Mankind has manifested itself as the dominant species on planet earth. Man has violated almost every natural statute of nature, going far as controlling and manipulating Creation according to his material will and pursuit of material wealth. Natural breeding is dying due to intervention of man with artificial insemination and recent emerging technologies, such as gene splicing to produce genetically modified organisms. We examine the god-like complexity of mankind as self-perceived perfect beings of the universe. Indeed, Higher Density Living repetitively criticized man-made pursuit to bend evolution by his own design. Humanity as a whole collective should be well-aware of each and every time we attempt to tame Creation sets up a precipice for disaster or result of catastrophe.

The “Humanzee” Russian project was a failed and high-profile former Soviet military project/experiment during the cold war. The idea was to conduct cross-species breeding between humans and primates which was a primary objective to achieve ground force superiority against US infantry. Some aspects of this experiment included producing “super soldiers” for the Red Army. This project was devised by Joseph Stalin’s top-profile military scientist, army staff, and generals. Ilya Ivanov, the project’s leading figure, designed a bio chamber to nurse 20 experimental chimps. These chimps could have extraordinary capabilities such as enchanted mental capacity, impressive muscular-physical strength, and advanced physical mobility to perform superior combat skills compared to regular human soldiers. This was a truly terrifying prospect to induce unchecked mutant creatures. A would-be biological nightmare.

In this episode, Alex and Jason take attention and detail to discuss the fundamental ethical issues for this experiment. We can look back at the Ra materials and reflect the role of responsibility, as intelligent and free sentient creatures of Creation. We should be able to carry on lessons and learn from the past to make a better future. Humanity has stood the test of time by bearing the responsibility to be stewards of nature and agents of evolution. But as every conscious developed and reasonable being, man is vulnerable from the reigns of power. Easily blinded and corrupted by a false sense of reality and existence will lead to disasters. If not for the obvious genetic problems faced by the Humanzee project we would certainly have artificial invasive species ready to challenge and assert dominance against the human race.

Humans have a good track record for screwing up big time. We have reached the pinnacle of making ways to hurt one another by using nature as weapons, not a sanctuary. The amount of disrespect we inflict to nature will double, and big-time if we keep mistakes like this buried under the sand.

Let’s join Alex and Jason as they discuss philanthropy and biological weapons.

Show Notes:
0:40 – The physical self belongs to the natural domains of reality.
1:10 – Every object of nature has to function by their rules.
1:24 – The human attachment for a false sense of reality. We have taken over an area of nature where human exceptionalism conquers nature herself.
1:29 – Artificial zoos; Alex talks about the illusive reconstruction of nature by the image of man. Humans should never push out the fundamental vitality of nature, we should embrace and because artificial substitution of man cannot replace nature.
2:00 – Man has built himself and everything from a sense of separation. We borrow designs and domains from nature to remake nature from our material image.
2:20 – Humans have no right to assert dominance and free will towards other sentient beings.
2:45 – Third density beings should know how to interact with second density beings. There is no concept of hierarchy in evolution. Every living thing is interdependent to life and creation.
3:19 – Jason discusses the function and role of humans in genesis. We are stewards of creation and have the responsibility to tender all living things of God.
3:41 – There are mutual benefits for second density and third density co-existence.
4:28 – Having a child means committing to responsibility and obligation to make them a productive member of human society.
4:50 – You can do whatever you want to a sentient being. But always remember the outcome and consequences of your actions
5:14 – How do we recognize the immoralities of man? Higher Density Living reminds us that lower density beings are not a warrant for circumventing reason and free will to the advantage of higher density beings.
5:32 – The earth incubates us as human beings. All of humanity has a mother and son relationship with nature. It’s very ironic and sad that we produce the polar opposite in reality.
6:00 – Jason talks about the politically saturated climate change rhetoric. Even the fundamental and potentially calamitous world problem is never safe from petty political affairs.
6:27 – Take the ego out of the way. There is no solution without compromise.
6:40 – Nuclear energy is the safest and most efficient way for sustainable power. For crying out loud. Stop burning rainforest and natural reserves! Humanity as a whole should stop this insanity and take two steps back. Use intelligence for the good of mankind.
8:37 – Hubris makes a much, much harder case for people to see the long (and negative) term effects of rejecting responsibility to nature.
9:40 – Universal education and unfettered accessibility of information technology can free up space and effort to combat world poverty.
10:56 – You cannot challenge nature, ever. But you can play “like a god” by creating these hideous monstrosities of cross-breeding animals. All in the name of power and intellectual ego.
11:24 – Everything in this universe has a connection. Everything is inextricably linked.
11:53 – One of the core principles of marxism is extreme secularization of the state and religion.
12:30 – It just doesn’t add up. What is the use of pinning science and religion like a cockfight? Alex and Jason talk about the political strategy of communism for eliminating non-government opponents.
13:25 – Stalin has all the resources, power, and capabilities to do whatever he wants to enhance soviet military power. You think hitler was bad? Check out Stalin. The man responsible for the infamous holodomor.
13:49 – The economy of famine. There are human organ markets up for sale during the holodomor crisis.
14:47 – A sneak peek for bigger episodes in the future.
15:13 – Alex and Jason discuss Ivanov’s industry associates and social connections. Ivanov was credited for this contribution on the rejuvenation project.
15:56 – Jason points out Kellogg’s and the origin of commercial cornflake products.
16:34 – Soviet prioritization of military hard power over essential health technologies.
16:59 – Alex and Jason speculate the skill and capability of a hypothetical mutant soldier. What can a Humanzee physically do and perform that no other humans can?
17:30 – Hardcore racism originated from the pseudo-science of eugenics.
17:49 – The discriminative and racially offensive caricatures of eugenics. Hitler was inspired by western-americano eugenics.
18:39 – For the soviet union the utility of eugenics is not for racial purification or population cleansing. It’s all about making efficient “machines” or human workers to improve industrialization.
18:58 – Primates are not naturally hard-working animals. So it is futile to exacerbate this dilemma to a maximum degree.
19:10 – Chimpanzees are highly territorial and competitive creatures. People should understand the excellent animal instinct of chimps can compensate for their lack of reason and intellect.
19:36 – Can you imagine if things got out of hand? A literal planet of the apes scenario is not far fetched in reality.
21:05 – Alex and Jason explain the definition of Chimera. The Spanish biochemist team led by Juan Carlos Izpisúa has made a breakthrough by a successful transplant of a human and monkey organs to create a hybrid.
22:44 – A short lived success. The whole idea of Frankenstein theoretically worked. But the problem is you created a monster.
23:06 – Humanzees are an abomination to Creation.
23:36 – The horrific mutilation of altering organic life through artificial, man-made design.
24:13 – Life is not a mass-produced factory. You can’t just decide to put organs from anything and expect life to continue and evolve.
24:17 – Our death happens at the cellular level.
25:44 – The aim is to prolong life expectancy closer to a hundred years old. Although in ancient times the pre-modern life expectancy was above a hundred years old.
26:20 – How could man be so forgetful? We have instilled and living memories of past mistakes. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if people ought to learn from the past?
26:46 – Longevity of lifespan and prolonged developments from evolution can be key factors of achieving a higher state of life.
26:55 – The greatest disease is just us killing each other.
27:05 – America is fed up with the forever wars. Draining down the pool of entire national resources, manpower, and life to futile pursuit. Alex and Jason talk about the craziness of Afghanistan.
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