We are going hot and heavy as we continue the third episode of Jason Rigby’s discussions of self-love and self-abandonment through the aid of a feature personality development expert, Dr. Margaret Paul. Jason Rigby breaks down some of Dr. Margaret’s famous context and he mixes up in conjunction with Creational Laws.

There are many intricate but connecting lessons from this episode. He then streamlines the entire episode into four takeaways. But as Higher Density Living leaves the lessons to the viewer, you take the responsibility to find the answers within yourselves. Remind yourself that you are in love.

This episode tackles the reasons for love. What is it to be loved by a person and loving a person? The former is most likely an egoic necessity while the latter is a deep understanding of acceptance and embrace. You cannot expect, let alone force someone to love you and then make them the savior of your life. When you learn how to love yourself those relationships around you will change dramatically. They are not objects of desire nor pleasure. You can’t make them your own tool to feel good. The key takeaway here is love is not something to pay back once you’ve given it to someone.

It should be imperative to you, as an entity of Creation capable of giving love, that we should take care of ourselves. Be the best version of you.

As always, Higher Density living reserves no dogma because only the truth prevails in the universe. Let us join Jason as he talks about self-love.

Show Notes:

1:46- What is to be loved and to be loving?
1:52- Most people go into a relationship to be in love. It has become a necessity of selfish desires. The feeling of love to come and rescue a person from loneliness.
2:13- When we go and look for something it is always a sign of desperation. Like running our of oxygen to breathe. We hunger for love because it makes us feel better.
2:20- You cannot expect, let alone force someone to love you and then make them as the savior of your life. They are not objects of desire nor pleasure. You can’t make them your own tool to feel good.
2:37- Jason on the idealistic interpretation of love. We always had to have love. Love comes from an external source, usually coming from a perfect person we chose to ascribe.
3:20- Then again, we can only truly love ourselves if we do it so. Love is within you.
3:50- It’s always so much easier to look externally than to look into the internality as a person. Likewise, it’s easier to judge others than to judge yourself.
4:29- It’s also easier to appreciate love when someone we value reciprocates love to us.
4:47- Reckless assumption is always a precipice for disaster. You don’t know what other people think about you. So stop assuming they’ll love you or feel any against you.
5:09- We put value into something and then we try to worship them.
5:26- Modern parenting should eliminate the generational problems of expectations for their children. Parents live up to the expectations of older disappointment.
5:32- Love is not something to pay back once you’ve given it to someone.
6:15- We think that falling in love and staying in love is the key to feeling good.
6:30- Jason on the craziness of popular social media content. What has gone wrong? Is something wrong with us?
7:10- Making someone bend their Free Will just for the sake of loving you will not solve your problem.
7:39- The reason for choosing the one “we” think is worthy of our love is because we choose our partners with the same level of self abandonment. So, in order to maintain such a relationship we resort to controlling tactics to keep it afloat.
8:00- Desperate acts of control will always come down to hate, pain, and anger. Love is about sincerity, not a competitive transaction of who gets to reciprocate better affection.
8:35- There is an egoic pattern that’s instilled within us.
8:51- Is love a coincidence of two compatible people? It’s actually not. We tend to choose a partner that has the same level of self abandonment.
9:08- We should start loving each other.
9:17- Jason discusses obsessive love disorder. There is just so much pressure going around.
9:43- The only way out of the cycle is to stop self abandonment. You should define your own self worth.
9:50- Self-awareness will lead your path to define self worth.
10:02- You’ll also need to take care of yourself. You need to understand what makes you feel love. Jason encourages us to have a healthy life.
10:21- Let’s go back to the concept of Kairos. Live the moment of your life. Be yourself for your own sake.
11:06- The physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional strength are required for defining the worth of love for you.
11:17- Release all the toxins that are caged inside you. Go to the gym or perform exercise. Release all that is negative in your body and mind.
11:48 – Check out Jason Rigby’s other channels: Tcast and ABQ business podcast.
12:17- At the end of the day you have to understand how to love yourself.
12:25- Once you understand how to love you’ll be able to share the abundance of love to your significant other.
13:00- Accept the reality that no one is with you 24/7. As much as you want this fantasy to be treated as such there is no way it can be true. But you have yourself 24/7, so work to be better.
13:28- Getting love and sharing love are two different things.
13:37- We should learn to internalize love. Sharing that burst from the inside will share all the love you have to others.
14:00- You need to ask yourself these questions: What are the inner fears that you have? What are inner beliefs that are toxic?
14:48- You will stop self abandonment once you’ve learned how to love and care for yourself. You can create any relationship you’ve always wanted.
15:02- When you learn how to love yourself, those relationships around you will change dramatically.
15:36- Never ran out of hope. If you think the one you love has gotten away then guess what? There are billions of people around you.
16:11- Being single gives you time to work on yourself as a better person.
16:44- At the end of the day we must understand what the most important thing we can do for this life is. Love and live your life. We only have one meat suit to enjoy this life.
17:21- We have no right or power to judge another person. Never judge a person based on yourself.
18:06- Be happy. Always be happy.
18:20- Stop living for others but instead live for yourself.
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