Mankind has manifested itself as the dominant species on planet earth. Man has violated almost every natural statute of nature, going far as controlling and manipulating Creation according to his material will and pursuit of material wealth. Natural breeding is dying due to the intervention of man with artificial insemination and recent emerging technologies, such as gene splicing to produce genetically modified organisms. We examine the god-like complexity of mankind as self-perceived perfect beings of the universe. Indeed, Higher Density Living repetitively criticized man-made pursuit to bend evolution by his own design. Humanity as a whole collective should be well-aware of each and every time we attempt to tame Creation sets up a precipice for disaster or result of a catastrophe.

This is where the topic brings us to another podcast segment. Higher Density Living brings us the tale of Ilya Ivanov, the renowned soviet military scientist, and his wicked “Humanzee” experimental controversy. The “Humanzee” Russian project was a failed and high-profile former Soviet military project/experiment during the cold war. The idea was conducting cross-species breeding between humans and primates which was a primary objective to achieve ground force superiority against US infantry.

Some aspects of this experiment included producing “super soldiers” for the Red Army. This project was devised by Joseph Stalin’s top-profile military scientist, army staff, and generals. Ilya Ivanov, the project’s leading figure, designed a bio chamber to nurse 20 experimental chimps. These chimps could have extraordinary capabilities such as enchanted mental capacity, impressive muscular-physical strength, and advanced physical mobility to perform superior combat skills compared to regular human soldiers. This was a truly terrifying prospect to induce unchecked mutant creatures. A would-be biological nightmare.

In this episode, Alex and Jason introduce the Humanzee hybrid by backing up historical significance and context. Once again, the relative progress of evolution proves self-defeating assumptions to mainstream Darwinism. Artificial insemination gives another clue in the puzzle due to the fact that even man-made construction fails to enforce its theoretical assumption. This episode also features some opening remarks on the use of science as a political tool and instrument of power. Once again the government never fails us to amaze what unlimited power and wealth can do.

Let’s join Alex and Jason as they discuss wild government projects and biological weapons.

Show Notes:
0:40 – No private industry can be successful.
1:40 – Liberal capitalism is not the best economic model, but obviously much better than the rest.
2:19 – Alex and Jason on different political and economic ideologies.
3:24 – Despite having a vibrant private sector with emerging decentralized economic domains. Constituents of liberal democracies suffer from excessive tax burden.
4:14 – Alex on paying tax bills with after tax money. There is rugged inconsistency towards public service.
4:28 – Paying additional tax collection after selling private property.
5:27 – Stop wasting money! Alex and Jason on excessive public and government funding on foreign wars and interventionism.
5:40 – War is profitable for the elite. Alex and Jason on the economy of the military industrial complex.
5:50 – The inadvertent positive outcomes of war. Alex and Jason on patriotism and nationalistic mobilization.
6:00 – Horse friendly rides in New Mexico. Alex shares his wonderful hitch-hiking experience off the road.
6:59 – Having a familial bond with horses. There is an understanding between the relationship of you and the animal.
7:52 – De-mystifying the common misconceptions of human-animal bond (or HAB).
8:30 – Alex and Jason on bestiality and animal fetish. There are real places where you can commit bestiality.
8:58 – There has been no natural hybridization between different species of animals. Alex and Jason make a case for the artificial, man-made case of the failed Russian “Humanzee” experiment.
9:17 – Profiling and background check for Ilya Ivanovich Ivanov, the head russian scientist for the Humanzee project.
9:58 – Alex explains genetically modified artificial insemination processes on domesticated animals.
10:39 – Filtering the breed of GMOs through carefully selected animal husbandry.
11:10 – The domestic horse industry is choke full of luxury. High end breeds are curated for royal purchase.
11:47 – The white sands horse range. Alex tells the pre-missile base installation in white sands, New Mexico. Almost three thousand wild horses died when the USAF strategic command built land-based missiles at white sands.
12:42 – Ivanov’s other experimental pursuits; the Zeedonkeys and guinea pig mouse.
14:09 – Jason on retrospective analysis of darwinian evolution. The failed Russian experiment brought an addendum of criticism and inconsistencies against Darwin’s evolutionary theory.
14:40 – Alex and Jason roast several assumptions from evolutionary theory.
15:28 – Ivanov presents his concept to the International Congresses of Zoology 1910. Humanzee was a world class scientific thesis.
15:54 – The future prospects for creating hybrid human-ape hybrids through a selective process of artificial insemination.
16:42 – Final destination towards the old french west Africa. Alex and Jason talk about the massive government support and funding for Ilya Ivanov’s human ape hybridization.
17:38 – Ancient travel time from Russia to West Africa.
18:09 – The moment of success is paved by perseverance to failure.
18:22 -The main idea behind Humanzee genetics and structural anatomy. Is it possible to hold human sperm in ovaries of primates?
18:48 – The natural incompatibilities between humans and apes. There are irreconcilable theoretical, structural, and biological discontinuities for Humanzees.
19:10 – Preliminary testing through voluntary human trials. Ivanov’s preparation for a prototype nursery.
20:04 – The desolated fortress of Abkhazia; the seeding grounds for Ivanov’s Humanzee experiment.
20:45 – Tarzan, the would be adult-male chimp and primary seeding candidate for man-ape insemination. Unfortunately died due to unknown simian hemorrhage.
21:30 – Russia’s intellectual revolt before the communist upheaval and structural-political transformation.
21:51 – Washing away authority through open knowledge and public political discourse.
22:18 – The stark ideological and political deviation between Soviet communism and contemporary Sino-autocracy.
22:50 – Artificial intelligence doesn’t care how you use it.
23:06 – Jason talks about artificial terror. The reality of cybernetic kill chains through AI and ML technology is an emerging military revolution.
23:49 – The maligned intentions of governments to satisfy their insatiable lust for power.
23:55 – Why do we feel like we can corrupt, maybe, perverse Creation?
24:09 – The manifesting god-like complexities of human supremacy. Alex explains the ubermensch mentality.
24:39 – Technology has become the enforcing agent to false reality. You are trapped in a simulated lie where hollow material systems are programmed to control and conquer Creation.
25:00 – Centralized forms of governments have a degree of efficiency when it comes to the decision making process.
25:45 – There is enough warrant to ensue paranoia and fear towards unconstrained, unlimited transgression of human greed and hierarchy over basic human decency.
26:14 – Greed provides no work among people, no humility. Alex and Jason on power; crossing the line of free will to make way for compliance towards servitude.
26:43 – Chimpanzees and other animals are sentient beings that deserve respect for their natural free will and intelligence.
27:03 – It is a futile pursuit to manifest god-like complexities. Embrace simplicity and tranquility of Creation for what it is. Do not expect more from perfection.
27:20 – Creation is unquenchable by material human power. You cannot, and will not, use power to bend the vitality of Creation itself.
27:25 – Do not beg for disaster. Controlling and conquering creation is always a precipice for tragedy every-time.
27:34 – Humanity’s impenitence for brainwashing mistakes.
28:09 – Let animals live in nature. Do not disrupt the natural order and progression of life.
28:40 – Stay tuned for part 2 as Alex and Jason talk about animal depression.

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