover intelligence operation to provide military information and data to develop technological superiority while informing governmental policy machinery for outer-space relations. The Lonnie Zamora Extraterrestrial landing has just got bigger.

Let us join Alex and Jason to discuss Unidentified Aerial Phenomena, Space-Time Travel, and Spacecraft architecture in this episode of Higher Density Living.

Show Notes :
1:40 – Jason discusses briefly the recent Amazon labor uprising.
2:00 – The natural tendency of a person is to be lazy, Alex- Jason on the racial appropriation and Rich-Witch dilemma inside big corporate entities.
3:43 – It’s always cynically hilarious how humans chose color as the basis of Social Hierarchy.
4:24 – Alex’s anecdote on his former biology professor.
4:56 – Slavery to HIERARCHY picks no color. Black, Brown, or White the coercive influence of any form of oppression corrupts righteousness.
5:19 – Tribalistic Expansion; A war against all preceding Western Imperialism.
5:37 – Taking out slaves as Spoils of War
6:12 – The great division of human civilization under different tribal camps.
6:39 – The internal anarchy of Japanese Shogun polity.
7:00 – Japanese Imperial Ambition to Dominate East Asia.
7:37 – American extended military deterrence to regional allies in order to maintain the balance of power in South Korea. Alex-Jason on the prospects of Korean Unification.
8:30 – Former Military Decorations and Hero Worship in the Army.
9:00 – Alex and Jason relinquish gender stereotypes.
9:20 – Alex and Jason’s genuine critique against feminism. Accept it. Some women just enjoy men doing masculine things and women doing their own..
10:27 – A Political Game? On the nature of gender categories in OLYMPICS. Let people enjoy their TRADITIONAL identities and not force them how to think.
10:45 – It all comes to a full-cycle back to Nature’s CREATIONAL LAWS
11:21 – The problems of logical alignment of Evolutionary Biology in Universal Creational Laws
12:37 – Alex and Jason on contextualizing the contemporary identity of Adult Males; on hormones and genetic catalyst
13:48 – Seeking Methods of Hormone Meditation through active physical exercises.
14:26 – The euphoric experience of Chilly feelings. Jason on the fluctuations of Human body temperature.
15:30 – Empirical Denial AGAINST NATURE is always a belief under construction.
15:55 – They scream for acceptance but they have none.
17:20 – Woman can and has a right to be masculine, don’t believe it? Try one female UFC mixed-martial artist.
19:28 – Quick biographic profile of Dr. J. Allen Hynek
19:56 – Revisiting Project Bluebook; looking back at the time of great controversy and government cover-ups to preserve top-profile secrecy.
20:47 – The backdoor negligence of National Security concerns; Alex on the Condon Report for the concealment of data against public clamor to disclose local UAP.
21:29 – Breakaway from the 20th Century conservative zeitgeist into the open-mindedness of the 21st Century.
21:50 – The different administrative eras of Project Bluebook; the Hardin era, Gregory Admin, and the Quintanilla era.
22:11 – Alex on the Revisionisms of Hector Quintanilla
23:14 – ON. THE. GROUND. DENIAL of Actual UFO incident. Alex-Jason’s reaction to the blatant stifle of hard Alien evidence
23:30 – Blood compact on burnt crystallized alien chaff; On Dr. Hynek’s burned finger.
23:47 – The court trial of Dr. J. Allen Hynek and the presentation of evidence.
24:52 – A different kind of burn; A chemically seared grass, not charred off by fire. Something above Moh Scale SHARPNESS!
27:00 – Quintanilla’s endorsement of the Lonnie Zamora Incident as premier UAP case in America. The best documentation case on Record, BUT STILL DENIES the actual existence of Alien Technology.
27:29 – Humans are too shallow to understand the nature of extraterrestrials; Alex discusses symbols and other life-harboring planets
28:00 – Achieving Technological Superiority by rendering confiscated Alien Spacecrafts; Jason discusses national security implications of the Lonnie Zamora Incident.
28:44 – Pulling the ragout for the Soviets
29:29 – The many remaining mysteries on Earth; We still have a lot to learn, more steps to take for Evolution moving forward.
30:02 – Some leaks slip off the cracks; On the Bermuda Triangle and the Philadelphia Experiment.
30:24 – Hidden but not unseen. On the credibility of scientific knowledge as means of censorship. The modern world is not ready to confront the TRUTH.
31:20 – Under “see” Civilizations; Alex- Jason on the prospects of possible underwater sentient societies here on Earth.
32:12 – More depths to come. Come back for the next episode.

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