Welcome back to Higher Density Living! This is a short recap of the previous episode of reviving dead species. This subject brought a curious application to human cloning. Can man use genetic engineering to uplift his playing field in physical evolution? Moreover, setting aside the explored nuance of science behind cloning. What consciousness holds between you and your clone?

In this episode, Alex and Jason discuss the concept of the self across time and space. What are the fundamental effects of meeting yourself in a technically different universe and reality of existence? The truth is we are all connected to the same relative channels of creational understanding and wisdom. Understanding is a sense of knowing the universe. In essence, we are reminded that everything about us is one across the fabric of reality. We are all one and the same.

We revisit some themes and subjects culled from earlier episodes of higher density living as Alex and Jason make sense of the ever growing and expanding consciousness of humanity. An age where man is not only for himself but now a part and parcel of nature, and ultimately, Creation. Let us join Alex and Jason as they revamp the discussion about human consciousness.

Show Notes:

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1:33- Alex on Human Cloning technologies. Can once “Sci-Fi” fantasies can soon become a reality?
1:59- Alex and Jason on the promise of past and future self; What would you tell to yourself if you meet him/her in the present?
2:55- Your clone is not you while TECHNICALLY, in every rational sense, is you at the same time.
3:17- Different stages of life, chapters of life represent different versions of your own evolution. You are yourself in the moment of your presence.
3:54- Alex and Jason on the issues of Ego and the “Self”. You are as much a creation as your other self in time.
4:17- Removing the ego and visual cues of yourself can still determine your universal “identity” of equal value and creational principle as much as you perceive your ‘self’.
4:44- Hence, all this process of knowing and understanding the self is a convergence of universal identity. A oneness of the self.
5:19 – It all boils down to judgment. The ego is full of prejudice as an excuse for self-righteous, moral integrity.
5:35- Jason on the horrific judgements of humanity. We need to dislodge prejudices to see the lingering aura of wisdom. Unclogging judgment is a way towards enlightenment.
5:35- The ego is a perpetual torment in humanity.
6:20- Humanity needs ONENESS more than anything in this world right now.
6:35- We have embedded fear, anxiety, and paranoia in our hearts and souls.
6:51- We are in the moment of history, of our time where we are in transition of major civilizational changes. We are augmented in the rise of robotic life and digital media. Humanity must “go down in the ashes” in order to transcend in a higher density of existence.
7:15- Sooner or later the old “trunks” of human existence must go and die away. There won’t be any “popular personalities” of power and authority as we move from third density awareness to fourth density openness.
7:29- I think just through reason and a logical line of reasonable thought is that in some all other humans are just reflections of the self.
7:54- Everything is based on perspectives.
8:20- Regardless of who you are or different versions of yourself. YOU ARE ONE in the sameness of everything under Creation. We are one in the same.
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