Look within and live your life on the edge of two worlds. A reality where you find true understanding of who you are through new age thinking, new age living and new age practices. Take the step into the unknown with Alexander McCaig and Jason Rigby as they explore the thinly veiled world of spiritual awakening, consciousness, spirit, and the human condition. Join them in embodying the oneness of all. Walk the cliffs edge between the seen and the unseen realities with spiritual awakening experiences and enlightenment. Get yourself prepared for a spiritual evolution and a whole new world to discover. More strength and power to you.

In this Podcast series, Alex and Jason talk about different stages of Higher Density and its implicit manifestations through the material reality. In this episode of the Law of One Ra series podcast, Jason and Alex provides a thorough dichotomy of the “I am” and “We” as not entirely separate entities but a part of the whole and wider synthesis of Oneness. This two part series episode tackles the concept of Social Memory Complex. Ra as a social memory complex conveys a universal message based on unity and consistency of knowledge and energy.

It is indicative of a stratified distribution of higher densities across different planetary civilization, often a useful benchmark to determine the development of collective consciousness towards higher ideals and universal truths. This podcast episode follows an alluring examination of International Politics and first-contact scenarios with Inter-solar Entities, a clear cut picture of the workings with Social Memory Complexes with a unique twist of “Hive Mind” concepts. It is time for a great reckoning as the relics of the past crumble to usher a new wave of change and dynamic transformation towards a higher density awakening.

Show Notes

1:23 – The Arrival of Achieving Social Memory
1:39 – Alex on the Critique of Human Social Memory Complex
3:58 – On Achieving Social Memory Status
4:40 – Tree of the Mind
5:51 – Distortion and the lack of Unity; a improper ordering of structure
6:27 – The Relative lack of Distortion and the pursuit of Seeking
7:20 – Retaining Individualism and the Mind, Body, Spirit Trifecta
7:48 – Formulating a Consensus
8:00 – The primacy Mind over Body
8:25 – Crystallization of Energies
8:32 – The Ordering of Proper Structures; Mind, Body, and Spirit
9:22 – Collective Super Power
10:22 – Unlimited Technological Potentials
11:11 – Matter follows Spirit
12:15 – Perpetual State of Fear
12:44 – On the Problems of Organized Religion
13:25 – Jason on Balancing Free Will
14:28 – Worshipping the Mind; a new world order and religious paradigm
15:25 – Total National Security Breakdown
15:48 – The Irony of American Hegemony; Soft Power Hollywood
16:48 – Intelligence Nexus and Liberal Invasion
17:36 – Prospects for Benevolence and Mutual Harmony
17:54 – The Digital Age
18:30- Making headway towards Service to Others
19:29 – Jason on Psyche Abilities
20:40 – The Great Transition to Fourth Density
21:15 – Collective Cause and Effect
21:30 – 2020 and the collapse of the status quo order
22:13 – Miscarrying the Spirit of Third Density Momentum
22:31 – Opening new pathways for Cause and Effect
23:00- The Domino Effect of Big Institutions and the Collapse of the Old “Systems”
25:00 – Consciousness as the paramount element of Learning; the door of transitioning towards higher density living

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