Urban mythology holds many unfounded stories and controversies that captured the imaginations of public opinion, mass media, and pop culture. This episode focuses on one particular story during the early 1930’s. The wild west upbringing of Los Angeles claims to unearth the underground catacomb systems of urban LA. The catacombs were made by an advanced and biologically superior race of “Lizard People” living underneath Los Angeles five thousand years ago. For historical context, downtown Los Angeles city is a natural deposit of oil rich resources underneath its greater metropolitan area.

In this episode, Alex and Jason discuss the possibilities for highly, “super race”, sentient species to construct an advanced civilization preceding Mankind and the Atlanteans? The story is loosely drawn from a Hopi myth by a tribesman called Chief Green Leaf, which was told to a geophysicist and mining engineer named George Warren Shufelt in 1933.

A lot of treasure hunters and gold rush miners haul to this industry in hopes of earning easy wealth during early days of Western industrialization. The central figure is Engineer Shufelt who had invented a “radio x-ray machine”, which claims to be capable of detecting underground tunnels, and help bolster the promise of an ancient sheepskin map to exploit treasure hunting. Moreover, the story of lizard people has a cultural significance for native America and the history of America.

Shufelt claims he found nineteen hundred square feet of tunnels, rooms with nine thousand feet of floor space, and sixteen places where gold was stored. But there is no telling how to confirm the authenticity of his gold find.

Let’s join Alex and Jason as we take a journey together to the catacombs of Los Angeles.

Show Notes:

0:20- Welcome back to Higher Density Living.
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1:18- Alex and Jason introduce us to Warren Shufelt and the urban development & history of Los Angeles city. The catacombs are built under an oil rich area of southern California.
2:24- LA literally has experienced every disaster scenario in the USA. Californians experience everything from Tsunamis to desert storms to mega earthquakes.
2:33- There are many possible underground enclaves out there that inhabit Lizard People.
3:09- Bringing through the outset of the American great depression in the late 1920’s. Many Americans in the western coast communities worked hard to earn a buck on a daily basis.
3:26- Alex discusses the rapid industrialization of Los Angeles in all of California.
3:44- California is the center of mining wealth. People only go to California to mine, harvest, or farm Oil or Gold resources.
4:00- People back in the day knew nothing else but to mine gold rich deposits in California since there was no other economic institution to find alternative accumulation of wealth rather than gold rush or doing traditional agricultural business.
4:42- Lizard people obtain a huge amount of gold bars, tablets, and nuggets stored in their underground caverns.
5:00- Alex guides us into the origins and understanding of the urban myth. To understand this evidence there are claims of carvings, etched stone art, erected statues, and even monoliths of lizard people across different cultural mythologies.
5:17- There is enough evidence to compel the existence of Lizard people. How can different places, cultures, and societies from 5,000 years ago have the exact same concept of lizard people?
6:15- All truth has to start somewhere.
6:29- Alex explains how controversial information manages to make people hooked on curiosity.
6:44- We tackle the “The Hopi Lizard God” in relevance to the context of native American culture in Mesoamerica.
7:05- Native Americans basically adapted earlier cultural norms as religious context and belief.
8:15- The discovery started when Warren Shufelt met Chief Green Leaf, a native Indian tribesman with cultural knowledge that disclosed information of underground catacombs of Lizard People.
8:38- The reptilian civilization lasted for a good 3,000 years before dissolving into the unknown.
9:08- A lot of people believe that there is an existence of underground civilization.
9:25- There is a good correlation between the blue people of Agartha and the Lizard people living under the catacombs. This a rich history of advanced sentient races before mankind.
9:40- Alex explains the “Hollow Earth Theory” for greater understanding of earlier advanced civilization and races. Billy Meier supported this thesis in his books.
10:10- There are places where actual pockets of uncharted civilizations exist. We just don’t know the exact location of these areas. –
10:31- Alex himself points out the geographical features in desert ecosystems of New Mexico. There are many hollow boulders and rock formations that scientifically verify the probability of Lizard civilizations.
10:52- Botanical life is possible underneath earth as photon particles can particle the surface of the earth.
11:16- When there is light there is life.
11:35- Even still the constant evolution of the earth’s crust emerges new heights (no pun intended) and reveals more about the hidden geographical features underneath.
11:57- Jason reminds us that the entire earth is not 100% explored or inhabited by man.
12:16- Human technology still lacks exploration.
12:27- There are still many things to be discovered on earth. It makes no urgent sense to expedite outer space colonization and interstellar travel if the earth still holds many wonders to be discovered.
12:39- We have so much understanding of our own planet but we don’t know how to take care of it.
13:03- Chief Green Leaf basically exposed the entire colony of Lizard people in LA.
13:19- George Warren tests out his newly invented LiDar scanner machine. Alex explains how this invention originated because of underground lizard people.
13:34- Alex explains how x-ray machines work. We learn that George Warren captured the images in perfect negative film quality.
14:17- A map on sheep skin obtained by George Warren helps identify the locations of underground city catacombs.
14:30- The location is an open settlement which is coordinated by Hopi tribes.
14:50- LA times made the first public exposure of Lizard clans living in catacombs. It was a slow burn as the news traveled by word of mouth and traditional newspaper media.
15:30- When the LA times news hit, a lot of people went into a frenzy to search for the truth about Lizard People.
16:10- People back then used to have a curiosity in doing productive things. We think people don’t understand that there are still many things to be discovered.
16:25 People need to reignite the spark of curiosity again.
16:59- There are many untouched lands in the United States alone.
17:22- Early expeditions in Antarctica claim to discover an underwater civilization beneath the ice-sheets. This was the data catalog before Ernest Shackleton’s “Endurance” sank 107 years ago.
18:06- A sneak peek for the future “Ernest Shackleton” episode!
19:00- The modern age usually follows traditional footsteps.
19:38- The Vatican and Harvard university libraries have documents written on silver, copper, and gold tablets to preserve survivability of these documents.
20:10- Jason explains the value of gold during ancient times. Gold was not a formal form of currency but a general resource for utility, such as high quality writings.
20:34- The Mayans basically need to come up with new things to spread awareness about their apocalyptic prophecy.
21:00- Most modern looking Americans inherited Mayan facial structures. Certain mestizo looking faces carried direct descendant to Mayan people.
21:10- Could it possibly be true that Lizard people have mammal-like expressions on human bodies?
21:41- Alex connects the importance of Egg as motif of Creation. Since lizards lay eggs the outer shell membrane that surrounds the organism itself represents an environment of nurture.
21:56- There is the idea of incubation as a manifesting force of Creation.
22:12- For additional reference and resources please check out HDL’s earlier episode about the “Cosmic Egg” which discusses the universal symbol of eggs as representation of Creation.
23:50- Elon musk plans to dig tunnels for LA. Could he turn on treasure hunting to find tons of golden tablets?
24:36- Whoever finds these mountain piles of gold stash will be the luckiest person. Shufelt claims he found nineteen hundred square feet of tunnels, rooms with nine thousand feet of floor space, and sixteen places where gold was stored. But there is no telling how to confirm the authenticity of his gold find.
25:17- Shufelt may have a terrible miscalculation to radioactive accuracy.
25:43- Actual drilling operation to unearth the catacomb was way below projections of Shufelt’s LiDar scanning.
26:00 – Every artifact to support this incident is documented in Los Angeles history.
26:22- Jason tells some successful, but small, gold heist inside one of these catacombs. Somebody went to an islet to access one of these tunnels.
27:06- The X-Ray machine is described as a movie camera. It has a big housing with a tripod that supports different angles.
27:34- Even UCLA tried to crack the mysteries of these Lizard people. Uncover its lore and use it for the academe.
28:12- Billy Meier actually made a list of different humanoid species across the universe. It could be well enough that mankind and lizard people are Humanoids and Reptilians respectively in Billy’s list.
28:34- Reptilians could be hybrid humans scattered descents from former Plejaren ancestry.
28:55- There is no truth to confirm nor DENY that reptilian species run our governments.
29:46- It all strikes down to historical reference. Jason explains why Lizard people made such a compelling story by mere reference in ancient wisdom. We must also warn future attempts to venture deep into these catacombs as past records show unpleasant consequences.
30:00- People must also understand that humans are extraterrestrials.
30:42- Some humanoid species can breathe a toxic atmosphere.
30:56- Stay tuned for next episode as Alex and Jason discuss 14 other races of humanoid lifeforms. Thank you for listening and watching.
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