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This Podcast episode heads on a seclusion from mainstream historical and political thought, the infamous Salem Witch Trials, based on a recent Article written by a renowned Oxford historian, Johannes Dillinger made a good historical analysis of correlating the 17th century incident into creating a “Magical Economy” that prescribes Weberian system of Neoliberal Economy we used today . This topic explores the grave consequence of false political objectives causing severe economic scarcity. Medieval Germany offers significant European cultures and Mythology worth knowing, a much earlier story on the origins of social hierarchy take roots during the false and desperate Witch Hunting of several women Massachusetts, North America. Let’s take a closer look on Discrimination, False Belief, Economic Inequality, and Conspiracies as Alex-Jason investigate Witchcraft in this episode of Higher Density Living.

Show Notes:

1:48 – Introduction: The Rich Witches
2:43 – On Avarice and Dragons
3:28 – Alex-Jason Defining Witches
4:39 – The Local European Anarchy after Rome
5:08 – The Poverty of Medieval Europe
5:37 – Alex on defining Magic
5:57 – Connection of Nature and Application of Work
6:36 – Criminalizing Witchcraft
7:29 – On Tulip Mania
8:27 – Different Utilities of Magic
9:18 – Magical Talisman Across Different Human Belief Cultures
10:21 – Discriminatory Feudalism
12:38 – Bill [Gate]s
13:15- The Conspiracy Machinery of Qanon
14:09 – Cabal Scandals and the Epstein Controversy
15:08 – The Five Rituals of Witchcraft
16:00 – Demonic Pact
17:55 – Joseph Campbell and the Hero’s Journey
19:23 – Corporate Realism and Political Realities
20:46 – Transfer Magic; Incubus and Succubus
22:20 – The Freudian Psycho-Sexual Complex
23:52 – Malevolence of Magic
25:00 – Blame Transferring
26:00 – On Weather Magic
27:38 – The Denomination of Anti-Logos
28:24 – Villainous Submission
29:00 – The Oxymoron of Mob Justice
31:00 – Undermining Freewill
31:35 – Alex-Jason On Full Responsibility
32:30 – On Haley’s Comet
33:51 – Unexceptionalism of Intelligence
34:58 – The problem on Overpopulation and Over-competition

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