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The problems on Entropy had always been an issue of systemic hubris, that is to say, the overcoming tendencies for structure to individual agency. Are systems, of whatever kind, can inherently considered as a friend or a foe? An interesting articulation made by Jack Donovan, a well-known sophist and spiritual writer, offers us answers for these common themes in our lives. In this episode Alex-Jason ventures into the themes of systems and beliefs where they locate “entropy” in underlying actions and reinforcing interactions of things, albeit immaterial, more so in material and physical sense.

The deliberate creation of artificial balances creates more chaos than order. Let’s join Alex-Jason as they discuss systems and entropy in this episode of Higher Density Living.

Show Notes:
1:39 – Choosing Sides; the Norm of Differences
2:38 – Alex and Jason on Neutrality
3:00 – On Jack Donovan: “Fire in the Dark”
3:35 – Defining Entropy
4:03 – Systemic Thinking and Chaos Order; The Theories of Negative and Positive Systems
4:10 – Alex on Order
5:41 – The Occasional Balance
6:54 – Human Coercion through Deliberate Manipulate and Control by Force
7:40 – Alex-Jason on Scrutinizing Morality
9:27 – The Importance of Recognizing Free Will
9:47 – The Futility of Controlling Nature
10:31 – The Liberal Conquest of Holy Crusade
12:22 – Problems in unregulated and uncontrolled “Systems”
12:29 – The More Chaotic the Less Concentrated
12:53 – Entropy: The Bridge Between Physical “Things” and Mental “Activity”
14:31 – Regression into Nature
16:00 – Jason on Toxic Masculinity Culture in America
17:14 – Gods and Deities: Perceiving the False send of Masculinity within
18:41 – Manifesting Control in Everyday Life
20:20 – Systems as organization of practices
20:34 – On Rituals: Confirmation and Renewal
21:01 – Meditation as Confirmation to Self and Renewal of life in Group
22:48 – Implicit Religion; Pleasure on Faith and Indulgence of the Collective
23:44 – Shared “Passions”
25:16 – Discipline over Systems, Orders, and Hierarchy
25:55 – Discussions On Aristotelian “Telos”
27:13 – Philosophy of Vacuum and the concentrated Void
29:23 – Tapping the Internal Compass; Jason’s Moral Awakening
30:53 – Non-Exploitive Intentions
31:20 – Systems Breeds Chaos
32:49 – Why does Meditation Calm so Much?
33:11 – The Lack of Focus in Everything.
35:06 – Trapped Within a Fight or Flight Life
37:07 – Side-note: Most Farmlands in the United States
37:44 – The Paradox on Consent and “Spiritual Technology”
39:50 – Command and Control of Passion: the Case of Contemporary Mass Media Institutions
40:00 – Repurposing Passion
41:30 – On Human Exploitation of the Stimuli
42:17 – Inflamed Focus and the Bloated Psyche
43:36 – Thinking about the WHY
44:36 – Jason On Pragmatic Rituals
45:33 – On Issues of Commodifying Rituals
46:35 – Rituals as Art or Utility?
48:00 – Stepping Outside Limitations
46:39 – Physical Satisfaction through Material Gathering
50:18 – Unnecessary Tools In Coming Together
51:29 – The Cold Hard Truth; The unwillingness to know thy SELF
52:23 – Learning to Live with OURSELVES
53:05 – Constant Taking to appease the Empty Self
54:51 – Double Edge Sword; Physical Dependency and Spiritual Reliance
55:59 – Appearance of Consciousness and Appreciating CREATION
56:26 – Realizing the power within YOU!
57:20 – Build a Stronger Self; On Resilience and Responsibility

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