Welcome back to Higher Density Living! This episode introduces a special guest, R.E. Kretz, together with co-host Jason Rigby as we gather in an episode on the mystical alchemy of the Philosopher’s Stone. In this episode, we’re embarking on a profound exploration of the Philosopher’s Stone, the concept of the third eye, and the pathways to enlightenment with Crest Insights. Get ready as we unravel the intricate connections between meditation, spiritual consciousness, and enduring ancient mysteries that continue to resonate in our modern world.

He is a rising scholar in his field. In the 1970s, Kretz studied transcendental meditation under Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and later spent three years with a Native American shaman. This lead to his organic study of shamanism, leading towards the understanding a unified field, the transcending pursuit to Alchemy.  Visionaries like Kretz seemed to possess higher wisdom, perhaps receiving “downloads” from a source beyond our understanding. He was raised to the degree of a Master Mason and has served as Master of a Lodge in addition to holding many leadership roles within the Knights Templar. He lives in Church Hill, Tennessee. He possesses a profound connection to Native American shamanism, which forms the bedrock of his spiritual beliefs. His distinctive expertise lies in merging spirituality with scientific principles, creating a unique synergy in his work. Today, we aim to unite these seemingly disparate realms. His approach is a captivating fusion of enlightenment and entertainment. It dares to question established norms while presenting fresh viewpoints on age-old orders and their concealed mysteries. This convergence of spirituality and science promises to bridge the gap between traditional wisdom and contemporary understanding, offering a novel perspective on ancient practices and their enigmatic secrets.
(Official Portrait of R.E. Kretz) 

This special episode spawns a whole new domain of discussion regarding Alchemy, the Knights Templar, the Holy Grail, and the diverse experiences that have shaped his journey. He is a polymath, possessing profound knowledge and expertise across multiple disciplines. Richard’s expertise extends into the realms of historical research, particularly in Masonic symbols. His commitment to unraveling their significance is noteworthy. Moreover, as a practitioner of Transcendental Meditation since the 70s, he embodies a deep-rooted dedication to spiritual practices that enrich his life and work. 

They are constrained by their paradigms. They’re constrained by the construct or the box that they have put themselves in and want you to join them in what we have to do as heretics as visionaries is to be able to do. Our vision is no longer obscured. Acquiring awareness is more profound than data input or downloads. It aligns with Vedic science’s perspective—an ongoing, holistic journey. 

The quest for knowledge and wisdom begins with becoming a critical thinker. Don’t simply accept what others say as truth; chances are, it’s just recycled information. Get proactive, seek answers, and ask questions fueled by curiosity—this curiosity is paramount. The pursuit of knowledge, akin to climbing a mountain in search of the flower of wisdom, is a key theme in my book. But what does this quest truly entail? Let’s consider education as a starting point. Typically, it involves being in a classroom where information is imparted unilaterally—a one-way transfer of concepts and theories, often leading to a mere data dump.

However, there’s a significant gap here—a disconnect between acquiring knowledge and attaining wisdom, akin to becoming a hermit. This gap can only be bridged through the application of acquired knowledge in real-world scenarios. In essence, it necessitates getting up, taking what you’ve learned, and applying it through practical experience.

True wisdom is not solely obtained through absorbing information but through actively engaging, making mistakes, experiencing failures, and persisting until mastering the subject matter. Embracing these setbacks and persisting despite them is the essence of acquiring wisdom—the essence of becoming a hermit. It’s the culmination of learning from numerous failures without giving up—a journey integral to the pursuit of true understanding. Truth is subjective, a clash of perspectives. Questioning the status quo  means you’re a heretic—a daring individual challenging established norms. 

Hence in Alchemy, the transformation that we can achieve through meditation is to better ourselves to become important. Transformation is always achievable.

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