We are going hot and heavy as we continue the third episode of Jason Rigby’s discussions of self-love and self-abandonment through the aid of a feature personality development expert, Dr. Margaret Paul. Jason Rigby breaks down some of Dr. Margaret’s famous context and he mixes up in conjunction with Creational Laws.

There are many intricate but connecting lessons from this episode. He then streamlines the entire episode into four takeaways. But as Higher Density Living leaves the lessons to the viewer, you take the responsibility to find the answers within yourselves. Remind yourself that you are in love.

This episode tackles the reasons for love. What is it to be loved by a person and loving a person? The former is most likely an egoic necessity while the latter is a deep understanding of acceptance and embrace. You cannot expect, let alone force someone to love you and then make them the savior of your life. When you learn how to love yourself those relationships around you will change dramatically. They are not objects of desire nor pleasure. You can’t make them your own tool to feel good. The key takeaway here is love is not something to pay back once you’ve given it to someone.

It should be imperative to you, as an entity of Creation capable of giving love, that we should take care of ourselves. Be the best version of you.

As always, Higher Density living reserves no dogma because only the truth prevails in the universe. Let us join Jason as he talks about self-love.

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