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Welcome back to Higher Density Living! For this episode we discuss one of the most infamous, and well regarded military conspiracy during World War 2, the German “Operation Paperclip”. This was an instrumental military operation to unite the Rhineland for Hitler’s Nazi Germany.

This will be a running segment in the show as Alexander and Jason tackles the subject of history, the side of the story which has never been in the limelight of historical narratives. We revisit the adage of power, particularly the power of politics, getting hold over the noble use and function of technology for the benefit and development of human life. To keep order and justice under the hierarchy of power, Operation paperclip symbolizes the instrumentality of technology against its moral use. How could we have handled a just and fair accountability of advancing science by dealing with a devil’s advocate?

The scientists redeem themselves for serving and collaborating to the United States. As a path for redemption these German scientists created mass technologies that help recover, shape, and form mankind into advanced material society, in stark contrast to their tenure as designers of death and destruction under Nazi Germany. Although he officially sanctioned the operation, the United States under former President Truman’s administration forbade the Department of Defense from recruiting any Nazi members or active Nazi supporters. Nevertheless, officials within the Office of Strategic Services (OSS)—the forerunner to the CIA—bypassed this directive by eliminating or whitewashing incriminating evidence of possible war crimes from the scientists’ records, believing their intelligence to be crucial to the country’s postwar efforts. This effectively pardoned and salvaged all essential, useful German scientists to be absorbed and serve under the American military industrial complex. This theme is the exact premise and inspiration of the cult classic film, Dr. Strangelove.

Instead, despite the smear and one-sided judgement of recorded history, Alexander and Jason encourage us to have a holistic analogy, be open minded and see the whole picture of Operation Paperclip. Alexander and Jason encourage us to look at perspectives from all sides, see the positives and the negatives of technology under the umbrella of human intent, use, and purpose. In the end there are no sides. It is all but a cycle of cause and effect that is universal in nature.

As always, Higher Density Living reserves no dogma because only the truth prevails in the universe. History is judged by enlightened communities, and the Higher Density Living podcast is committed to the same cause. You are the center of the universe. Let us join Alexander and Jason as they talk about Unidentified Aerial Phenomena.


0:58 – We take a moment of celebration to this 230th episode of Higher Density Living.
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1:48- Alexander discusses the historical and scientific development during the early phases of World War 2. The call for technological innovation would determine the winner of the war.
2:00 – The modern military industrial complex was born out of the Second World War.
2:49- A lot of seasoned technical, military, and white collar professionals came out from Operation Paperclip.
2:58- Alexander discusses the historical and operational backdrop of Hitler’s grand military operation.
3:44- The post war crossroads between Truman and the OSS (Office of Strategic Services) brassheads may have inadvertently given birth to the modern military industrial complex.
4:43- There is always the rise of another great power after the fall of the other. Americans fear immediate Soviet expansion. Alexander and Jason discuss the diplomatic and adversarial management between the US and Soviet Union after World War 2.
5:17- The United States has expatriated some valuable, scientific minds to work for its own military industrial complex.
5:50- The V2 ballistic rockets were designed as strategic retaliatory strike weapons in response to the allied bombings of Germany during World War 2.
7:20- More German scientists have discovered new ways, methods, and innovation to move forward with American technological prowess at the time. This phenomena helped make America as the leading nation in the world.
8:05- About 1,600 German/Nazi scientists were expatriated from Germany to the United States. Just look at these numbers!
9:00- The mass expatriation to salvage the brain power behind Nazi Germany was technically a refugee crisis. Thousands of inflowing foreigners arriving to the promised land of America.
9:30- A lot of Germans getting outta dodge at the Nuremberg Trials. Working with the victors is one way to get away with war crimes.
9:56- Instead of bringing these people under justice, the US government placed them under critical US governmental agencies.
10:16- “We put technology over morals”. Technology is going above human Free Will, which in its own sense is giving technology a sense of its “own” autonomy.
11:24- TARTLE allows you to have Free Will over your own digital data.
12:24 – Alexander points out this: how do we go to the other points of technology we don’t understand?
13:23- We need scientific analogy to understand the natural world around us.
13:41- We can credit Nazi and German scientists for advancing American science and technology as the world’s leading experts.
14:38- The US government should have been more transparent behind the scenes.
15:25- As a path for redemption these German scientists need to strike a balance for developing technologies to aid and benefit mankind. The scientists redeem themselves for serving the United States.
16:28- Technology does not put power in your hands! It can only help you to express your Free Will, but never as a tool to empower your interest and take advantage of others Free Will.
16:51- The decentralization of power is important to enforce the “freedom” values, norms, and attitude away from the traditional institutions of power, such as the government and church.
17:00- The government has always been a big player behind the control of information.
17:26- The case of Facebook and Edward Snowden’s NSA fiasco here in the United States can be said to be China’s “Tiktok” social media spyware.
18:34- Algorithms can be easily translated into manipulative patterns and mechanisms to influence social, psychological behavior. Alexander and Jason discuss the power of artificial algorithms.
19:26- The new social conflict is a “cybermental warfare” in which the human mind goes in combat against the augmentation of artificial intelligence and cybernetic networks across the modern infrastructures.
20:10- Extracting information all over the world is not easy labor, even for gigantic tech companies.
20:54- Companies can never obtain accurate measurements of their data.
21:38- The true power of social media is to influence and manage actual social behavior as if it were mere codes and switching algorithms. Bad information can skew our intellectual evolution.
22:46- DO THE RESEARCH! Spend time and good effort to validate information.
23:10- Have a holistic analogy, be open minded and see the whole picture. Alexander and Jason encourage us to look at perspectives from all sides.
23:33- In the end there are no sides. All but a cycle of cause and effect that is universal in nature.
24:07- Life is but a speckle in the universe, but in our lifetime we have all the time to make our lives worth living. Teach yourself and spend the time to figure out life.
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