Continuing a popular trope in Higher Density Living is yet another mini-series of podcasts relating to historical sightings of Unidentified Aerial Objects. The rural findings of Paul and Evelyn Trent capturing an oblong plateau-ish shape spacecraft hovering above the skies of the couple’s farmland were significant images today. Just like various reports during its time the Mcminnville UFO phenomena remain imprinted in the community as clear-shot and credible Alien images. Higher Density Living will celebrate many more future episodes concerning various UFO incidents across the history of USA.

Sedentary rural farmland grazing in America Midwest to the industrialization of United States Nuclear Weapons Program, Procurement, and Transformation of Aerospace Technology through Rocket Propulsion systems. As related with Dr. Daniel Fry’s White Sand Missile Project the Aliens have traveled far and wide revealing themselves in unsuspecting citizens. Decades of federal military investigations squandered to deny, shroud, and deliberately cover up the existence of Aliens. Higher Density Living is here to bring this topic up at your service. Join us in this discussion and help spread awareness.

Alex and Jason continue where they left off in the previous Trent episode, discussing similar public hearings, press/media exposure, and mass audience notice on the peculiar McMinnville sightings brought to daylight in American pop-culture extravaganza. But above all the ever-looming influence of American Military – National Security Apparatus pestering local incidents of Unidentified Aerial Phenomena. The Cold War Era host many militarized machinations to preserve the strategic hegemony of America against the Communist Bulwark of the USSR. Chief among them is the development of sophisticated air force systems and exploitation of nuclear energy for strategic missile strikes. The Codon Committee and its subsequent establishment for one of the most controversial US Military programs during the Cold War, Project Blue Book, spawning a rigorous investigation to unearth the secrets. Taming the secrecy and its Gatekeeping Fortress surrounding Unidentified Aerial Phenomena breaking through the taproot sightings on local earthlings wondering precariously in their everyday life. Juggling from federal witch-hunting to mass media craze into Government induced pop-cultural phenomena catapulting the Trent Photos as a prominent UFO trope. Despite all these businesses, Aliens remain resilient to reach out to us and contact us through their display of highly advanced equipment to local individuals.

Let’s join Alex-Jason together as we discuss the Ethical Science, Contemporary Philosophy, Cold War Space Age, Nuclear Weapons History, and Social Science.

Show Notes :
1:05 – BACK FOR PART 2; The Press regarding the McMinnville UFO Incident
2:32 – Falling into the hands federal ufologist; The Frank Edwards News Viral Discovery
3:01 – Bringing the Reports Up for State Controlled Legitimacy
3:29 – Trent Photos going Vintage Viral Across 1950’s America
4:42 – Saturating the News Story into Mass Media Capital; The Life Magazine Entry
6:40 – The lack military capabilities and technological credibility of Pentagon to explain ALIEN EXISTENCE
7:13 – THE CONDON COMMITTEE; a major USAF commissioned program to study UFO phenomena in US homeland
8:16 – Retrieving the authentic photographs; Dr. Edward Condon’s Quest to push the advancement of Nuclear Science in the US Military Science/Industrial Complex
9:19 – Jason on explaining the background of Optical Physics in relating to National Security Conditions
10:00 – The Authenticity based on the Physical Dynamics of the Spacecraft
10:28 – A Geopolitical Friction between the former Strategic Rocket Forces of USSR and Strategic Air Command of USAF
11:45 – Cultural Nuisances as False Prophets of Hope
12:06 – An Nihilistic Bad Faith; Alex and Jason on People acting against their Belief System
12:18 – Taking in a Belief of Ignorance
13:12 – A Gun-metal Grey or Silver-ish Shine of Extraterrestrial Color Scheme covering the Spacecraft
13:33 – The Coincidence of the same colors exist across different galaxies
14:37 – A Peculiar Roadside Attraction; Jason discusses the Oregon Vortex as
15:19 – The Scientific Explanation of Paranormal Activity through Ophthalmology
16:05 – Quantitative Verification to explain Paranormal Phenomena or Extraterrestrials
16:46 – Debunking the Placebo Effect in Urban Mythological Makings
18:36 – Locating Energy Signatures of Past Human Life; A Rational Explanation for Paranormal Activity through Collective Cognition/ Thought in Peoples’ Minds.
20:28 – The Great Power of Collective Free Will embedding in a Common Belief System; Jason on the Rise of Nazism as a Ruthless Ideology in Thoughts.
20:57 – The Neo-Fascist Movements in America
21:45 – An Emboldened Complexity of Extraterrestrial Civilization
23:00 – The Hardwired Challenge to Land Alien Drones on Earth
23:26 – The Dispensable Utility of Drones as Scouting Reconnaissance to Mother Ships
24:31 – The Big Question; Why Would Aliens Project their ANNOUNCEMENT through the presence of Drones here on Earth? Perhaps to state a Technologically Advance Race in Contact with Lesser ones.
25:05 – Making Sense of the Local Perception on Unidentified Aerial Phenomena
25:34 – Thoughts CONNECTS us All in this world
25:52 – Cheers for More Future Episodes Ahead!

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